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At 4:06am on December 28, 2009, Rick said…
I think I've come across some sites that were for former Jews. I got to tell ya, I can see why they would leave the faith. They have 613 Commandments. No wonder Christianity took off.
It's interesting when you look at the history of the religions. I think everyone should study them. At one time charging interest was not allowed in Christianity. You have the same thing with Islam. Interest is not allowed. There are in fact some "Islamic" banks now that do not charge interest. I have no idea how they make their money. Maybe they get around it by assessing fees.
When you have such a controlling religion combined with, at least in my view, well educated people who start to question their religion, you can see how a conflict can develop with their beliefs.
At 2:55am on December 28, 2009, Michelle said…
I looked at your Atheist sites.com and I have to say - damn those ex-Muslims are not kidding. Everyone else seemed to be about support while they are about dismantling the mess. I agree with their position and it was so clearly stated and laid out that it blew everyone else out of the water. I also didn't find anything under ex-Jews, which is interesting in and of itself.
At 6:01am on December 16, 2009, Rick said…
At 11:24pm on December 9, 2009, Rick said…
Yes I am a Democrat. I became one in 04. Prior to that from 1992 until 2004 I was an Independent.
Before the year 1992, I was a Republican. Then the Religious Taliban took over the party. I watched it be destroyed from within from 1984 to 1992.
Now I watch the so called "Republican Party" tear itself apart.
But I knew that was going to happen.
You see, one thing "Religious" people will do, it turn on one another.
If you look back when Jim Baker fell from "grace" how Falwell and others quickly attacked him.
It was not pretty.
Here is a video with Frank Schaeffer being interviewed by MSNBC.
It is worth watching.

Remember, who Schaeffer is talking about honestly believe that they have "God" behind them and they can do NOTHING WRONG. EVEN MURDER.
Let me know what you think.
At 6:06pm on December 7, 2009, KristiS11384 said…
I'm not as active over here as I am on other sites, but I'm here. LOL
At 6:09am on November 25, 2009, Rick said…
Saw this at YouTube and just had to share it with you all. In this instance, Penn SPEAKS FOR ME!
At 6:17am on November 22, 2009, Rick said…

Well it seems that some “religious” organizations still think that they can control people and rule the world.
I don’t hate to break this to them but it is the year 2009.
That poor Jewish guy that got nailed to a cross, or so we are told, died well over 2009 years ago.
He’s dead.
Deal with it.

The Catholic Church has decided that they, not the American people are going to decide the issue of abortion in the United States of America.
Let me tell you something, my ancestors came to this country a few hundred years ago when it was still a colony of the English.
Around 1776 they told the King of England, who also happened to be the head of the Church of England, and a few other Kings, Queens and religious leaders, including the “Pope” that they, or rather, “We the People….” are going to decide our own fiat.
No King. No Queen. No Pope. No Mullah. No Rabbi. No Monk. No Preacher. Nor Priest, are going to tell us what we can or cannot do.
Throughout the history of Western Civilization the Catholic Church and it’s leaders have really pulled some fast ones.
The French finally had enough of the Catholic Church during their revolution. Up to the revolution the Catholic Church controlled between 80 to 90% on the land in France.
That ended real quick like.
To this day the French have real set rules about religion and religions.
And they have reason too.

We’ve seen in the past few months that the Catholic Church has decided to use it’s members to shove their “morality” down the American people’s throat.
There are a couple of members of Congress who are working to stop that. Not many. Just two.
Here is a link to a story on what the Catholic Church is doing to certain members.


This one happens to be a member of the Kennedy family. Yes the man is a Catholic. And they are trying to influence this work in Congress.
Since they want to “influence” an ELECTED OFFICIAL OF THE US GOVERNMENT, what say they start paying TAXES like the rest of us.

Now let’s bump this up a bit.
What if this had been a Mullah?
Oh, you know the answer to that one. The Bible Pounders and religious crazies would be coming out of the wood work. The Talking Heads would be screaming about on their TV and radio talk shows.
Talking points would be flying.
They’d be calling the Mullah that tried that a “Radical” Islamic Terrorist. Heck, if he was lucky they’d just call him a “terrorist.”
There is a reason why Henry VIII and people like Martin Luther had had enough. They’d had enough of the little old men sitting on their throne in Rome.

One day, hopefully soon, these fools will realize that we now know where babies come from.
That the earth is NOT the center of the universe.
That if you masturbate you WON’T go to hell.
That the earth is NOT FLAT.
That food that grows beneath the earth is not from HELL.

