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At 8:50am on May 10, 2013, Karim said…
Yes, I am Karim that u know lel asaf
At 5:38pm on September 8, 2011, Ramez Atallah said…
Thank you for the comment.. I hope I do enjoy it here..
At 7:16am on June 28, 2011, Amr Almusa said…
True. It feels good to find them ..
At 7:10am on June 28, 2011, Amr Almusa said…
ya hala..
At 9:25pm on May 15, 2011, Younas Chowdhry said…

Dear friends,

You can follow me and my activities on twitter...!/YounasChowdhry

At 12:00pm on March 10, 2011, Hope said…

Middle-Eastern Gods
The current Top Ten:

1st : SATAN
2nd : JESUS
3rd : ALLAH
5th : YAHWEH
8th : GOD
9th : BAAL


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At 9:57pm on March 1, 2011, Mustafa said…
enta lesa 3ayesh ya kbeer ?
At 7:08am on October 19, 2010, athiest engineer said…
ahlan bik ya basha
At 2:52pm on September 16, 2010, Anubis said…
Thank you for the welcome :)
At 9:46am on September 13, 2010, H.Q. said…
hey mohammed, thanks for the friendly gesture .
i'm not as active on AN as much as i'd like . more on COEM. you there too ?
At 7:22pm on September 11, 2010, Anonymous Anon said…
Nice to see other Egyptian atheist on here :)
At 5:13pm on July 14, 2010, Mustafa said…
how are you doing ? I hope you are doing great in life
I suppose you are busy nowadays,looking forward to hear from you soon :)
At 4:08am on May 29, 2010, RML said…
Thanks for sharing how you came to your conclusions. I grew up in different circumstances; only my father was a practicing christian, my mother had a catholic upbringing, and I was told very little about the myths except the central parts (resurrection, eternal afterlife, sin - those bits) but I was sent to a christian school in my early teens. What I discovered is that the xtian stories didn't match up with both my experiences or the empirical data I was exposed to. I'm older than you, but I had a huge book about the solar system (with colored pictures of the planets and the moons of Jupiter) as a kid, and I used to pull it out and look at it weekly. By the time I was 16, I had a subscription to Discover magazine (before cable teevee and well before the Discovery Channel). I was hooked on knowledge, and I stopped trying to make the knowledge I was learning fit the myth I was leaving behind. I get what you're talking about, how unsatisfying the myths are and how exciting the science is.

If you ever visit Australia, let me know if you get down to Tassie. There are some truly amazing sites to see here.
At 3:49am on May 29, 2010, RML said…
Hi Mohamed,

The picture was taken on my mother-in-law's porch overlooking the Derwent River. This is one of a mated pair of cockatoos that visit her daily. The place is Huonville, in the Huon Valley, the southern most municipality in Australia, on the island state Tasmania.

What drew you to the picture? I moved to Tassie about 5 yrs ago and now live in Hobart, 45 minutes from Huonville. Everytime I drive there, through the rural scenery, I am struck by how truly beautiful it is.

Now I'm going to check out your profile...
At 11:53am on May 28, 2010, Agoraphobe said…
Not as bad I imagine, but I come from a rather religious family so my personal situation is probably just as bad. :)
At 7:30am on May 22, 2010, WiggidyGirl said…
Good luck with your application for Canada, although I hear that Australia is pretty nice.

Do you ever feel compelled to fight against religion? Or would you be afraid that it would be to risky for your life?

I get so angry sometimes and wish there was something I could do; if only, like you said, people would see that the laws were made up by humans not God, then we could actually move forward. It's especially frustrating for me because I'm dating a Muslim and he thinks the stuff in the silly book are God's word. He told me that I have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there are errors. I have pointed out logical and scientific errors, but he doesn't accept what I'm saying because it is God's word, so therefore I must be wrong.... how can I prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the sun doesn't set in a muddy pool? Aaargh.

Anywho, enough of my rant, LOL.
At 7:10pm on May 19, 2010, WiggidyGirl said…
My family are pretty open minded in general, although they worry for my eternal soul I'm sure. My brother is sticking to his faith, he's pretty stuck in it after 4 years of confirmations through Bible College *sigh*.

Like you said, I think it is difficult not to talk about religion in a relationship, but I'm trying to restrain myself from talking down his beliefs at least... I don't know how long we will be able to keep religious talks civil. He's moderate in his beliefs, but becomes quite fundamentalist if I attack the Qur'an or Islam.

I heard that there have been protests in Turkey for more secularism, hopefully Egypt will follow their lead. I hear what you're saying about moderate religious people trying to enforce their standards on everyone else. It's frustrating. But they problem is they think these standards are right and were dictated from God Himself!

Have you ever thought of moving to a more secular country?
At 12:54am on May 16, 2010, WiggidyGirl said…
Thanks for the encouragement Mohamed. My bf isn't Arab speaking (He's from Sierra Leone), and we've had a few heated arguments. We've agreed, like you and your friend, not to talk about that subject... which makes it difficult, but yes, I really do like him so I will see how things go.

I can relate to speaking to people about religion, and that they are never really interested in listening and talking, just trying to convince you of their view. I've had that a fair bit. I have a fair few Christians visit my blogs on MySpace with that intention; they usually end up calling me an evil heathen after a while and leaving me alone.

Do you find it difficult being a Muslim in Cairo?
At 7:07pm on May 14, 2010, WiggidyGirl said…
'As if "he" ever existed'... it's spelt with a capital "H" :-P

Thanks for the comments on my profile :-)

I read your profile, thank you for sharing your story!

I have been dating a Muslim for the last few months and I think I have reached the point that I can not date him since he has such a different world view and understanding of reality (we have had a lot of heated debates about the Quran and Allah). I wish I could put your brain in his mind and take off his blinders.

Have you had much luck talking to other Muslims about your non-belief in a god?
At 1:46am on May 6, 2010, Mustafa said…
Hi,Mohamed. atheist groups in Egypt?
I do not know any Egyptian atheist in person actually .
Do you think it is safe for Egyptian atheists to have meetings and make groups nowadays?

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