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At 10:21am on May 16, 2016, Winona said…
Thanks for the nice welcome! :)
At 7:02pm on April 4, 2016, Bart Nedelman said…

I told my Catholic brother that the Catholic church had objected and protested the discovery of the Higgs Boson because of the claim that the Higgs gave mass to the universe, clearly an intrusion on the Church's magisteria and theological bailiwick.

I was not invited to Easter dinner.

At 6:55pm on April 4, 2016, Bart Nedelman said…

Thanks, Terence, much appreciated.

I'm new to groups, but would like to know how to share some of my articles and excerpts from my book that people enjoy and get a kick out of.

For example, when Zach found Jesus late in life (Zach's life), I told him not to sweat if because gods are like auto parts - all fail in time. We went back and forth until I asked him how much Jesus had charged him for his frontal lobotomy, and it went downhill from there.

How do I submit articles?



At 10:21pm on April 3, 2016, Donatien Alphonse François said…

Hello Terry,

Thank you for the welcome. I see you are at Oxford. I want you to promise next time you walk the halls of Magdalen that you'll remember me, silently, to Oscar Wilde. He is my all time hero. But you might also put in a warm thought for Antony Flew.

I'm in the US, but have been to the UK three times thus far. I have visited "that other university," but am ashamed to have never seen Oxford. Having devoured Brideshead Revisited repeatedly over the past thirty years, that is a real regret.

I am a retired mathematician (actually, I just quit when a Dean wished me to lower expectations), with a passion for language and poetry. And of course, wishing that humans would assign praise to something other than a deity.

Best wishes,


At 5:04pm on April 3, 2016, Jodi Nautilus said…

Thanks for the welcome and the recs,  will check out groups here soon, ^_^

At 6:12pm on March 29, 2016, Qiana-Maieev said…

Thanks, very much. Good to be here.

At 2:09pm on March 11, 2016, Anthony Shaw said…

Hi Terry,

thanks for the greeting. I shall definitely follow up on your suggestions.


At 10:01am on March 2, 2016, Paschal Nneji said…

Thanks, Terry.

At 2:14am on February 17, 2016, Dale (ForestWind) said…

Many thanks, Dr. Weaden for the kind welcome.

I will be looking into the group mentioned. 

At 10:15am on January 29, 2016, Jackson said…
Thanks for writing on my wall! Do you know wherebI can find meet ups in my location?
At 1:14am on January 28, 2016, Karen L. Garst said…

Thanks for your kind welcome!

Karen Garst

At 7:21pm on January 6, 2016, Jan Bodh said…

Thanks Dr. Terence Meaden

At 9:46am on January 6, 2016, Saz said…

Thank you for the welcome message.  I will take a look at some of the groups and see if I can contribute something.

At 10:25pm on January 4, 2016, Phillip Loco said…

Thank you for the welcome

At 7:23pm on December 18, 2015, Tara said…

Thank you very much for the amazing welcome. :) 

I will definitely take a look at the Origins group. Right now my goal is to learn as much as possible via books, informative meetup groups, and now Athiest Nexus. Thanks again.

At 3:05pm on December 16, 2015, Rob Cortez said…
Thank you Dr. Meaden for the welcome! I'm stoked to be here with open minded people. I see that your a Dr., may I ask what you have gotten your doctorate? Also I noticed your from the UK, I would like to ask you about what is happening with the Muslim community in your area. No hate I assure you, just wondering what someone from the UK has to say.
At 8:06am on December 14, 2015, Muoma Ekene said…
Greetings to you too Dr. Meaden. I'll say its such a great pleasure meeting you. Thank you very much for the warm welcome, I'm indeed proud to be apart of this and I hope that as time goes on, I'll have the opportunity to know you more and also learn from you at the same time. I'll not hesitate to honor your invitation to join the group; Origins. Thank you very much sir.
At 12:17am on December 7, 2015, MisNomer said…

Thank you for the warm welcome, Dr.  Meaden.

At 8:47pm on December 5, 2015, Ram Bansal said…

Thanks for the words of wisdom, which I have tried to comply with. Further, I have created a new group 'Save India, Purge Out Gods and Religions' (under approval) to help Indian to understand the reality. Your support through joining is requested. 

At 9:30pm on November 3, 2015, Fred Mundy said…

Dr. Meaden, thank you for your warm welcoming to this group.  I am a very busy contractor and will only have time to check in during my slow times.  But I am already impressed with what I see and I know I'm going to be inspired by fellow heathens here.

Fred Mundy

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