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At 10:01am on May 15, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…
Greetings, Diana! I notice you haven't been active at Atheist Nexus since Nov. <sigh> Sometimes it can seem a bit fragmented, with different groups for every interest. Please consider a group for socializing, where we talk about whatever's on our minds, Hang With Friends. :D You might feel more at home.
At 10:48am on October 3, 2010, Matt VDB said…
Didn't have time to even read your response yet. Don't panick: I'm just busy.
At 5:12pm on September 23, 2010, scotty said…
i've always thought Oregon & La. had that in common...RAIN! in typical biblical proportions; nothing in moderation where it would be beneficial for all in need, but it's either flood or drought here. God will bake us for months on end w/ this 100 degree heat & then when the good xtians pray hard enuff, gawd sends waaay to much rain. just like the "quail" he oversupplied to his "chosen" in the desert.
At 8:17am on September 23, 2010, Frankie Dapper said…
Diana, Fifteen years of private practice and I was miserable. I started playing horses when I was ten and only dreamed of making a living. Now I am doing it. It is my "opiate". I am guessing you know the benefit of living your passion. Looking forward to reading your book.
At 11:25am on September 22, 2010, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Dear Diana
Thank you very much for writing. I have read the review/explanation/summary of your recent book that is given in the Secular News Daily, and I do like what I see.
It appears to be a fine work of scholarship--but one about which I have inadequate knowledge. Besides my being insufficiently competent to judge, I regret that I do not have the time to read the book and prepare a review. I am already grossly overworked with dates for deadline jobs that are not being met, and I am letting people down through promising too much.
So, sorry, although I would like to help on such a major matter, I cannot oblige despite wanting to.
Try asking generally on Atheist Nexus for potential reviewers,
With my best regards, Terry Meaden.
At 11:38pm on August 29, 2010, Earther said…
Thanks. Not all coasts are created equal though, haha. I was just thinking of North and South Carolina. There might be some liberals there but I have a perception of it being a bible belt. Isn't Pat Robertson in VA Beach area? I here there are a lot of liberals in Denmark. I should stop rambling on.
At 8:20pm on August 25, 2010, Earther said…
How did OR become a state for liberal minds?
At 3:09am on May 10, 2010, Tak G. said…
ZOMG, I don't know how I missed this. Or did I? Anyway, hi.
At 7:10am on October 19, 2009, Jaume said…
Hello! Two months since the last update and still no Min's Viagra? When can we expect to learn more about how the ancient Egyptians 'did it'?
At 1:57am on September 9, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Welcome to Atheist Nexus and the busy discussion group "Origins". Do visit often and enjoy.
At 6:47pm on August 31, 2009, Hugh J. Yarrington said…
He is especially good on what made it into the Bible and what didn't and why. As this relates very directly to the early church, I can see how he would be quite helpful there.

Yes, insanity is a polite way of putting it. I find it's a lot like women - can't live with them, can't live without them. I can't live with writing (it makes me alternately euphoric and depressed), and I certainly can't live without it, or without people who do it. So, if it makes you crazy, don't despair. It's just the way it is supposed to be. Painful, but also wonderful.

Introverted, are you? Really? Somehow, I'm looking at your picture and at what you write and am finding that very hard to believe. Next time I come out to play Bandon Dunes (which is wonderful, by the way), I'll come find you and un-hermit you for some alcohol and literary conversation! :)

All the best,

At 10:24am on August 30, 2009, Hugh J. Yarrington said…

Sorry, I'm still learning how to communicate on this site. I don't know if this came through over here or not, so I'm doing it again:
Yes, Ehrman is mainly a New Testament specialist, and his books deal primarily with "Christian" issues. One important exception is "God's Problem", which addresses theodicy, otherwise known as the problem of evil (or suffering). It's a very interesting book on one of the most obvious difficulties thinking religious folks have with their faith (or should have, anyway). Now that I understand a little better what you are doing, I doubt that there is any direct meat for your work in Ehrman. "God's Problem" may be of some interest in that there are a lot of Biblical (OT) references addressing God's indifference to suffering, or, more critically, his rationale for visiting it upon us. My guess is that these will have no direct relationship to your work, but that they may allow you to draw some analogies or parallels to your observations or conclusions. I confess that my own atheism began with the absence of an even remotely adequate answer to the problem of evil and suffering, and I have a fondness for this book that is probably out of proportion to its worth. So, while I'd love to have "saved you a lot of time", it seems, on this front at least, I'm not going to be able to do it. If anyone knew how much sweat and pain went into writing a book ahead of time, they'd never do it, would they? :) Of course, like all pain, it recedes with time and, before you know it, it was a wonderful experience and you find yourself doing it again, and again. Writing is a disease!
At 9:03am on August 27, 2009, Hugh J. Yarrington said…

My guess is that this is a very late and probably superfluous question, but have you seen Bart Ehrman's books on these and related issues. If not, search him on Amazon or Alibris and see the entire list.
At 3:06pm on July 12, 2009, Bob said…
That would be me..Bob...
At 11:38am on July 9, 2009, Darren Olenick said…
Glad to have you here, Diana!




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