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At 5:18pm on October 23, 2009, Little Name Atheist said…
Protect yourself!

I got caught up in a time warp, and haven't listened to much music that was top-40 since the late-70s. I honestly don't know much of MJ's music since Thriller.

But... I have seen P-Funk twice in concert.
At 1:01pm on October 22, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Ohmann. Speaking of sexy. To be honest, Kamran Delan's "Vaseh To" has a rather sultry beat to it, enough to make me dance. "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" is SO good, and it's my absolute FAVE out of all of Stevie Wonder's music. I love it when artists fuse different genres to create a new sound. I also think you might rather like The Funky Lowlives as I mentioned earlier, sampled here. If not, check out Luciana Souza for amazing bossa tracks.

And uhhh WOW about your experience today (yesterday by the time you read this?)! I'm guessing they weren't as moderate as you thought, and at least now you know better...However, I'm not surprised about getting into serious trouble for playing that in public - I'm glad you got home spared of an arse-kicking, though! Only a select number of people can truly appreciate Carlin for the badass he is...

...He laughed at the "pussy farts" bit? Seriously? Wow, the inherent contradictions abound...Communism = godless? Wtf? And umm. I can only imagine how angry this kid would have gotten if he actually knew you were atheist!

I'm about to check out Fairuz when I come home from work.
At 7:51am on October 22, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Want me to send you reminders? "Arkan, it's 10 pm. Do you know where your money is?" LOL, but aren't you also in Jordan? I imagine it isn't so easy-peasy to just pick up a job while you're over there.

... yes, everything has to ultimately be made about me.
Yes, but it's also amusing. :P
At 7:22am on October 22, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Sukran! And heh, nice clips :)

And nope! I mean travel to NYC for a weekend or whatever. I had every intention of going up there during Fall Break, but now I can go at any time plus Thanksgiving break without my accounts going into negatives lol
At 7:04am on October 22, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
AHAHA YES! It's so annoying! Even the kids here on campus sound like that but without the lisp - just long, vacuous drawls.*So* cringe-worthy.

Aaand I'm celebrating my rapid transition from having no job to THREE. They're campus jobs sooo its not that serious, but it means *gasp* I have money now. I can seriously go wherever the bloody hell I feel like. Including back to NYC.
At 12:00am on October 21, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Ha! I knew it, I thought it was either going to be the glove, the 12" record or the turntables. :D

Damn it! How did you know?! I was considering giving you something random, but those were the final three!

Jealous. Oh. so. jealous. But please, do flaunt the tickets, lucky you! I want to see the film "This Is It" so badlyyy...
At 11:47pm on October 20, 2009, Emekan A'dem gave Arkan Enci a gift
I think this one's pretty superflyyyyy. And you were right. That unicorn thingy was weird.
At 6:40pm on October 18, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
I bought a book last week called "Modern Music" which delves into the threshold of the modern era with the late Romanticism of Debussy and Mahler. It's because of Rach and Chopin that I thought I really want to delve deep into this world of late-19th to early-20th century classical.

WOW. I am excitedly anticipating your review!

I'm hesitant, confused, and scared (by maybe making a wrong decision) to what I really want to do in life. Hence my envy admiration of you. And hence the depressed talk of self-pity.

I mean, honestly, I'm in the same place. I'm freaking out because even the things that I am passionate about don't have a clear-cut career path. It took one anthropology class to make me transfer from the business school, and I'm afraid that I'll change my mind again when it's too late. I feel kinda mixed up, too, because I'm passionate but...about what, particularly? What will be strong enough to guide me in a certain direction?

And what drew you to genetics?

Girl you're nuts but in a very special way.
Hehehe :D But you are, too! Mr. Funkmaster Geneticist Army General.

Keep showing off. I like it, and at least you're showing off with good reason!

I want to thank you for your input of time and effort in our conversations. It's kind of inspiring and giving me a bit of a kick, actually.

