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At 7:08pm on October 2, 2010, Rechelle said…
Thanks Joeyess - Love a good walking tour as long as it ends with a hot cuppa or a cold beer. Also - sorry for your recent loss.
At 7:04pm on August 19, 2010, Dianna Barnes said…
Hey joeyess! Would like to talk to my fellow atheist kansans. I will be 56 this aug 3oth. I think to celebrate I am going to be braver, but never preachy, about MY beliefs! I have spent enough of my life smiling and nodding like I agree with what someone is saying when I may not agree at all. I have secondary multiple sclerosis and I tolerate the sheeple saying god will protect me. I have always been an atheist except for the short time I tried to make my grandma happy by going to Sunday school when I was about 6. Although I did like the cookies and games. Then there was the very short time I went to church with a friend in high school. We rode the school bus together and she was determined I would see the light. I don't think she ever realized the more she talked the more comfortable I was staying put. My dad was an atheist, but I don't remember that word ever being used. He always said that was something everyone should figure out for themselves. He died 23 years ago, he would have liked the internet. Later, Dianna
At 5:02pm on May 25, 2010, Fred Rock said…
Thanks for the feedback - I've been out of the loop lately (death in the family).
Take care
At 6:47am on May 16, 2010, B10M3KH4N1X said…
Great to meet you too,Bro! Love the Godless Musicians group. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.
At 10:12am on December 25, 2009, Sir James-a-lot said…
Thanks! One of these days I'll really get into this site and explore. Happy holidays!
At 3:42am on December 10, 2009, Carrie said…
lol i love them! i feel naked without my glasses!
At 10:14am on October 3, 2009, Marshall said…
Hey! Check this site out for more info on local freethought groups.:
Please contact me if you have any questions and I hope to see you at some of these meetings.
At 1:41am on October 3, 2009, Marshall said…
I'll be able to send you a link to our website tomorrow. Hope to meet you at one of the groups.
At 1:23am on October 3, 2009, Marshall said…
Love to get together sometime, perhaps you could attend one of the local freethought meetings we have at local coffee shops. We go out to drink every so often as well. BTW...the song you have playing on your page is awesome...seriously, not just saying that. Did you write it?
At 9:34am on October 1, 2009, Chrys Stevenson said…
Hi Joey! I'm Kris - I host the Aussie/Kiwi group here on Nexus. I'm also the media and communications consultant for the forthcoming "Rise of Atheism" Global Atheist Convention to be held in Melbourne in March 2010. The Convention is being organized jointly by Atheist Alliance International and the Atheist Foundation of Australia.

I wonder if you could let your members know that tickets for the convention are now available online at the Convention website. We are expecting nearly 3,000 delegates, so this convention is going to be huge.

Confirmed speakers include: Richard Dawkins, AC Grayling, PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Peter Singer, Taslima Nasrin and many more.

Anything you can do to help us get the word out would be greatly appreciated.
At 5:58pm on July 17, 2009, Brian Ellis said…
Can you contact me with your email at

I am organizing a Midwest Freethought Conference
At 6:40pm on April 30, 2009, James M. Martin said…
Hi, I think I am helping the progressive movement by blogging, commenting to pundit sites like alternet, and doing what I can to propagandize.
At 4:27pm on March 3, 2009, Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist said…
Ah . . . Kansas! Brother Sam knows people in Wichita. There has even been talk of a show at WSU. Of course, with the Sunflower State having 83,000 square miles and 105 counties, you could still be a long way away.
At 1:47pm on January 19, 2009, Nate said…
Thanks for the update on your father. Great news.
At 4:30pm on January 17, 2009, Dawson Gould said…
Congratulations, that is great news! Happy fishing!
At 9:46pm on January 16, 2009, Dawn Meggison said…
That is the best news ever! I'm so happy for your father and for you and your family! (((hugs)))
At 11:31pm on January 15, 2009, Dawson Gould said…

Playing, or even just listening to music is about as close to spiritual as it gets for me. It's almost like a form of meditation. My favorite part of a church service was always the music. It would be nice to have something like it, without the woo.
At 12:53am on January 15, 2009, Skylar said…
Sorry to hear about your dad. I went through the same thing last year. You have my sympathies.
At 10:11pm on January 14, 2009, Dawson Gould said…
Hey, how are you? Thanks for the reply. Tonight I went to the first meeting of a new group for atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers in my area. The guys who got the ball rolling are from a group in the K.C. area called kc freethinkers. They have several groups in your area, one called kansas freethinkers is in Overland Park. You probably already know about the group, it was just a thought.

I noticed that in your profile you listed your profession as entertainment, that covers a lot of territory. :o) Years ago before I got into my current line of work, I made a living playing guitar in bar/dance bands. I gave up doing it full time after I got married, now my work schedule ties up most weekends so I can't even work at it part time anymore.

Anyway, I hope things are at least tolerable for you right now.
At 8:07am on January 14, 2009, Peter D. Buckland said…
I see that you are taking this hard. How can you not? Is it letting go? Is it scary? Is it the end? Is there a beyond? What does your dad's life mean to you or in the grand scheme of things?
Those are questions that I have been facing for a while now too as I watch my dad slowly deteriorate. Every day can have some heartbreak. I find comfort I suppose in the universality of death. It comes to us all and we can only appreciate that which we seem to have in any fleeting moment and be grateful for the gifts given to us by loved ones, by strangers, and by this inexplicable universe.
You may feel free to send me messages of any kind. Death is scary. It seems empty. Nothing. But it also confronts us with that which we value and makes us embrace it and let it go at the same time.
You have my warmest thoughts.



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