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At 8:56am on August 7, 2011, Micah Johnson said…
Oh man, that would be awesome! In school they usually just did the usual quaint stuff and it kind of held me back, but then when they put me in more advanced classes when I went into homeschooling, what they gave me sucked the soul out of everything. I haven't taken any classes in many years though, so I've kind of just been wandering and exploring in little starts and stops.

What got you interested in teaching science? Do you have a special area of interest? You have no idea what a pleasant surprise that was to hear - it seems that so few are interested in teaching, let alone teaching science! And it couldn't come at a better time, when teaching quality science is desperately needed, and taught with enthusiasm and passion. From what I've seen in science classes, it's just facts and figures, completely disconnected from the wonder of the natural world which got sparked in me when I watched Carl Sagan's Cosmos. I always enjoyed science, but I never had that soaring sense of awe until him. It would be wonderful if more science teachers could inspire like that.
At 10:16pm on August 5, 2011, Micah Johnson said…
Yeah, I'd heard similar experiences from others going through art school. Even just the more advanced classes they gave me in high school really put me off, all creativity was gone. It reminds me of a quote from Einstein: "It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."
At 6:39pm on August 2, 2011, Micah Johnson said…

Oh, that's a shame! Schools should inspire enthusiasm and passion for your work, not wither it away. 


I guess I was lucky with the teacher I had when I was young. I had no access to real art classes, but one artist took me under her wing and taught me a lot, but in a very warm and enjoyable way, without the cold technicalities that seems to have been forced on you. I'd still like to see any of the artwork that you did, if you have any online and if you're willing to share it.


Don't let your fears about writing stop you from trying it. No one' a master right off the bat, you work at it and gradually develop it. And even if it turns out to be something that's not for you, it's a valuable experience, and can often bud off into leading you to new things. 

At 12:36am on August 2, 2011, Micah Johnson said…
Well I really have no experience in comic book art, but I met a woman a couple months ago who turned out to be a comic book writer just breaking into the business, and when I told her I did artwork and showed her my online gallery, she offered me a chance to illustrate a few issues. So I'm going to give it a go and see how well I do :) The first Spider-Man movie got me into comic books when it first came out and I've always wanted to try it!

How about you, what got you interested in comics? And what made you change your mind? Do you still do other sorts of art recreationally?
At 9:23am on July 31, 2011, Micah Johnson said…
Really glad to see another atheist in Grande Prairie! I hope your idea of an atheist club at the college takes off, it would be a spectacular way to meet new people with common interests, which I've found is depressingly difficult. Once I move to GP I'd love to do anything possible to help out. I do a little bit of artwork, so if you wanted to make some posters to get the word out, I'd be happy to draw something for it if you're interested.
At 1:31pm on May 16, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…
Greetings, Brianna! I'd like to invite you to a group where we talk about anything on our minds, Hang With Friends. :D
At 2:05pm on March 20, 2011, rockytij said…
Brianna, Thanks a bunch for that link to the Hank Hill episode. It was great. I sure miss that show.
Take care,
At 12:18pm on February 8, 2011, dr kellie said…

Yeah, that happens sometimes.  So pathetic.

At 11:52am on February 8, 2011, dr kellie said…
The jesus christ video you posted.  I mean, the video was funny, but the song was horrifying.
At 9:12am on February 8, 2011, dr kellie said…

Zombie jesus christ, that sucked.

At 8:25am on January 25, 2011, John Quinn said…
Thanks for the advice! I will check out the Skeptic's Bible. Anyway, good luck if you start again. I've heard people refer to the babble as more of a library than a book
At 8:28am on January 24, 2011, John Quinn said…
I saw that you were reading the Bible, read some of your livejournal.  Did you stop?  props for trying, I also plan to read the bible cover-to-cover, just because it feels like the honest thing to do (since I wish more Christians would read "The End of Faith" or something).  Seems like you were taking a very thorough approach to reading/responding, which would take forever.. but if you have any advice on the project, I would appreciate it xD
At 8:26pm on September 15, 2010, Rayray said…
I just got your comment Brianna, yes you can use any of it you wish. Sorry it took me so long to answer.

At 9:51am on August 11, 2010, dr kellie said…
I loved that video too. I see that you want to be a scientist, and that is what I am, so I encourage you. You've probably seen this video, but it is always worth seeing again.

At 1:59am on June 22, 2010, Gecko, of Richie! said…
JUst died over The New Pope! Wonderful!!
At 8:39am on June 18, 2010, lOS`AMIGOS said…
"How do you argue against someone who claims they have talked to god? Ughhhh"

Maybe you could try talking in tongues ??.

I tried that out on my own fundy family ...They looked really shocked !! .... And somebody said ... Goodness me ...We are not really used to folks swearing
At 4:12am on June 11, 2010, Sigmund said…
Hi Brianna,
Welcome to Atheist Nexus!
Sigmund (
At 5:00pm on June 9, 2010, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Hi science-loving Brianna, and welcome to this friendly meeting place where freethinking atheists recognise that gods are fictional and religion is a fraud used to control vulnerable superstitious people;
and how tragic and inexcusable it is that women and minorities have been oppressed these last two thousand years and even longer.

Terry Meaden (academic; scientist)
founder of the busy group "ORIGINS: Universe, Life, Earth, Humans, Religion, Evolution, Darwin..." with its 275 discussion topics. We invite you to join us.
At 8:21am on June 9, 2010, Atheist Princess said…
Welcome to the Nexus ( :
At 5:27am on June 9, 2010, Donna Darko said…
Hi, Brianna, welcome to the Atheist Nexus.



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