Arkan, you've been the first person in a while to really engage and intrigue me, so I couldn't even help myself when I put effort into what I said. I'm not gonna lie and say I haven't been looking forward to your posts on my wall in the morning, because I can tell you have much to say and I like how you say it. We've given each other a kick, really! The question is, with what type of shoes...hmmm....

Smiley Faces
At 4:43pm on October 18, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Awwhl. And you were so cuuute as a kid!

No self-pity! *hug!* But I totally understand. It feels like the music describes you perfectly without saying anything at all. Dark music can do that to you without draining you. Hell, I've cried while playing Schubert's Unfinished Symphony No. 8, but it was probably one of the most euphoric musical experiences I've ever had in my life. If you really want to feel something, I would recommend:

Schubert's Unfinished Symphony No. 8
Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2
Mahler's Symphonies No.s 1 and 6
Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5
AND this.

And woah, that's really very disappointing about the UN chair muppet. And I thought this was just in Islamic countries...
The info about this is somewhere on AN, but...actually...the UN chair is Muslim...

I completely feel you on the passion of activism vs. the numbness and emotionally-bankrupt forms of diplomacy.
You've put it SO much better than I could have, gaah! That's the thing, though - I realised last year that I couldn't do what I've been preparing myself to do and go into the corporate world as a business major. I'm way too passion-driven, and I'm far too philosophically lusty to settle in something that will drain me entirely. And while I know that I won't have that absolutely breath-taking gig, I want something I can come home from and still have a bit of life left in me, if not more. It's interesting that you said "please don't become a politician" because that's exactly where everyone tells me to go.You're a first. :)

What about you? Where do you see yourself going, and where is your passion?

*imagines Emekan rippin an Um Kulthum jawn to the beats of her own debkah.*
Can't...stop...smiling...aghhhh! Um Kulthum is AMAZING; it's kind of scary to hear traces of her in Najwa Karam's voice, too. Um Kulthum's music is so deep, ethereal and wrenching (in a good way), so it makes sense that even the modern bellydancers are using her as inspiration.

Your mixes are GREAT. Looove 'em!
At 12:05pm on October 18, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Oh and you make your own root beer???

At 12:05pm on October 18, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Yeees, but debkah and raqs charkey are so prettyyyy! :D

Isn't cello amazing?? I wish I could play, too! But it's cool that you play piano and have taken interest in the funkier variations. When did you discover the piano first, and who/what got you into the funkier ones? And oooh, bass guitar, eh? Very nice ;) Oud??? You have one?

Arrrite, I'll take a gander!

I could see why you were stressed out with the internship. The UN chair (or something along those lines, I am less informed than I appear) for one of the major committees just declared that his faith is his guide for law, which is an ISSUE cos he can pressure the direction of action taken at the UN. I doubt I would have survived there as long as you, Arkan, so I admire you for that. And it's great that you're working at a community hospital! What do you have to do there with the children?

Oh shush, don't be jealous! I'm not even so sure where my studies are going to take me anymore, since they've been shaken up so much recently. I study sociology and globalization, but will be adding classes about Africa (it's apart of my second major) next semester as available. I would like to do activist work, because it's more productive than diplomacy and it allows me to be more vocal on, say, FGM, than some UN diplomat. What about you?
At 7:24pm on October 17, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
The piece you posted was beauuutiful. And I LOVE Tom and Jerry! I think if that's where I would have first heard classical music, I would have been hooked, too. But my mumsies got me addicted early by playing classical music while pregnant with me, and playing it was the only way I'd stop crying...

No, I had to leave the orchestra last semester cos one of my strings popped and I had no money to replace I got really sick a week after I left and stayed sick the entire time. But you're right. Orchestra hasn't left me, and I can't stop myself from trying to figure out the chords of songs I hear, especially darker you play an instrument?

What was "Shine" about? Although wow, going crazy after playing a Rachmaninoff piece is tragically artistic, and rather beautiful...

