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At 11:02am on October 3, 2009, Little Name Atheist said…
Hey Richard, would you change the settings in the Secular Sexuality group so that more discussons show at once?
At 8:05pm on January 18, 2009, God said…
You should give up atheism and love Me instead.
At 5:28am on December 18, 2008, Fox Anderson said…
Love your pics man.
At 5:56pm on December 13, 2008, Rick said…
Just FYI there is a Meet Up group in San Antonio. Just FYI
At 8:47am on September 16, 2008, Breno Verissimo Gomes said…
Please, see my communitys in my orkut page:

"Ateus, saiam do armário"

Vídeos -ateísmo e ciência
At 1:44am on August 28, 2008, Rodoso said…
Thanks for the add. Love your photos=). Cheers!
At 5:57pm on August 16, 2008, Cristiano (KrUsTy) Ladislau (CJ) said…

you added me?

hear talk about you.

wrote a book?

its history is very good

I refer to your studies =]

it added.

At 6:12pm on August 13, 2008, Diego Dyan said…
Hey dude,

Fuck damnation! Fuck redemption! We are God's unwanted children.... lol

Thanks for add and welcome aboard!!

Have you read the Palahniuck's book called "Survivor"? I don't know if the original name is "survivor", i read a translate to the portuguese.
The title in portuguese is "Sobrevivente".

In my opinion, this book can be better than the book "Fight Club"... but Fight Club is very good too.. :)

See u
At 5:27pm on August 13, 2008, Durval Constantino said…
Thank you for translate to me!
At 1:58am on August 9, 2008, Fizzy said…
Nice to see another physicist here. There's a physics group around somewhere, if you're interested.
At 2:55pm on August 8, 2008, Ruan Stankievicz said…
Thanks for add ^^
How are you? :)
At 9:25pm on August 7, 2008, PiG said…
I remenber to read the masterpiece of Robert E. Howard published in black and grey in my childhood. Most recently i take contact again with his stories from the Dark Horse Comics. I apreciate your generosity about the arrival of the brazilians in the pages of the atheist nexus. That kind of comment make us feeling like was in our own home!!! Our english is bad but we make the possible to become most interesting as possible. Did you like the tattoos?? So let's go make someones, too!!! What about a "Crom" backpiece??? KKkakakaak!!!
At 4:46pm on August 7, 2008, PiG said…
Welcome aboard my infidel american friend!!! Crom??? Did you like comic's too??? This is my passion since the kindergarten! We are all realistic pearsons but we never can't stoppin dreaming!! Goodbye! And thanks for the add!
At 6:42am on July 29, 2008, Calla said…
I'd never heard of bookmooch before, so I had to check it out - and what a brilliant idea! I'll definitely add it somewhere on the front page.
It's a little like BookCrossing, but so much better. :P
At 9:58pm on July 28, 2008, Mark C. said…
I haven't been enthusiastic about science since right after dropping my physics major, but the areas that interest me most are particle physics, high energy physics, and cosmology.
At 2:03pm on July 28, 2008, Mark C. said…
Thanks for the comment (since I'm new here)!

Do we know each other from somewhere? Or maybe my feeble credentials as a math and former physics student got your attention. :P

I guess I should actually put this in my profile, but I'm thinking about going back into physics for grad school. I was thinking about doing it for my BS, but I'm so far along in math already and there are too many physics courses I'd have left to take.
At 10:19am on July 27, 2008, Larian LeQuella said…
Actually, I did get over the Capt hump, but I did get passed over for Lt Col. And here at Eglin, it's quite the "fundie" area. Even to the point that people hear still cling to Young Earth Creationism (WTF!).
At 9:07pm on July 22, 2008, Larian LeQuella said…
I just wanted to say thank you for the mutual friend inclusion. I am a horrible n00b with these social networking sites, and I am also quite alone in my atheism (just my immediate family really). Any friends are appreciated. Feel free to visit my blog and web page as well as just say hello to me.
At 3:37am on July 17, 2008, Josh Lofy said…
hey, sorry about the late response hehe. My primary interest in physics is particle physics, specifically quantum mechanics. Though i also enjoy astro physics, and as you can prolly tell i hate english/its 130am =P
At 3:47pm on July 11, 2008, le_sacre said…
nice to meet you, Richard. i study human decision-making using FMRI (including why people make some of the irrational decisions that they do... relevant to this group).



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