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At 1:54pm on January 20, 2012, Brian Schmidt said…

Hey bud. Hope all is well. Who should I talk to about recovering my old nexus account? ( http://www.atheistnexus.org/profile/Brian13 )

At 3:06pm on February 24, 2009, Mj said…
Hey Jack, It seems I have far too many internet addictions!! AN is one I hadn't investigated thoroughly. Figured I'd check back and see what I've been missing. I found a music application for my profile page...that should keep me grounded here more often. I'll be seeing you around : )
At 7:32am on October 19, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
I'm trying an experiment. I've removed the Google ads from my three most visited blogs and replaced them with a Chipin donation box like the one Brother Richard uses on Atheist Nexus. I think it's less "in your face" than the ads. Google ads, while contextual were often off the mark, offering links to Xtian and other suspect religious sites. I think it's also more friendly, directly requesting help in paying for hosting costs. It's saying that if you appreciate the content, help support the blog.
We'll see if it produces any results. My Google ads certainly weren't providing any income. Now my readers/friends can directly provide much-needed financial support if they wish.
At 10:51am on August 2, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
I found another good source for following atheists on Twitter...http://www.twellow.com/category_users/cat_id/222
At 12:24pm on August 1, 2008, Mj said…
Oh my..shame on me!! I keep forgetting to get back to this site now that summer's here. I promise to do better!! The people are really friendly!
At 12:30am on July 28, 2008, Lorry Fach-Pedersen said…
Thanks. That works if I replace http:// with feed://
At 5:57pm on July 27, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
Actually there are two Radical Atheist blogs. I mistakenly posted the RSS feed to the one not maintained.

http://radicalatheist.com/?feed=rss2 is the feed for the active blog. Sorry for my confusion. ;)
At 9:18am on July 27, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
I replied on your page, Lorry, but for anyone else wondering, it's http://radicalatheist.wordpress.com/feed/

I appreciate every subscription.
At 2:43am on July 27, 2008, Lorry Fach-Pedersen said…
I posted this in the Bloggers group, but the clumsy way AN handles threads means I am not confident you will ever see my reply on page 5 of the thread, and as it's been five days, I thought I'd try this.

I'm trying to subscribe to the RSS for Radical Atheist, but the RSS link on the page itself is an http link rather than a feed link. When I use the RSS button in my browser's address bar I get a "too many redirects" error. Where exactly is your feed?
At 2:32pm on July 26, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
Anyone else going to Comicon tomorrow? Let's meet up.
At 7:51am on July 18, 2008, msnomer71 said…
i choked on my coffee at the prostration bit in the forums, i hope you will consider my friend request
At 11:57pm on July 16, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
Catch this "video blog" before it changes.
A Josh Weedon and Neil Patrick Harris production. Also starring Nathan Fallion. If you're a Browncoat, you know that name. This is a simply brilliant video.
At 9:52pm on July 16, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
"This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota "

When you know you've written a popular blog entry.

(from trying to open The Friendly Atheist site)
At 11:53am on July 15, 2008, Rosa said…
Hi :) great blog on "Community" you wrote there. Congrats.
At 10:58pm on July 14, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
Does anyone here enjoy debating?

If so, I encourage you to check out Volconvo.com. It's not a competitor to Atheist Nexus, it's not a social site and it offers only one thing, debate.

Debate any topic from breaking news stories to religion and politics. It's not a place where you can flame and insult. It's a moderated site with enforced rules (ask me if you have any questions about that). Civility is expected.

The Atheist Nexus is our social center. Volconvo is that noisy bar you stop into now and then to relax and engage in friendly banter and the world and your interests.

If that sounds interesting, please give it a try. It might make for a dynamic extension to the Nexus society.
At 11:20pm on July 13, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
I'm trying to decide if it's significant that I'm checking in on the atheist sites I enjoy while watching Hellboy on TV.

At 10:13pm on July 13, 2008, Mj said…
Thanks for the invite Jack! I think I'm going to like it here. I've already found two groups to join. (parents of heathens and Virginans) Not sure if V is boring tonight or not? I'm supposed to be painting my bathroom, took a break and got side tracked playing around on Jango...then up pops your email. : ) Good thing I'm the honey on my "honey do list", eh?
At 10:02pm on July 6, 2008, Jack Carlson said…
Short riffs on religion and sexuality:

* Religion is so transparent. It's stories people made up to explain things they didn't understand. It's mythology born of ignorance and perpetrated by those who exploit the gullibility of the masses. No religion has ever been invented that doesn't reflect the values and hopes of the society from which it was spawned. Gods are just ourselves writ large.

