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At 4:53pm on January 4, 2009, Glasnost said…
Hello Terence. Thank you for the gracious welcome. I found your post about the origin of St. Peter to be very interesting. I was reading a bit of Bart Erhman's book "Misqouting Jesus", which deals with similiar issues of textual manipulation, but it seems a bit dumbed down and small in scope. Could you reccomend a book or a few books which explore similiar issues?(ie: critical history of religion, textual/linguistic history, that sort of thing)
At 8:18am on January 4, 2009, Andy said…
Thanks for the welcome. The ORIGINS group sounds interesting. I made up my mind at 6 to become an anthropologist -- haven't made it yet. Je veut l'apprendre, cette langue aussi. Je sais un peu.
At 11:20pm on January 3, 2009, Chris G said…
I found the Origins group - under groups rather than links, where I first looked. I'll check it out and look forward to watching some interesting videos. I watch a lot on TED (www.TED.com) and The Amazing Meetings (TAM) among others.
At 11:15pm on January 3, 2009, Chris G said…
Thanks for the welcome. You refered me to an "Origins" site. What is its web address?

At 5:10pm on January 3, 2009, John said…
Thanks for the warm welcome. I am all about rational thought......no virgin mama drama for me, thank you very much!!

At 8:22am on January 3, 2009, Eddie Goldman said…
Thanks. I also just joined and will check out the group. You can take that on faith (that's a joke)!
At 5:52pm on January 2, 2009, revtimothy said…
thanks! am just beginning to explore......happy '09 and wishes of good health to you !
At 2:11pm on January 2, 2009, Nancy Hudson said…
Thanks for so very much for the welcome. Happy New Year!
At 8:06am on January 2, 2009, chris said…
Thank you!
At 1:48pm on January 1, 2009, bobevt said…
Happy New Year to you also thank you very much.
At 2:40am on January 1, 2009, stagendogs said…
Happy 2009 and thanks for the warm welcome!
At 1:19am on December 31, 2008, Spade said…
glad to be here. i could not have said it better myself. further elaboration: lets call it the "world free of religious disease" after all, religion spreads like a disease, and unfortunately there's no vaccine
At 6:15pm on December 30, 2008, B.H. Berg said…
Thank you! I am here simply to enjoy conversations and see why people thin the way they do. I am not trying to prove anything or be underhanded. I am simply one of those people who likes learning about everyone's and anyone's point of view and perspective. :)
At 4:08pm on December 30, 2008, Mark Johnston said…
Thanks for the welcome Dr.M! This looks like a great bunch of folks.
At 3:36pm on December 30, 2008, Daze said…
Thank you for the welcome! It is wonderful to be here! :D

Liviu a.k.a. DazeLoop
At 2:55am on December 30, 2008, jc morrison said…
thanks for commenting on my photos.
At 2:44pm on December 29, 2008, Linda Gipson said…
I know you are in England but since you are so well educated I was hoping you might have time to give me some suggestions.

Separation of church and state has become a major issue for me. I know fundamentalists will never see the logic in my beliefs, but I can no longer stand silently by while they turn this country into a theocracy. I want to be able to discuss the subject from an informed, educated and rational perspective. In other words I need to fill in some holes in my education. Can anyone suggest good reading resources that I can study? I would like to pull my arguments from a variety of sources - writings of the founding fathers for example and more contemporary authors as well.
Thanks for any suggestions.
At 6:13am on December 29, 2008, Linda Gipson said…
Thank you for the nice welcome. It's the most amazing thing when I look at my family and see all these very intelligent people who actually believe in christianity - and not just christianity but the whole mormon thing as well. The U.S. does seem to be heading down a scary religious path and I think freethinkers are going to have to be more vocal than in the past.
At 8:15pm on December 28, 2008, Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM said…
I read that you are a lover of classical music. My first professional career was in that area. (The others are Senior Secondary and "college" teaching (English/Communication & Social Studies/Consumer Education); Psychology and Linguistics. I am not mentioning the non-professional stuff for now.)

We took our 14 year old son to his first symphony concert last week. He is a reluctant violin player so, in order to avoid Asperger's syndrome tantrums, we failed to inform him of our destination until we were almost there. The conversation in the train went something like this. "Is there any reason why you won't tell me where we are going?" "Yes". "......Which is?". "If we told you then you might decide that you didn't like it when we know that you really will." " How do you know that?". "Fourteen years of specialized experience."

We were right. He loved it! He was also chuffed to be asked by the self-identified pianist on his right: "What instrument do you play?" "How did you know that I played an instrument", was his delighted reply. Before the first notes were played it was clear that he was enjoying the concert. At the end of the performance he was standing up in his seat clapping like crazy. Of course, it may have helped that the composer being showcased by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra was P.D.Q. Bach http://www.schickele.com/pdqbio.htm
and that they were amply hindered in this project by Prof. Peter Schickele and his team of musical mangulators.
You may be interested to learn the Prof Schickele has a "reverse sabbatical arrangement" with the U. of South North Dakota at Hoople where is attached to the extension department and gives one lecture every seven years. This may be a useful precedent to mention to your employing department.

Along with a selection of secular music by this nefarious composer we were also subjected to a variety of secular seasonal songs:
O Little Town of Hackensack; Good King Kong Looked Out; hrow the Yule Log On, Uncle John. If you are interested in researching these somewhat unusual works, and identifying the various languages in which they are sung, the lyrics can be found here:
I apologize for the fact that they are brought to you now slightly out of season but I hope that you will be able to enjoy them never the less.

Contrary to some misinformation put about in various places, and possibly on the Web, PDQ Bach was not an a-santist, or even a mono-Santist. Both Santa and St. Nick are referred to in one of these extraordinary gems of musical travesty.
At 7:42pm on December 28, 2008, Anylorak said…
Hi =)
Thanks for add.
Greetings from Brazil!


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