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At 6:13am on December 29, 2008, Linda Gipson said…
Thank you for the nice welcome. It's the most amazing thing when I look at my family and see all these very intelligent people who actually believe in christianity - and not just christianity but the whole mormon thing as well. The U.S. does seem to be heading down a scary religious path and I think freethinkers are going to have to be more vocal than in the past.
At 8:15pm on December 28, 2008, Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM said…
I read that you are a lover of classical music. My first professional career was in that area. (The others are Senior Secondary and "college" teaching (English/Communication & Social Studies/Consumer Education); Psychology and Linguistics. I am not mentioning the non-professional stuff for now.)

We took our 14 year old son to his first symphony concert last week. He is a reluctant violin player so, in order to avoid Asperger's syndrome tantrums, we failed to inform him of our destination until we were almost there. The conversation in the train went something like this. "Is there any reason why you won't tell me where we are going?" "Yes". "......Which is?". "If we told you then you might decide that you didn't like it when we know that you really will." " How do you know that?". "Fourteen years of specialized experience."

We were right. He loved it! He was also chuffed to be asked by the self-identified pianist on his right: "What instrument do you play?" "How did you know that I played an instrument", was his delighted reply. Before the first notes were played it was clear that he was enjoying the concert. At the end of the performance he was standing up in his seat clapping like crazy. Of course, it may have helped that the composer being showcased by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra was P.D.Q. Bach http://www.schickele.com/pdqbio.htm
and that they were amply hindered in this project by Prof. Peter Schickele and his team of musical mangulators.
You may be interested to learn the Prof Schickele has a "reverse sabbatical arrangement" with the U. of South North Dakota at Hoople where is attached to the extension department and gives one lecture every seven years. This may be a useful precedent to mention to your employing department.

Along with a selection of secular music by this nefarious composer we were also subjected to a variety of secular seasonal songs:
O Little Town of Hackensack; Good King Kong Looked Out; hrow the Yule Log On, Uncle John. If you are interested in researching these somewhat unusual works, and identifying the various languages in which they are sung, the lyrics can be found here:
I apologize for the fact that they are brought to you now slightly out of season but I hope that you will be able to enjoy them never the less.

Contrary to some misinformation put about in various places, and possibly on the Web, PDQ Bach was not an a-santist, or even a mono-Santist. Both Santa and St. Nick are referred to in one of these extraordinary gems of musical travesty.
At 7:42pm on December 28, 2008, Anylorak said…
Hi =)
Thanks for add.
Greetings from Brazil!
At 7:29pm on December 28, 2008, Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM said…
Thanks for the welcome. I found lots of interesting stuff on your page.

I also discovered that you are the kind of person who goes out of your way to welcome people. How nicely un-Christian of you!
At 7:27pm on December 28, 2008, Alan said…
Thanks. The warm embrace of a community of like minded people. At least on this issue which is important to me.
At 7:04pm on December 28, 2008, Gabriel said…
Oh Thanks!
I feel that I'll be happy here.
See U later
At 3:31pm on December 28, 2008, mike said…
thanx, for the welcome.i help in a debate room on pal talk as well,i think it is important to stand up and be counted.living in the bible belt,makes even more important. i look foward to shared views on this site as well.
At 12:18pm on December 28, 2008, Patti said…
Thanks for your welcome. Living in "the belly of the beast" as I do, contacts such as this are very important. I used to live in the Miami area, and then in Southern California. The USA in general is steeped in religious delusion, but it's very strong in mid Florida. It's my understanding that there are many nonbelievers in Great Britain, so you probably don't feel the degree of isolation we atheists feel here.
I looked over your page quickly. Very interesting.
At 8:47pm on December 27, 2008, Ron (Cootabux) said…
Thanks for the warm welsome, and a place of common sense will be refreshing.
At 10:27am on December 27, 2008, Kaessa said…
Thanks for the welcome! :)
At 9:55am on December 27, 2008, Dalton said…
Thanks Dr Meaden. I really do enjoy being able to express my unbelief's. It's loads of fun.
At 9:52am on December 27, 2008, Marcelo said…
Thanks Dr. Meaden
At 5:49am on December 27, 2008, function said…
Thank you for the warm reception, like you say it is a pleasure to discover a place of such commonsense in what is a vast yet ignorant web. I look forward to engaging in discussion with you in future.
At 9:52pm on December 26, 2008, Loren said…
Thank you for the welcome, Dr. Meaden. I'm looking forward to great discussions.
At 8:05pm on December 26, 2008, Patric Lacouth said…
Thanks, i'm really proud of been here and read about you and others atheists :)
At 7:41pm on December 26, 2008, Michael Howard said…
To your point on Professor Dawkins article which I found interesting reading; as a product of 20th century America and having small children... we are dripping in the excess that is the "Christmas Season". It has always been a challenge to come to terms with my rational views of life (having been an atheist since childhood) and my Children's vampire like desire for all things Christmas. It was difficult to tell them just last year that in fact that there was no jolly elf that brought them goodies on Christmas Eve. Many a tear was shed all around. Instead of creating a "solstice" celebration or saying "merry Newtonday", we have decided to embrace the secular traditions; including Santa as metaphor for what we feel is what Christmas should be about. Rejoicing in the human spirit, helping those with less and showing your loved ones just how much they mean to you. If it includes an XBOX 360, so be it! Cheers.
At 7:34pm on December 26, 2008, Dorian said…
Thank you Doc. I appreciate your welcome.
At 7:06pm on December 26, 2008, Michael S said…
I should hope so after 8 years of the war upon faiths as opposed to fact and science lets hope common sense returns. After being house bound 9 days over lack of snow removal it appears there are still a few left in office that need to be replaced.
At 2:35pm on December 26, 2008, Michael Howard said…
Thank you for the warm welcome Dr. Meaden. I am very pleased to have found this site and look forward to participating.
At 4:44pm on December 25, 2008, Fentwin said…
Thanks you for the welcome. I look forward to participating in what appears to be a very interesting collection of people.

It may take a few days to gat "set up", yet until then, thanks again.


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