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At 12:45pm on March 8, 2009, thekaseman101 said…
Thanks a lot for the welcome! I'll definatly be pokeing around the ORIGINS group! =]
At 6:37am on March 8, 2009, Alex Yesod said…
Thank you for welcome and invitation!

I'm very new here, just trying to figure out how this site is working :)
At 11:59pm on March 6, 2009, Brittany said…
Thanks a bunch for the welcome, Dr. Meaden. ^O^
You have some very interesting and intelligent viewpoints and I think I'll be slowly reading my way through your 'Origins' submissions in due time. =}

At 4:40am on March 6, 2009, Jack Kavanagh said…
Though I'm neither an academic nor an Englishman I thank you for your warm welcome.
At 12:20pm on March 4, 2009, Pedro Paulo Netto said…
Thank you very much. Since I assume being an Atheist the place i live become useless and stupid, there's a whole universe out there and it's time to fight.
At 12:10pm on March 4, 2009, HeathenMom said…
Thank you for the warm welcome! I will definitely check out the Origins group. BTW it is always nice to meet a fellow vegetarian.
At 6:02am on March 4, 2009, Beth01 said…
Thank you for the kind and informative welcome!
At 7:28pm on March 3, 2009, Dhiraj Kumar Hazra said…
Sir,Can I send you a friend request if you don't mind?
At 7:06pm on March 3, 2009, Laura said…
Thanks! I shall!
At 5:46pm on March 3, 2009, Dhiraj Kumar Hazra said…
Thanks for welcoming me in the origin group.I will share whatever I know (though I know a little as I have started my Phd).
Thanks again
At 2:52pm on March 3, 2009, Chris Bloom said…
Thanks for welcoming me into the fold, and for pointing me to some great looking groups.
At 6:09pm on March 1, 2009, Ana said…
thanks for the welcome!
And it is a pleasure to meet you through your site.
See you
At 7:01pm on February 28, 2009, Aarde V Atheian said…
The problem with Muslims and Islam is that they lie about their history, about the atrocities they have committed upon the Christians whose lands they have occupied. They can not tolerate any criticism of Islam. Consequently they truly believe we have done them wrong whereas in fact they have done everyone else wrongs.
Until our own historians and authors can expose the sordid history of Islam and its transgressions against all non-Muslims innocent born-Muslims will rightly believe that everything we do is intended to do them harm.
Western authors keep describing how savage the Crusaders have been yet traveling up and down the route of the Crusaders from Turkey to Syria to Lebanon, etc I couldn't find a single fort built by Muslims. All fortifications were built by the Crusadors. This tells me the Muslims were always on the attack and never needed to defend themselves from Christian attacks and the Crusaders were always on the defensive and worried about about being attacked by Muslims.
At 6:23pm on February 28, 2009, marleen knight said…
it seems as though a burden has been lifted, i can think freely now thanks for having .
At 8:04pm on February 27, 2009, Apostate Muslim said…
Thank you sir. I hope to push this movement that is taking place on in any way possible. No matter how trivial our contributions seem, even speaking to you now, I think we are all influential enough over a small social group to have a massive effect.. I hope so. Islam is only one problem and I think that Christians and Jews are equally as open to criticism. thanks for the message.
At 2:57pm on February 27, 2009, Muyanja Isaac a.k.a Bells said…
Nice to hear from you its ma pleasure to be welcomed in the truth of life.wishing u the best.
At 12:40pm on February 27, 2009, marleen knight said…
i'm so glad that i have come across your web page .i was raise in the church from a child i was force to go to church eventually i became a christain where i jump from church to church trying to find the right place to worship, but what i saw in the churches made me question myself and ask is their really a god then i started to question the bible, when i look at the word version it has a very high meaning, because any person can have their own version about anything, and so i went searching and what i found out and what i came to realize for myself that god can't be real and there's no existence of god all in the mind plus we have been brain wash. thanks for having a web site like this .
At 5:14pm on February 26, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
We look forward to your future essays. The points you mention always need to be discussed. Why do otherwise clever people, having earlier fallen for superstitious nonsense, not see it and make an intellectual escape? Yes, do raise discussion topics whenever you wish--including the one about what happens when we die.
At 2:24pm on February 26, 2009, Alex Dalia said…
Thank you for the welcome.
At 4:23am on February 26, 2009, Harald Haugan said…
Thank you for the warm welcome Dr. Meaden, and thank you or pointing out your group too!

Looking forward to some interesting discussions with like-minded people! ;-)



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