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At 5:08pm on July 12, 2010, Rick said…
This group exists because there wasn’t one for those of us in Texas on Facebook.
"Texas Atheists, Agnostics & Freethinks"!/group.php?gid=140274639317667
Yes it says "Freethinks" but I made it that way
At 1:50am on October 3, 2009, Tracy said…
I found a possum once in our suburbia backyard in a former life (with the ex) and brought him into our house for a week until we could go to the wilderness to set him free. For a week he roamed around in our house willy-nilly, it was great. I would hold him sometimes because I'm peculiar that way, but with leather gloves on incase he bit me, because honestly he was horror-movie material. Gawd I love those animals.

Read your blog on jury duty. I have never done it. Sounds painful. Luckily women don't usually stalk in bathrooms, so that would not be a problem. But the rest seems bad.

At 9:36pm on September 18, 2009, Tracy said…
That's HILARIOUS!!! Holy crap, when you are bitten by a petting zoo animal you must tell everyone, it's too rich. Did you know that Llamas pick you, you don't pick them? I grew up in the foothills of a mountain and people bred llamas. If they don't like you when they meet you they spit on you. I *love* that about llamas. They're like children, they throw it all out there.

Another important note is that if you find an opposum as road kill (do you find them there, or just armadillos?) you must stop and check them (if they aren't obviously toast), because they're marsupials and could have babies in a pouch. Of course, then you would have to become the surrogate parent. But there are orgs that help you with that until you can cut them loose. Possums are magnificent as well because they have the most hideous mouths you have ever seen or dreampt about in your life. Also magnificent, like llamas.
At 9:04pm on September 7, 2009, Tracy said…
Oh, geez! I almost forgot! Recommended reading: Kite Runner. It is about a young man growing up in Afghanistan, and more. Good eye-opening world perspective, excellent and unusual writing style, incredibly well-developed characters, and the thing that usually doesn't go with all that: a good story and plot that moves.

At 8:58pm on September 7, 2009, Tracy said…
Hey Brother!

Thanks for befriending me. I LOVE your profile, and am very happy to have you as a grumpy and honest contact. With you on nearly everything you had to say (including the vocabularly but with misspelled common words,) but severely disappointed that you don't like artichokes. We all have our faults.

Yeah, it's a kangaroo. This joey KISSED me, can you believe it?????? Like a dog. I put my face up next to his and he turned around and licked my face!!! OMG!!!!! This was a high point in my life, absolutley fantastc. Rough tongue, like a cat. OMG!!!!!

Life's too short for all the bullshit. All one really needs is a free brain and a joey's kiss.

At 7:19am on June 30, 2009, Jeffrey said…
Jeffrey this is you reminding yourself you want another cup of fucking coffee. And make it strong this time pussy.
At 4:30pm on March 1, 2009, Tribbles said…
Don't worry about it I do that to.
At 11:58am on January 16, 2009, God said…
What deal did the devil offer you? Whatever he is paying you I will double, wait, no...triple it!
At 10:09pm on January 15, 2009, God said…
You should give up atheism and love Me instead.
At 9:51pm on December 3, 2008, Rowan Walters said…
hey thanks!
At 2:04pm on December 2, 2008, Calla said…
Yah, I've got a ticket and everything. The venue is pretty small, so I'm sure the atmosphere will be amazing. Will try to get that pic for you, although I have no idea how to get one!
At 11:50am on December 2, 2008, Calla said…
you have an awesome list of bands there, I love many of them as well.
For once living in Scandinavia is paying off; Opeth is coming here for a gig in around 2 weeks. Can't wait.
At 4:26pm on August 6, 2008, Vitomama said…
Hey! Just got your message. Busy gettin' the kid tickety-boo in school. Fact is, he's already lying to me (about toys and stuff), but I think he's already knocked somebody up, too. Anyway, it's funny - I'm a pretty tough girl - never worried about myself or the situations I've gotten myself into, you know; but he starts school tomorrow and I'm already worried about him wiping properly, snapping his own Levis, keeping his hands off his johnson, etc.etc.etc. It's crazy! It's by far the weirdest experience of my life (and I've been through some mighty weird stuff - even by, say, Andy Warhol's standards...). Anyway, Skol! ("Cheers" in Swedish).
At 5:15pm on July 29, 2008, Vitomama said…
Hey, there! I'm great! My kid, Vito, starts pre-k next week (for all day, 5 days a week), so maybe once I get over separation anxiety, I can write my book (in between getting ready for my semester - but I teach Art Appreciation, so how terrible is THAT - pictures of art and stuff...).
At 5:27pm on July 25, 2008, Lauren said…
Hicks, I meant. I know a lot of people who were introduced to him through Tool. I love Tool all the more for that.

I like Atheist Nexus so far. It's an interesting idea, and I hope it works out (as in, I hope it doesn't turn into just a Myspace for atheists. Which reminds me, I should go delete my Myspace since I haven't been on it in ages.)
At 5:03pm on July 25, 2008, Lauren said…
Oh, and I meant to ask how you found out about him. I was searching for Lewis Black videos and stumbled across one of Hicks' rants.
At 4:59pm on July 25, 2008, Lauren said…
Yeah, he was (and still is) underappreciated. Although his stuff is dated, I still find it relevant, at least in the sense that his philosophies and ideas are relevant. (Other than the conspiracy theories. That's one of the few things I don't agree with him on.) I was 8 when he died, so I really don't remember much of what he talks about, though I'd heard of it. A lot of the stuff he says about the politics and wars back then still apply today, to a degree.
There's actually a little book called "What Would Bill Hicks Say?" that came out in 2006. It's a neat compilation of short rants, essays, and pictures from fellow comedians, musicians, and friends inspired by his material.
At 4:17pm on July 25, 2008, Lauren said…
Yeah, David Cross' stuff is pretty good, too. I haven't heard everything he's done, but I like what I have heard.

Bill Hicks is amazing. I'm so sad that he died before I even knew he existed. I'd have loved to have seen him live. His whole bit on how much he hates mediocrety and banality and wants people who "PLAY FROM THEIR FUCKING HEARTS!!!" is something I wish more musicians and artists in general would follow.
At 11:12am on July 24, 2008, Lab Kat said…
Hello, fellow Eulessite!
At 7:41pm on July 23, 2008, Heaven said…



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