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At 1:15pm on December 4, 2017, Chris said…

Hi John,

How much information was proviided by the DNA tests you had?   Did any of the testers provide you with a type of map of your DNA lineage?   The little I know, which is almost none except for TV commercials indicate that the tests don't disgunguish very many different groups.

I see DNA tests being advertized as xtmas gifts. 

When you had your DNA testing done did the test results provide information about mutations?

Commercial DNA Testing May Cause Harm, Scientific Studies Show (if You Read Through to the Study Limitations at the End)

A year after the US Food and Drug Administration urged 23andMe to stop the marketing of its personal genome test in the United States, the world’s largest direct-to-consumer genetics company relaunched the test in Canada and the United Kingdom.

“Find out how your genetics relate to things like abnormal blood clotting, cystic fibrosis or response to certain medications.” [italics added] “Keep in mind that many conditions and traits are influenced by multiple factors. Our reports are intended for informational purposes only and do not diagnose disease or illness.”

The UK website of 23andMe opens with clarifying statements about how the company wants us to see their renewed test. “The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency ... has determined that we’re not a medical product, more an information product,” says 23andMe’s CEO Anne Wojcicki in The Guardian.

As it seems, 23andMe has relaunched its DNA test as the information service it was in the beginning: a service that offers a personalized exploration about what science knows about your genes, how they relate to your health and what they tell about your characteristics and traits. Yet, the test itself has not been scaled back to what it was in the early days.

The test now includes highly predictive variants such as BRCA1/2 genes mutations for breast and ovarian cancer, and variants in the APOE gene for Alzheimer’s disease and the LRKK2 gene for Parkinson disease.

Clinical geneticists argue already for decades that testing highly predictive variants should be accompanied by adequate pre-and post-test information and counseling to help individuals understand and deal with the information. Testing such highly predictive gene variants directly to consumers may cause distress and anxiety when the initial fascination with the broader DNA test is gone.

More in the link

At 12:46am on February 19, 2017, Chris said…

Hi John,

Have you seen  The Spread of the Indo-Europeans and do any of the DNA ancestory tests check for this lineage?

At 4:23am on October 27, 2016, Chris said…

Thanks John,

Ancestory groups that check lineage by name of course results in some errors. My mother checked her maternal liniage back to ~1600.

Family lineage says I'm from North Ireland among other places depending upon how far back studies go.

Here's the beginning of some human links on youtube  you probably already know about.

Ultamately we are all related to amobeas.

At 2:00am on October 26, 2016, Chris said…

Hi John.

I haven't checked in here lately, but remember you had a discussion about DNA studies.

If you'd point me that that I'd appreciate it.

I'm wondering if the DNA study you and other's have include Denosavan. Perhaps that's too new, however that should be part of the DNA trace to tell if we are Siberian, Mongolian, or Aboriginal American.


At 3:23pm on April 18, 2016, Loren Miller said…

Hey, John!  I'm sorry I didn't get you in on the group when A|N went down Friday.  Personally, I'm not convinced that this current window is permanent, so if you want to accept my friend request and send me a working email addy, I'll be glad to keep you up to speed on what is going on (what little I know!).

In any case, hang in there and take good care!

At 12:40pm on February 6, 2016, Joan Denoo said…

I assume you have seen

At 11:16am on August 8, 2015, Joan Denoo said…

John, thank you for your update and a reminder of your photos. You inspire me to write my definitions of religions, gods, faith, beliefs, free will, non-belief in supernatural beings. These are tasks to do in the middle of winter when the garden is dormant, the greenhouse needs very little attention and a good time to think. 

At 7:17pm on March 7, 2015, sk8eycat said…

Thanks for the compliment.  I haven't been very chatty lately, but I'm trying to drag myself back into the world of the living.  I'm one of those types who beat my brains out for years trying to figure out WHY any "supreme being" would want to be worshiped, and WHAT "worship" really means.  I finally decided, when I was about 25, that It was all a con game based on primitive fiction, and I didn't need to pay attention to any of it.

At 6:33am on January 3, 2015, Sameer said…

I'm not in any good situation but thank you for your wish and you are amazing !

At 9:45am on May 19, 2014, Asa Watcher said…

Thanks  for your thoughtful birthday wishes.

At 1:22am on April 24, 2014, Zachary L. Hagedorn said…

Thanks for the welcome

At 10:37am on March 12, 2014, Michael Penn said…

I don't workout any longer like I should. Strong as a horse but I have a distended stomach that is causing me many problems in digestion and otherwise. Sometimes there is pain and I take probiotics. My doc thinks it is related to congestive heart failure. I think my system has now become allergic to something.

At 8:32pm on October 2, 2013, kathy: ky said…

Thanks for the welcome John.  Great photos.

At 1:05am on June 16, 2013, Meri Weathers said…

Thank you John, I read all your post and find them all interesting, thanks for adding me, much appreciated..

At 11:03pm on January 4, 2013, Dion said…
Hey John. I hardly check in. Hope all is well on your end.
At 7:53pm on December 29, 2012, Trance Gemini said…
Thank you John. Happy 2013 New Year to you and yours too and wishing you all a great year.
At 1:35am on October 14, 2012, Madhusree Navya said…

Hi! Thanks for the welcome! :)

At 7:27am on August 27, 2012, Jessica said…
Hey there! Thanks for the friend request.
At 8:10am on August 13, 2012, Oscar Lei said…
I lose a beloved cat a few months ago. Like your dog, he too died in my arm. We had to put him down, as both his hind legs were totally paralysed and things would only get worst. I don't believe in heaven or rainbow bridge, I like to think my cat Blu exist in another parallel universe with an alternate reality.
At 8:14pm on May 6, 2012, Paula T. said…
Thank you, John! Succinct, to the point, and no beating around the bush!

Although I don't comment often, I have enjoyed reading the threads you have started. Thank you for taking the time! :)



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