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At 3:37pm on May 3, 2011, Susan Stanko said…
Yeah, At least watch the carnage that Park leaves in his wake.  I might be able to contribute something, though.
At 1:37pm on February 22, 2011, dr kellie said…
Yes, I'm pretty sure that is where she is.  You'd probably scare her to death.  She's very reclusive, but very smart.
At 5:17pm on February 21, 2011, dr kellie said…

Howdy, LarryL.  One of my old buddies lives in Saint Louis.  She is a lead scientist for Purina.  Say hi to her for me;)



At 11:17am on February 4, 2011, Brent Feeney said…
We got about the same in Carondelet. The rest of my family in Collinsville got smacked a bit harder, AFAIK. What can you do though? *LOL* I'll be at Skeptics in the Pub tonight - see you there?
At 5:24pm on January 31, 2011, Brent Feeney said…
Thanks for the request Larry, good to see another STL guy here!! =)  Ready to batten down everything for the the latest snowpocalypse?  *ROFL*
At 4:59pm on January 3, 2011, Maia Rodriguez said…
Lol!  Well, at least you tried, Larry.  Not all Atheists can give the church thing a go.  So there's something to be said for that.  And thank you, the pics were fun to do.  My husband and I are having trouble choosing which ones!  Today we're off to the doctor, cause my 3-year-old has a urinary tract infection and my newborn son has constipation.  What, is this a test from God?  :)  Wish me luck!
At 7:25am on January 2, 2011, Maia Rodriguez said…

Larry, I used to love the homily portion of the mass.  (It was a Catholic mass you went to, I presume?)  I always enjoyed hearing the priest's perspective, whether I agreed with it or not. The rest of the mass was dull, dull dull.


I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family, and yes, my little heathen is quite plump and healthy.  Keeping me up a lot (hence the reason I'm on right now).  Lol.  But it is to be expected, as he is only 3 weeks old.  And he's quite calm.  Rather like the baby Jesus.  Wait a minute... maybe there's something to that....



At 2:39pm on December 24, 2010, Maia Rodriguez said…

Hi, Larry!  How ya doing?  Merry Xmas Eve.  Or happy Winter Solstice.  Lol.  What do you say to an atheist?  Ah, I still celebrate Xmas and Xmas Eve.  It's fun, especially with kids.  We just don't treat it like a religious holiday, more like a holiday with pagan traditions.


Anyhoot, I just found my comment section here on Atheist Nexus (yeah I'm a little slow) and I found your podcast you recommended on Thomas Jefferson.  That's really cool.  I will definitely check that out.  He was a fascinating man!!  I've also been getting some very interesting comments on my blog of late (some Park has responded to).  One is from this Christian fundamentalist guy named "Dan" who has his own blog called "Debunking Atheists".  Want to check it out just for fun?  Just go to this link.  If you want to see what he wrote on my blog, just go to Releasing Religion, scroll down and check out the comments section.  It's given me tons of fuel for future blog posts!

At 12:23am on November 23, 2010, HotMess said…
Welcome to "Are You Experienced?" We look forward to getting to know you!
At 10:35pm on October 13, 2010, Maia Rodriguez said…
Larry, I just did a piece on Thomas Jefferson. Since I got into a dialogue with my best friend (and devout Christian) about the founding fathers, it peeked my interest to research him. Especially because Glenn Beck is toting that the founding fathers were uber Christian & we have misunderstand their desire to separate church & state.

The blog was sort of born out of my own frustrations in not being able to express my religious views. Since I started it, I've been writing on it LITERALLY every day. I guess there was a lot of pent up frustration there!!

I, myself, am a recovering Catholic, so I hear you. And even after I stopped attending church in my 20's, I still was employed by tons of churches as a singer. But looking back, it just never worked for me. I'm thankful to people like Richard Dawkins & to websites like this one that make me feel like it's okay to be a free-thinker.
At 7:14am on July 22, 2010, Robert M Speeter said…
Hi, Yes I know Reed City and have passed through a number of times. I am originally from Kalamazoo but now live in the Indian River near Cheboygan. I was lucky enough to spend a good part of a summer in Columbia, Mo at the University studying the New Madrid Earthquake. It was a great experience and I enjoyed exploring the area. Bob
At 6:48am on December 23, 2009, Kalypso said…

At 8:23am on December 13, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Welcome to this superb site and its bright people worldwide like you who have come to recognise religion for what it is---nothing but a long-lasting giant fraud.

Terry Meaden originator of the busy discussion group
"ORIGINS: Universe, Life, Earth, Humankind, Fossils, Religion, Evolution, Darwin..." with its 240 discussion topics.

We invite you to come and see, and to make good new friends.
At 10:29am on December 11, 2009, Courtney King said…
Welcome to Atheist Nexus! I can see already that you've discovered the groups that we have on here. I hope you're able to find your niche. The people on here are really nice and a great support group where you can talk with like minded people.
At 10:28am on December 11, 2009, LarryL said…
Thanks Kaly, I'm really glad to be here.
At 10:18am on December 11, 2009, Kalypso said…

Hello Larry! I'm a newbie too. Welcome to A/N.


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