What’s your take on this?
At 11:24pm on November 19, 2009, qnr said…
Yeah, I had an A-1, AE-1, Olympus OM-2(n) and Olympus OM-4T. Oh well. I don't believe you'll have too much of a problem using your old glass on Canon dSLRs, Canon and Nikon pretty much tried to keep things at least somewhat compatible. Heck, I can even use their lenses on my Olympus cameras, which uses an entirely different system (using an adapter - though focusing to infinity is a bit of a problem with the Canon lenses).
Yeah, it's funny about the CG, even people that should know don't know it's one of the five armed forces - that it's the oldest continuous seagoing service, and that it's been in every war the US has been in. Comes from it merging with the Navy in wartime (though still distinct). I got used to it over the years heheh.
At 11:28am on November 19, 2009, qnr said…
Almost strictly digital these days, though I do still own a film SLR. I used to be pretty heavily into film, and had a number of SLRs and photographs from all seven continents (and people think the Coast Guard doesn't get around) - but my vehicle was broken into during a transfer between stations and everything was stolen, so I lost interest for about 12 years.
At 2:31am on November 19, 2009, qnr said…
Hi, Rick. Thanks for the welcome. Looks like you have some interesting posts here. On my way out the door for some late-night photography, but I'll read them later.
At 12:07am on November 18, 2009, Rick said…
At 7:09am on November 11, 2009, Rick said…
I came across this news item today and thought I'd share it with you. But first.......

Let me clear the air here for anyone who just does not get my stand on this issue.
I don’t need no god damn priest or bishop sticking their nose in my personal business.
I don’t need no god damn pope sitting on a throne in Rome Italy telling me what I can or cannot do.
If I do, then I’ll become a Catholic.
What happens between me and my doctor is none of their God Damn Business so
This is how I feel about abortion.
1. It is a PRIVATE matter.
2. It is between a women and her doctor.
3. It’s no bodies business and that includes any man, women, child, Nun, Sister, Novice, Monk, Priest, Bishop,
Minister, Preacher, Cleric, Mulla, Iatolla, Imam, or Rabbi or any other religious “leader.”
4. It’s never been any of their “business” and never will be.
6. No where in the Bible or Koran or any other “religious” book does it say you can stick your nose in other peoples
7. Where these religious idiot get off thinking they have the “right” to stick their noses in other people’s personal and
private affairs, I have no idea.
8. I don’t see these so called “Pro Life” clowns offering any child support AFTER the baby is born.
I don’t see them offering any financial support.
I don’t see them offering any medical support.
I don’t see them offering anything.

WHY IS THAT? Can someone please tell me? I’d like to know. Others would too.
9. They don’t want:
Birth Control
Sex Education or

10. They don’t want their “Tax Dollars” to be spent on abortions. Well guess what,
We’ll cut that right off at the bat. I’m sure they won’t complain at all….And I’m sure the religious leaders won’t mind giving up free money from the government.
If they don’t like it then here is what they can do:
I might suggest the following countries:
Saudi Arabia (The most sexually repressed country in the WORLD)
Iran (Now there’s a fundamentalist country if there ever was one…)
Communist North Korea
Communist Main Land China
Communist Cuba
Vatican City (you can worship the Pope all day long..)
Any Country with a DICTATOR. They'll feel right at home.

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Bishops shape health care bill
AP Associated Press


