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At 7:21am on September 26, 2015, Jonathan Meadows said…

Thanks for the reply! I look forward to seeing you around!

At 10:52am on September 25, 2015, Jonathan Meadows said…

Well you were wrong. :) I'm back on here to fill in the "about me" I didn't fill out upon registering. Do most people not fill it out or something? 

At 5:08pm on September 23, 2015, Gary Canup said…

Randall, you are right. In retrospect I should probably have put the words "great honor" in quotation marks myself. I will likely go back and make the change. I would love to join the humor group. (I notice you put the word humor in quotation marks too!) I am new here and still feeling my way around but will figure out how to do it.

At 1:01pm on September 9, 2015, Milt Michael said…

It's a baseball term: society of baseball research...

Baseball people have historically tended to be quite religious in nature (in my opinion) believing in myths like sacrifice bunting etc.

The study of sabrmetrics has uncovered some of these myths but the baseball masses are very reluctant to accept these realities.

For me it's a curious comparison: athiesm to sabrmetrics...

At 5:41am on September 6, 2015, Timothy Power said…

Thanks for the warm welcome, Randall! It's nice to be welcomed anywhere these days.

At 12:09am on September 5, 2015, Elizabeth Montoya said…

Thanks Randall! I appreciate the warm welcome :)

At 1:32am on September 2, 2015, Fux Ache said…

Thanks for the welcome, Randal.

At 2:48pm on August 30, 2015, Richard P. Lara said…

Thanx Randall. I love Hoosiers. Hoosiers, Badgers, & Wolverines formed the dauntless Iron Brigade. The original soldiers were finally lost at Gettysburg. But the "fellers in the Black Hats" continued to Appomattox. The Civil War makes me weep. V/r, Rich

At 12:10pm on August 26, 2015, Scott Daniel said…

Hey, thanks for the welcome. I just moved from Florida to Pennsylvania. I've been busy. I'll be online soon.

At 3:58am on August 24, 2015, atheist in zambia said…

Thanks alot Randall I really appreciate it

At 7:05am on August 22, 2015, Anson Betts said…

Thanks Randall,

it seems to me that not being sucked into the advertising vortex that is media these days, would be a good thing. I'll be ex everything that doesn't agree with reality. Ex nihilo for the win!

At 4:04pm on August 20, 2015, Dan Green said…

You asked me: "Is a skeptic the same as an agnostic?"
The answer depends on how we define words both as a group and as individual people, words are funny that way.This is known in informal logic as "the natural language problem" since words can mean different things to different people.
We can turn to a reliable dictionary for some help:
Webster defines skeptic as such:
1: An adherent or advocate of skepticism
2 : A person disposed to skepticism especially regarding religion or religious principles.
For agnostic:
1: a person who does not have a definite belief about whether God exists or not
2: a person who does not believe or is unsure of something
But, that really does not tell us much - the words used are different but HOW are they different?
Google result turns up:
ag·nos·tic: a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.
Ah - much better then the Webster - what about Skeptic?
1: A person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.
synonyms: cynic, doubter;
2. PHILOSOPHY: an ancient or modern philosopher who denies the possibility of knowledge, or even rational belief, in some sphere.
Okay, so - we have some idea of what these words can be - and how they are similar and yet, different, they are compatible, - one can be a skeptic and agnostic with no issue of conflict.
However, perhaps - you wanted MY view of this question, what do I see the difference being.
Well, I would go with the more classical notion of agnostic that google has- even though that definition might be changing due to common usage of people and groups to be something else then as it is listed.
For me, an agnostic would be one of the two:
1: Someone who claims there is no way to know if there is, or is not a God.
2: Someone who claims we can never know for sure if there is or is not a God.
Although anyone can feel free to object and have there own definition that suits them, but if I was to debate someone I would want my definition to be used.
For skeptic - it is to doubt and to investigate. I doubt things, I require a set list before I think that things are possibly true. My doubt is dependent on the dialogue I am in. I investigate because I want to learn and explore and expand my knowalge base.
My requirements for me to not be skeptical of a thing are:
1 - Empirical evidence. (and/or)
2 - Repeatable tests. (and/or)
3 - A logically coherent argument.
The first two can be summonsed as "The scientific method" the last one is where I most likely differ from other skeptics, in that if an argument was put forth that I could find no logical errors in, I would then have no reason to be skeptical of the conclusion - then the second part kicks in - i would then investigate that conclusion more, and I might find in the end, that the conclusion is wrong. However, it might be right, still I have no need to investigate a conclusion of an argument that has logical fallacies in it, as the conclusion is one I MUST be skeptical of.
I hope that answers your question, and if you have more questions please ask and I will do my best to answer them.
As far as the label - I'm a skeptic, this means I'm an atheist and perhaps an agnostic, although I'm not sure about the agnostic part ;)
Thanks for your question, and your time and energy to read this.
Best to you and yours, always.

At 2:35pm on August 6, 2015, Ty Regan said…

Hi Randall, Picture is from South Africa. 

At 1:16pm on August 1, 2015, Carole JEAN said…

I am a secular humanist interested in secular ethics.

At 10:40am on July 31, 2015, Stephen Hines said…

Thanks, Randall! And I plan on it!  :)

At 7:21am on July 27, 2015, Ariyo said…

Thank You Randall,

Absolutely, something that makes me more happy it's that I got free from an hate full religon "islam.

At 4:23pm on July 23, 2015, Justin Ludeman said…
Thankyou for the greeting, Randall.
At 4:56am on July 22, 2015, hassan said…

thanks randall smith

At 12:13pm on July 16, 2015, Don Blake said…

Best of luck to your nephew. He picked an extremely intense and draining line of work. Hope he handles it right and becomes a success. I do miss the limelight lol. Cheers 

At 8:19pm on July 15, 2015, Don Blake said…

Hi Randell. I was in a duo with my ex for 15 years and played up and down Vancouver island. We were small time but met so many people including  musicians from everywhere . Off hand, I don't recall meeting Drew Maxwell, but I am very bad with names lol. We were known as, "Midnight Lace". I am contemplating re-entering the music business on a more casual basis. If your friend is ever booked on the island, let us know and we will try and go listen to him.

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