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At 2:25pm on October 4, 2009, Arkan Enci said…
hey, just came across your Marvin Gaye vid. nice one!
At 11:43pm on October 1, 2009, Bob Batton said…
It is in fact. It's in my front yard.
At 8:18pm on September 6, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Hey! I saw your thread! I'm super-shy here too, since I've never been in such a strong community of atheists before, and it's good to know someone shares similar worries! :D
At 9:39pm on August 25, 2009, unholyroller said…
The.......... question is Felch Grogan. He frequently replies to posts, posts discussions, and has a group called "The Cynics".One cannot deny he has an awesome intellect, but he is consistantly sarcastic, condescending and patrorising. In my more grouchy moments....he's an asshole. Again, these are just my opinions. Please look felch up and make up your own mind. Again, welcome...and enjoy the site.
At 5:37pm on August 25, 2009, unholyroller said…
Chanda, I apologise for the pissing match PigDiesel tried to start with me on you post. I have no idea what his damage is, but he should have replied to me on my on page and I should have done the same. There are some people on here who, in my humble and subjective opinion and evil-tempered, small minded, hateful people. NO ONE ever has to agree with me. After all of that....I'm sorry if I confirmed your fears. That was not my intent. Most of us here are good people and enjoy the contact with others of like mind. I sincerely hope you will continue to participate.
At 1:03am on August 20, 2009, Little Name Atheist said…
I don' t know if you have any time for another group, but if so, you might enjoy Atheist Ailurophiles.
At 8:29pm on August 18, 2009, Tom said…
No problem at all! Perhaps they should have something on these profiles that show an exact age, as well. Stupid atheists!
At 5:12pm on August 18, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Hi. Welcome to Atheist Nexus from one ardent atheist to another (check My Profile and you will see).
I have been running a busy discussion group here since mid-September 2008. It is called "Origins: Universe, Life, Earth, religion....etc".
Try visiting and joining in. You can make helpful friends in groups like this if you want to. Terry (Oxford)
At 3:28pm on August 18, 2009, Tom said…
Honestly, I thought you were attractive (and single). No matter. By the way, 13 years at 28-29 is quite impressive!

We actually have a lot in common, heh. I'm 26, an accountant, just bought a house, and, among other things, I like to read and play video games. And sometimes a mixture of both; you guys should check out the Halo novels. Especially The Fall of Reach. Great books. Anyway, ciao.
At 10:00pm on August 17, 2009, Tom said…
Whoa, a comment!

Yeah, definitely lonely in the atheism department. Luckily, religion almost never comes up with my friends (who all, I believe, belong to one religion or another).

Wanna hang out sometime?
At 11:06pm on August 14, 2009, Scott said…
Hey Chanda
How did you end up in O'fallon? It looks like St. Louis has a pretty consistent atheist meetup group. Have you considered going to one of their meet-ups?
We've got a small one going here in Cape again, but it's through this website. We're called "heartland atheists". Some cat named Malcom who works at Hobby Lobby got it going. We've got some local attorney wanting to come to our next get-together. I'm looking forward to meeting him.



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