By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, Associated Press Writer Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Associated Press Writer – 1 min ago
WASHINGTON – Catholic bishops have emerged as a formidable force in the health care overhaul fight, using their clout with millions of Catholics and working behind the scenes in Congress to get strong abortion restrictions into the House bill.
They don't spend a dime on what is legally defined as lobbying, but lawmakers and insiders recognize that the bishops' voices matter — and they move votes. Representatives for the bishops were in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Capitol suite negotiating with top officials last Friday evening as they reached final terms of the agreement. Earlier in the day, Pelosi, a Catholic and an abortion rights supporter, had been on the phone to Rome with Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, Washington's former archbishop, on the subject.
It wasn't the first time a high-ranking Catholic had weighed in with a key player on writing strict abortion curbs into the health measure. Boston's Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley personally appealed to President Barack Obama about it near the church altar at the early September funeral for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass. Bishops quietly called their congressmen and senators to weigh in.
"The Catholic Church used their power — their clout, if you will — to influence this issue. They had to. It's a basic teaching of the religion," said Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., a leading abortion foe and architect of the health measure's restrictions.
It was Stupak who told Pelosi last Friday that if she wanted a deal on the health bill, she'd be well advised to invite the bishops' staff, who were already in his office, to her table. "I said, 'Well, they're here, and they're one of the key groups you want to have on your side, so why don't we just bring them in and work this out," Stupak said.
Pelosi did, and the result was a final measure that — much to the outrage of abortion rights supporters — bars a new government-run insurance plan from covering abortions, except in cases or rape, incest or the life of the mother being in danger, and prohibits any health plan that receives federal subsidies in a new insurance marketplace from offering abortion coverage. If women wanted to purchase abortion coverage through such plans, they'd have to buy it separately, as a so-called rider on their insurance policies.
The outcome has put Obama and Democratic leaders — already struggling for consensus on the complex and politically tricky health measure — in a tough spot. Democratic abortion foes in the Senate vow they won't support health legislation that omits the strict restrictions approved by the House, while abortion rights champions say they can't possibly vote for a bill that contains them.
Obama suggested Monday that he wants to strike a balance that doesn't allow backdoor federal funding of abortions but preserves women's insurance choices. For now, however, no such middle ground has been identified, and the bishops have served their notice that they will be a player — perhaps the dominant one — in the final outcome.
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the church's Washington-based advocacy organization, which is staffed by more than 350 lay people, derives its power in large part from the sheer number of Catholics in this country — 68 million — but also from the special moral and religious standing of its members. Many of them are in regular contact with lawmakers, weighing in on issues from immigration policy to benefits for low-income people.
The group distributed fliers to every parish in the nation asking people to pray for abortion restrictions and to call their congressmen and senators asking them to "fix these bills with pro-life amendments."
And in recent days, the conference staff got elbow-deep in the legislative machinations on the health measure, even having bishops intervene with Republicans — who were loath to help Democrats pass their bill — to make sure they supported the abortion provisions.
Kathy Saile of the conference said Democratic leaders were willing to listen to the group because it has been in favor of Democrats' broader push for a health overhaul.
"We stayed in the conversation until the end, because the bishops have always been adamant about the need for genuine health care reform and want to see health care reform happen," Saile said.
Another factor that undoubtedly helped: Democrats are keenly aware of the power of Catholic voters, more than 50 percent of whom embraced Obama in the 2008 election. That was a substantial swing after Catholics had eschewed the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, who is Catholic.
Said Saile, "This was a lot of members of Congress listening to their constituents."
The outcome left abortion-rights supporters, who couldn't muster enough votes in the House to head off Catholic abortion foes' intervention, fuming.
The bishops "essentially got signoff. They dictated this, and it's totally inappropriate — it's blatant interference between church and state," said Eleanor Smeal of the Feminist Majority. "The women's movement and the pro-choice forces feel like they were had."
Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif., a leading liberal, suggested Tuesday that the IRS should investigate the conference's tax-exempt status, given its intense lobbying on the health measure.
And Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., a prominent abortion rights supporter who has gathered the signatures of more than 40 representatives who refuse to back a health bill that contains the restrictions, said the bishops had been allowed to overstep their bounds.
"No one group should get to dictate the outcome of legislation in Congress," DeGette said. "Every group should be listened to, but I don't think one group should be given veto authority over what we do."

What are your thoughts on this matter?
At 12:41am on November 11, 2009, Rick said…
At 8:31pm on October 31, 2009, Rick said…
This is from the movie Back to School. Kinison played an American History college professor who was a Vietnam vet.
While not trying to be political it does tend to make me think of how to react to people like G.H.W.Bush, Dick Chaney, Paul Wolfowitz and other such politicians.

At 8:13pm on October 31, 2009, Rick said…
Sam Kinison for those of you who don't know, was a comic who died in an auto accident in the early 1990's.
He was known as the "Screaming Comic"
He was once a preacher and made his living doing "revivals" across the US.
He left that to do comedy.
Sadly, had just remarried, and his career was going strong.
Nothing was safe from Sam.
Even religion...

At 1:13am on October 28, 2009, Rick said…
At 1:12am on October 28, 2009, Rick said…
At 2:30am on October 25, 2009, Rick said…
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At 12:36am on October 23, 2009, Rick said…
The last part is PRICELESS

At 1:19am on October 17, 2009, Perragrande said…
SKeptic Tank Meetup/potluck dinner/drum circle

It's in Grapeland, Houston County. About 140 miles N. Not a bad drive.

Take I-45 N. Peel off at Huntsville, 2nd exit is "Riverside/Crockett Hwy 19". Exit there, keep going North on Hwy 19. You will go thru Riverside, Trinity, Lovelady and Crockett. Grapeland is 12 miles north of Crockett. The last town you will go through is Latexo.

When you get to the Grapeland exit the sign says "Grapeland Left Lane". There is a Chevy Dealer on the right. Take that exit to the left and stay on the main drag which is Hwy 287 Business, or Market Street. You will pass downtown on your left and go through a blinking yellow light. The road curves to the left and I am about a quarter-mile North of the old white church on the left side. It's 407 North Market. The house is old and white. It has a very steep pink roof and red brick wainscoting around it. The driveway is between two red brick things. There is a large magnolia tree between the driveway and the house.

Come anytime on Sat. and people can crash at my house! 832-266-9255. Bring your friends! Hope to see you soon!




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