* Most religious people have replaced their concept of god with their holy book. Like all of us, theists are uncomfortable believing in stories that in any other context would be considered bat-shit crazy. We all grow out of our belief in Santa. Religion is the Santa myth for adults. The Bible is a physical thing. We can all agree it's real. Not that it relates reality, but the book exists in the physical universe. If there were no Bible how would Christians validate their beliefs? So subtly they haven't even noticed, theists have taken their holy books as their gods. It is the source of their faith, their hope, their guidance. They won't admit it, but as long as they have their Bibles and Korans and Torahs, they really don't need to think about their gods.

* No heterosexual I've talked to, challenged or debated has been able to explain how gay marriage will impact straight marriage. Not a one. Truth is, it won't. There isn't a single coherent reason to think that gay marriage will have any effect on anyone else's marriage. People who try to justify denying equal rights to any citizen of this country are bigots, period.

* There are atheists in foxholes.

* Atheists cannot and do not try to prove there is no god.

* Atheists can be as moral as any theist.

* There is no good reason to exempt religion from criticism, skepticism and public denunciation.

* The god of the Old Testament, the guy who supposedly killed hundreds of innocent women and children just to make a point, who demanded blood sacrifice, who encouraged his people to rape and pillage is the same god of the New Testament.

* For god so loved the world that he couldn't be bothered to do anything for them himself; he told his kid to go and make everything he'd screwed up right again.

* Jesus came to change the hearts of those who heard him and believed. Two thousand years later not much has changed about human nature. But world wars have been fought over who has the most powerful invisible friend.

* No sane, well educated person can believe in the literal truth of a holy book.

* Many sane, well educated people believe in gods. Which just goes to show intelligence can have its limitations.

* Believing you have an invisible friend who loves you and wants the best for you but will send you to eternal torment for simply thinking for yourself is nonsensical. Plainly put, religious belief is stupid. Thinking that humans aren't mammals, that we are some sort of unique creature, is stupid. Thinking that some super being created the world in seven days is stupid.

* Teaching children too young to have developed critical thinking skills that gods are real is child abuse.

* All the evidence we have to date suggests that life is a fluke, a one-time coincidence of millions of factors working in conjunction to produce something unique in the universe. There is no ultimate purpose, no meaning, no plan. All of humanity will evolve, live and become extinct without the rest of the universe having noticed at all. Do those thoughts intimidate you? Then you should invent a story about a superhuman who's in control of everything, so that whether or not you understand reality you can feel better about the fact you (and I and everyone else who has ever lived) are inconsequential to the universe. If you allow fantasy to overtake your mind reality can't scare you anymore.

* To steal and expand on a thought from one of my idols, George Carlin; we shouldn't be blaming politicians, lawyers and ministers/priests/the Pope for our social ills. They aren't to blame. They're simply the shysters who moved in and took advantage of a situation we created.
** We're to blame for crappy politicians. We elected them. We gave the crooks keys to the vault of power. We refuse to remove them when they betray our trust, when they fail to do the job we entrusted to them.
** If we weren't so quick to sue anybody and everybody who offends us in the slightest, lawyering would be a far less popular profession. We keep throwing chum into the water and acting surprised when the sharks start to circle the boat. Even the Muslims want to sue anyone who blasphemes their religion. If that's not the height of stupidity I'm not sure what qualifies. Settle differences like adults, with reason, empathy and compassion. Lawyers who are truly adept at playing the system we created become candidates, then politicians. Or lobbyists. Same thing. We weren't vigilant. We let them get away with amassing power and position, then we finally notice and whine they have ruined everything. No, we did. We were lazy and we got burned. No one to blame but ourselves.
** Someday (I can only hope) mankind will have moved on from their psychological need for gods, and thousands of people who have made a lifestle, occasionally lavish, of other people's gullibility will be out of a job. Seldom do theists question the faith of those who lead them. They take them at their word that they believe as strongly as their followers. Sometimes subconsciously, theists confer sanctity upon their leaders. Which explains their disbelief when their minister is arrested for rape, sodomy and public solicitation charges. "The devil must have overcome Rev. Bob. He would never do that otherwise." Yes, he would. Queers act like queers. If they're still in the closet, they act queer whenever they get the chance. I've had married lovers. Some of them were clergy. I've also had a few girlfriends who were ministers daughters. I don't remember any of them as particularly shy. It's time for theists to be honest with themselves and admit that their leaders are not above reproach. And for your god's sake, get rid of the ones who harm those who look to them with trust. When you catch the shepherd screwing the sheep, you replace the shepherd. You should apologize to the sheep, but that rarely happens. Monetary awards under force of law, yes. Apology, remorse, admission of guilt, assumption of responsibility, nope.

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