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At 11:55am on May 15, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…
Greetings, Mac! I'd like to invite you to a group where we talk about anything on our minds, Hang With Friends. :D
At 11:05pm on November 8, 2010, Rich Goss said…
Thanks, Mac. One more question. Are Somalis landing on the west coast the same way Columbus and the rest of the Spanish landed in the new world?

They're the most fecund people in Africa and hence the whole world. Something like 8.2 offspring per woman. These fucking Mormons with five wives are the only people that can compete with them, except maybe the Duggars of Arkansas if you know who they are.

Stay out of the can, OK? Happened to me once for a DUI. I said to myself, never again. Don't let it happen. That was in 1995. A nightmare, just one night.

How about this one? Let's propose a bill to make political corruption a treasonous crime against the people. A capital offense. We just got to get politicians to vote for it.
At 7:31pm on November 8, 2010, Rich Goss said…
Mac, how ya been? What's this about a Muslim getting elected as mayor of Calgary? Just last week Barbara G. Walker (check my blog) said plaintively that she thinks Islam will definitely take over the world and rule western civilization under Sharia Law. Barbara is about the smartest lady I know.

Canada as a country and vast track of land is like a slice of white bread that got thrown onto a garbage dump. Holy shit! Every Muslim family in Europe is producing 6.2 offspring while white countries are all under 2.0.

Scary stuff and there's not much we can do. The world reminds me of a Petri dish consumed by various colonies of bacteria. The colony (species) that reproduces fastest eventually takes over the whole living space before the agar runs out and it drowns in its own excrement, which is alcohol. But Muslims don't allow alcohol. Maybe that's why they want to take over the world. lol

Keep in touch,
At 7:02am on April 6, 2010, Rich Goss said…
I got a job with the Cencus for a couple of months.

I came on a little strong on my last blog post. I fact is, I'm really down on the fuckin' pope. I blame the bastard for helping rig the 2004 election to help install the incompetent, corporate stooge W. Bush.

If the pope stayed out of it, Kerry was way ahead. It would have been a different world now. W., with that stupid religious war impoverished the country. The evil he did will live on for decades.
At 10:25pm on April 1, 2010, Rich Goss said…
Good to hear from you, Mac. If you heard about my accident, I take back everything I said about Geico. So far they paid for everything, including chiropractic by this beautiful young lass whose husband is a tattoo artist. But she was great at 150 dollars a pop—all on Geico.

I'm finally getting a hip operation. My doc thinks that the operation was exacerbated by the accident. The SUV was insured for a quarter mil. That's big money here in Florida.

When I get the bread, maybe my kid and I can take a ride up to Canada. He really liked your rig and is thinking about being an over-the-road driver. He's 32 and has a no where job managing an auto parts warehouse.
At 1:30pm on March 16, 2010, Don said…
Hi Mac,
I listened and watched your video...good stuff! Next time you get stuck in Red Deer I will buy you a coffee....
At 8:17pm on November 22, 2009, Wonderist said…
Subbed to you. I liked your vid on memes, ads, and propaganda. If you have any more ideas on that, I'd be very interested to hear/read about it.
At 2:56pm on November 22, 2009, Wonderist said…
Hey, Mac. Been subscribed to Thunderf00t for a long while now. He's tucked away somewhere in my 400 subscriptions. I should really prune that list, a lot of them no longer make vids. Thanks for subscribing to my channel.
At 11:21am on November 21, 2009, Rich Goss said…
Thanks, Mac. This is where it gets good. Bonnie Fonda-Cox turns out to be
a real prick. Thanks how she got her name.

May God bless you and your family with a wonderful holiday. Whaaaaaaa. Did
I say that?

At 1:24am on October 23, 2009, Rich Goss said…
Mac, Just this very minute I finished writing to Paul Krassner (the yippie) to sadly tell him that Lester is very sick. Paul was very active in the mj movement but didn't know Lester, as far as I know. They did a remote telecast of Lester at the NORML convention in Frisco last month. He's very weak.

He has squamous cell carcinoma and needs an operation, but he also has a rare Jewish-linked hemophilia that'll make the operation very risky.

I just spoke with him last week and he seems very chipper, telling me about the beautiful seasonal color changes of the woods.

Good to hear from you. Take care of your health; it's the most important thing.

Keep in touch,
At 12:30pm on October 17, 2009, Rich Goss said…
Mac, thanks for picking up Mirror Reversal. I think you'll have a few laughs, one reader said he laughed out loud a couple of times.

I'd be glad to discuss any issues or questions that arise. Hint: Wayne is a composite of the kids I grew up with.
At 10:21am on September 23, 2009, Rich Goss said…
Mac, I got an idea. You can see I don't have much skill at setting up videos. Search on "endmeme?" I'm reading a book on the Dark Age and I'm pretty pissed about how the church killed great thinkers. Even if you said the world isn't flat, that was enough to make a burnt pretzel out of you. The church has completely gotten away with it.

The idea is we collaborate on a video. I’ll write the test and you put on the bells and whistles. Vanini, Bruno, Galileo, many others. Use my email and we’ll discuss it.
At 10:29pm on September 22, 2009, Rich Goss said…
Hey, Mac. I see Lester contacted you. He's a great man, y'know. He and Carl Sagan used to hang out. Lester's son, David, even became a renowned astrophysicist because of Carl.

Lester's had an essay of mine for ten years on hiw website. It was the first thing I ever wrote, "My Religious Experience," and been at it since.
At 9:30pm on September 10, 2009, melissa Ackerman said…
ok yea sounds awsome!! alright ill have to go on my comp! ttyl keep lookn on my pictures!
At 6:40pm on September 10, 2009, melissa Ackerman said…
oh yea well did you get my message about that church on cosine, SK umm yea i have updated pics and they lady that lived there let me insides so i got pics of the inside! reply back and ill let you see em!
At 7:34am on August 5, 2009, Clarence Dember said…
Happy Birthday Mac Rex!

At 3:19am on July 7, 2009, Clarence Dember said…
Hi Mac Rex. A class A CDL is a federal commercial driver license in the United States. They are all on a federal data base now to combat fraud.
The real problem is non-standard clearance heights on bridge crossings in states like New York however. Experienced tractor trailer drivers constantly crash their rigs here. Insurance companies don't fight for compliance because it guarantees claims and high policy premiums for these vehicles because risk is elevated by such non-standardization.

At 10:53am on May 18, 2009, Rich Goss said…
C'mon, Mac, how about getting into my new disease. I miss your sagacious input.
At 7:37am on April 11, 2009, Lester Grinspoon M.D. said…
Thank you Max Rex. I am delighted to have discovered that such a blog site exists. You may be interested in some parts of my website and blog at www.
At 10:26pm on March 8, 2009, gerard26 said…
Hi Mac, Anyone who likes Nina Simones version of "Strange Fruit" is my kind of comrade.



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