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At 11:59am on June 1, 2009, Dr. Ned Kelly said…
Only the body armor, Rosemary.
At 11:08am on June 1, 2009, Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM said…
In my country, Ned Kelly was a bushranger who robbed the rich. Are there any intentional similarities between the two of you?
At 1:15am on May 28, 2009, Cupcake said…
Thanks for the welcome note. : )
At 12:19pm on May 27, 2009, Sobe647 said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes.
At 2:35am on May 27, 2009, Dr. Ned Kelly said…
Roger that, H!
At 6:49pm on May 25, 2009, Roy said…
Love your profile, Ned. As a psychic, however, you already knew that. :)
At 11:17pm on May 24, 2009, Sobe647 said…
That's awesome! I'm pleased to be at the top of the disappointment list with that guy.
At 3:05am on May 20, 2009, Najo said…
But I do mean pessimist not in the context of spirituality. :)

Just a pessimist about some things. Like being pessimistic about the result of my last accounting exam. XD
At 8:34pm on May 17, 2009, Dr. Ned Kelly said…
Doctor Terry, other people who spam my wall with ads include mobile phone merchants and hookers.
At 5:34pm on May 17, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Welcome to Atheist Nexus with its thousands of good friends.

A group you may like is “ORIGINS” (Origins: Universe, Life, Humans, Evolution, Religion..... ) with its 120 discussions and numerous video films.

One discussion (over 65 posts) is "Proud to be Atheist". There's much to be proud and feel good about because atheists and humanists hold the intellectual high ground that is far removed from the pathetic superstitious god believers who are slaves to a controlling clergy and their imaginary beings.
Terry Meaden
At 5:52pm on May 15, 2009, Wendi said…
Actually when I said "over" I meant the semester -- I still have about 11 or 12 more classes to go, I think. I wish I was graduating, believe me, but since I only go part time it'll be a couple more years before I do "the walk". I remember the tip about the pointy hat though!

Yeah, the old-time AA vibe can be irritating sometimes, but very funny too. That's a great line - I'll see if anyone in Denver starts throwing it around. :-)
At 1:01pm on May 14, 2009, Wendi said…
Hi Ned, doing OK today, thanks for asking. :-) How about you?

I'm very busy this week because it's the last week of the semester (I' a part time college student), but it'll be over pretty soon.
At 10:29am on May 12, 2009, Ian Mason said…
Welcome to AN and the Socialists.



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