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At 12:00am on May 13, 2013, Joan Denoo said…

Hi dr kellie, really nice to read your comment. There are so many social changes taking place right now, and things seem chaotic. Are you familiar with Chaos Theory? According to James GleickChaos: The Making of a New Science, during a period of cultural change, i.e. race relations, feminism, LGBT, class warfare, anger and frustration boil over and people think everything is going to pieces. A lot of cognitive dissonance occurs, and changing attitudes create the "heat" necessary to bring about desired change. I don't know if he is accurate in his assessment, I just know everything is piling up and topped off by wars and climate change and there is a highly likely chance a despotic ruler will be chosen by the population. 

I believe if we stay calm, and confident in our value system, and live our lives according to our principles, it is possible to influence people to make necessary changes. We cannot continue to fear and hate homosexuals, any more than we need fear race, women, or diversity. 

I perceive this period of chaos as leading to a higher plane of human existence ... at least I firmly hope so. You and I are horrified by many responses because they are worthy of being horrified about. Stupidity, ignorance, prejudice, traditions, all keep people locked in and they fight to maintain and perpetuate the status quo. You and I can not remain silent in the face of such behaviors, and we will pay a price. The good news is, we are up to the challenge. 

At 10:40am on June 13, 2012, Shannon Equality Barber said…

Hi! Thank you for being a friend!

At 5:14pm on April 22, 2012, Paula W said…

Hi dr kellie. Thanks for the friend request. Did you grow up in Texas, or are you a transplant like me?

At 10:03am on February 13, 2012, Austin Meek said…

I'm so glad to find another fellow Texan who doesn't march to the beat of a religious drum! 

At 11:06am on January 25, 2012, Sandi said…

Hi, thanks. I work for a pecan ranch down here, plus a bit of landscaping for the bosses home. Lol, I too have been to the dairy queen here - the ultimate place for a treat. I am quite familiar with College Station too, nice to know there are a few sane people here in Texas. It's good to meet you.

At 1:43pm on January 17, 2012, sk8eycat said…

Oh, ew.  That voice! Why do all those girls/women sound like baby ducks quacking?  I'm usually in here at the computer with my back to the TV while my sister watches Jay Leno, and I can't tell which female is his guest unless I turn around and look at the screen. They all sound the same.  Like the Kardashian sisters.  Ick.  Even some of the younger talking heads on the local news sound like that now. Srsly.

I'm so glad I'm old.

At 2:48pm on January 16, 2012, sk8eycat said…

I know.  I have to keep reminding myself that she's an Aspie, and that it's too late to help her, IF she would accept help.  (She's also a Jehovah's Witless, and they don't believe in psychology/psychiatry/neuro-science of any kind.)

My only excuse for ranting online is that after 67 years, her behavior does get on my last nerve.  I fantasize about moving out and leaving no forwarding address. 

I comfort myself with the fact that I still have our mother's other Pyrex stuff...baking dishes, etc.  And my own small collection of Corning Ware.  I love the Grab-Its for the microwave!

I just like kitchen toys.

At 5:38pm on January 11, 2012, Joseph P said…

No worries.  I was just playing around with the new toys.  :-D

At 3:00pm on January 5, 2012, Joan Denoo said…

My cousin's daughter is lesbian and with a wonderful partner. Together they had three children by artificial insemination. They are the most super children one could hope for; obviously their home life is healthy. My aunt, a devout Roman Catholic, hated the thought and said some pretty awful stuff.

In a sudden, sever condition my cousin died on the operating table. We were all devastated. No longer able to live alone her lesbian granddaughter and family had their home raised up and build a home under it for my aunt. Can you imagine the emotional turmoil she experienced!? Here these two young women with three young children actually raised the roof for her. The story ends well, even as we all miss my beloved cousin. 

At 2:04pm on January 5, 2012, matthew greenberg said…

haha, thanks.  i just removed him from my friends list.  dude's got some screws loose.

At 1:28pm on January 5, 2012, matthew greenberg said…

hi doctor!  thanks for the friend add - just wondering why you offered, as far as i can tell we haven't spoken before on this site.  happy to have you, just wondering.

At 8:44pm on January 4, 2012, Joan Denoo said…

Love your writing and honored to be your friend. I'm interested in how your "Storms are brewing..." evolve.  A couple of my cousins let us all know they were gay in about 2000 and it was rough for a while ... but they are wonderful human beings and the family is coming around nicely. Hope all goes well for you. 

At 2:52pm on December 20, 2011, sk8eycat said…

Hi! And thank you for the Friend Request. I enjoy your posts in here very much, but I'm rather shy about initiating Friend Requests.

Veterinarians are my favorite people on earth (well, writers, too)...it must be terribly difficult to work with patients who can't speak our language.  I speak a little Cat, but not enough. I have a dedicated head-bonker now, and he also drools all over me when he purrs.  I love him!  The other one must be part Abysinnian...he's 12 years old (13 in a couple of weeks), and still has the powerful hind legs that make him a graceful jumper.

Cheers!  Happy solstice!


At 5:16pm on December 8, 2011, Joseph P said…

Nah, I'm trying to cut back.  I poke at it, but I don't actually eat that part.

Oh, wait, damn.  That's the cervix I'm thinking of.  Anatomy fail.  That kind of screwed up that joke.

At 5:01pm on December 7, 2011, Joseph P said…

I'll let you do the preparation of that.  I can't cook worth a damn.

At 6:13pm on October 25, 2011, Julie E said…
Hello. Thanks for the friend invite. Hope you're having a good day !
At 11:22am on October 8, 2011, TNT666 said…

Thought you might like to get to know this animator: Nina Paley.
Some of her animations here. Her blog here.

I came upon her via those videos I posted on Childless... Fertco and Stork as Bird of War. She keeps her gay/agnostic status relatively silent though she's stated she's been out since 20s. Interesting lady, I think we'll be hearing much more from her in coming years.

At 9:27am on October 7, 2011, alexa penzner said…

hi doc !  thanks for the friend thingie - i love that sign - it's the straights fault for haing gay babies. i'm on the floor laughing. :]


why did you get interested in meself? what did i say? what didn't i say?  i've met a few people now in texas thru this site - i guess i'm going to have to visit- jeez, texas of all places  :)


i gather you watch those dance shows. can you tell i'm older than you? - LOL

At 7:31am on October 5, 2011, Susan Stanko said…
Carson has improved so much.  I am rooting for him to keep getting better.
At 7:34pm on October 4, 2011, Susan Stanko said…
Yeah, this is really good season, so many good dancers.  I am glad the Carson is improving.  As much as I love Chaz, I hope he goes home tonight.



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