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At 9:29pm on June 2, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…

Greetings, River Otter! I see you haven't been active at Atheist Nexus since 2009. We have a new group where you might feel more at home. Please consider joining  Hang With Friends , where we can share our stories and laugh, and discuss anything on our minds.

At 9:39pm on April 30, 2009, Randy KeatingRandy Keating said…
Thanks for the comment, I added to my actual blog :)
At 9:40am on April 14, 2009, Dre Smith said…
I thank you for your compliments. I do try and keep myself upon to whomever, never said I closed people off. After all, love is a marvelous thing when possessed. Just wish I did not have to constantly feel like I am walking in between two worlds trying to constantly hold on to the both of them in the process. Only now do I begin to see myself more in the aspects of my individuality as opposed to solely being in the construct of a black man. This has been very very difficult to achieve over the last 5 years to be honest.
At 1:32pm on February 4, 2009, Rick said…
Glad you like the vid
At 2:15am on January 24, 2009, Rick said…
Glad you found the information useful. It's one of those things that the more information you have and know, the more angry you get at our elected and appointed officials. Also the government agencies and government employees, which in the long run, work for YOU.
At 10:50am on January 13, 2009, Angelica said…
Thanks, I would definitely like to attend at least one, do give me the details. Not a loner at all, if anything is hard to fit everything I want to do on my schedule.

So you design kitchens, does that fall under interior design? I used to design kitchen cabinets for Kohler.
At 12:38pm on December 17, 2008, Andrea said…
I have to study for final exams, but I will definitly have to finish watching Root of All Evil. *waves a Dawkins flag*

I see you have animals! I have a big, spoiled kitty sitting on my lap as we speak!
At 12:13pm on December 17, 2008, Andrea said…
This one looks like it's in NC. From what I've heard, the Judgement Houses aren't AS bad as Hell Houses, but I'm not sure...
This website talks about both kinds.
At 11:57am on December 17, 2008, Andrea said…
Hi, you asked about the Hell Houses. From what I can tell, they come mainly from the evangelical branch of christianity, ie., pentecostals, militant baptists, etc. I've discussed them with several catholics and non denominational christians, and they were horrified.
At 2:19pm on December 9, 2008, Deborah Mitchell said…
I don't know if there's an atheist meet-up here. Not likely. We have churches out the you-know-what. They even meet in school cafeterias. Fortunately, my husband is atheist, so we "team up." Daily, we laugh about the religious comments made. Today, one woman at work said she was going to let god decide if she should take an early retirement package! Oh brother!
At 6:22am on December 9, 2008, Deborah Mitchell said…
Hi RO. I checked out those sites-I particularly like godisimaginary.com. I'll link my blog to it. I lived in NC, too. Are you near Asheville?
At 5:52am on December 5, 2008, Brad said…
damn. i gotta work tomorrow or I'd definitely go to something like that. i was just saying the other week we should have a local meetup like that.

if i know in advance, next time, i might can get off or something. it would do me good to get out and meet some people.
At 12:50am on December 4, 2008, Brad said…
I know. I just hate getting out in public period sometimes. I usually try to get what I want and get out, when I shop. Unless I'm spending gift money or something. Even then, I'm not all crazy acting about shopping.
At 5:19am on November 19, 2008, Agki Strodon said…
Thou hast said unto me: HI Agki Strodon!!!. I have joined the Raleigh / Durham Atheist group a couple of days ago. You have the Copperhead pic don't you. If so GREAT pic.

Thanks. That's a self portrait. I've got a million of them.

I pretty sure that Agkistrodon is latin for Copperhead.

Actuellement, it's Greek for "hooked tooth." But it is the generic name for my brother and sister copperheads and cousin water mocassins.

My father is a Herpotologist and has a couple different species of Copperhead.

I studied under Dr. John M. Legler at the UofU. He is (was?) a turtle man and past president of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.

We seem to be growing as a genus. There are five subspecies now. One was added in 1969, Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster in 1969.

Along with cottonmouths ect. This is great news for me. YEAH!! I hope I can meet you at one of our meeting some day.

I'm trying to set up a meeting for December. When can you come to Chapel Hill?
At 9:36am on November 14, 2008, Saint Fillan said…
I love river otters! My very favorite animal! Welcome, cutie.



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