The grant the school gave me isn't 100% about me, it's about what how much the government didn't cover me lol! My university has 1 billion and more in endowment, so they typically foot the bill when loans run short.

I don't really know why I'm drawn to Jordan, but I saw it as a better alternative to Egypt. My first impression of the place came through Queen Rania. I am learning Lebanese dabkah, though! What are you volunteering for there?

And don't worry about the wincing; I have grey hairs. We're getting ooold(er), Arkan!
At 6:43am on October 17, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
I played viola for about 10 or 11 years, long enough to become a member of the University's orchestra. But before I went to secondary school, I was lucky enough to have an amazing but also amazingly crazy orchestra teacher who had us playing Tchaikovski. We didn't sound AS great as pros (duh), but I used that for my University audition.

Chopin. IS. Jesus. His piano work is swoon-worthy!! How'd you get into him?

"And lookatyouuu with the ayn and gutteral sounds! Dude(ette), I've got to hear your Araby sometime."
Ah, fi(c)alun? Hehe, we'll see. :)

It's kinda too late to sandwich year anything, since I don't want to break the flow of my grant, and I'm lucky enough to graduate with extremely little to pay off. But gooood, I need a year off. At least I will be going to either UK, France or Jordan soon...

Do tell about your travelling experience! I'd love to know about it!
At 1:04am on October 17, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Kanye's working with them now? Ugh, he's everywhere...I'm hoping Jay-Z distances himself from Kanye since the Taylor Swift incident. He's kinda bad for business and someone pulled out of a tour with him...

"Music begins where words leave off" - Tchaikovski
*gasp* You know Tchaikovski! :D Ahhhhh I loved playing his orchestral compositions!

Gap year, eh? I secretly wish I had done that myself...

Ohhh wow about the baby sheep! :'( How long ago was this?

Hah, dodgyisms. You're funny. :) *pronounces NebuKHadn'ZSar (thanks for the transcription hints) properly* Once I understood the concept of ayn and guttural sounds, words like that weren't so bad - I actually love that most...
At 11:34am on October 16, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Dreads are pretty amazing, I know. Idan's music's also rather good...

I looked at the ingredients, and am currently salivating heavily. I can imagine how great that meze tastes...*sighs* Are you vegan, or vegetarian?

As for your question about my engagement in Arabic, a bit of both. I am required as part of both the school and my major's requirement to learn and master at least one of the following: Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and (this is a rare offering) Farsi. It's also a hobby, because I have this weird thing where I can mimic the pronunciation and words of any language you throw at me (except German and French); Arabic flows easiest on my tongue along with Farsi and Hindi.

I'm in my second year at university. You're in third? I had wondered, because based on your picture, I could tell you weren't 18 or 19. My own facial bone structure has shifted in the last 1-2 years, and you can recognise it in other people once you notice it's happening.

1984 was GREAT and I loved reading it! Have you read Orwell's essay "On Shooting an Elephant?" I also love social issues; when you mentioned its place in music I instantly thought of Talib Kweli's "Just to Get By." which struck me as somewhat socially aware. Have you heard it?

Politicians suck. That's why I keep an eye on politics.
At 4:08pm on October 15, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Oh? You're sparkly, pink and enjoy running through fields of flowers? But I'm glad to have helped your day lighten up. :)

How long has it been since you've been out of secondary? From a first look I'm assuming 2 years. Feel free to congratulate me if I'm right hehe. It's rather intriguing that you've taken a liking to the Creole dialects! What draws you to it? And it's soooo cool that you had a classmate from Mauritius. Whoa. Too bad you don't remember much of it, or I'd ask you to say some if it!

As for Arabic being a turn on...I don't have any logical reason for it. I know roots of the language and that it's inextricably tied to Islam, but...depending on who's speaking it (or Hebrew, if you noticed my Idan Raichel shoutout a while ago)...I melt.

Fave English lit book? And what's mezedes?

Oh and, feel free to go hoity toity British if you like.
At 12:59pm on October 15, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Where are you getting all these smilies from?? I'd love to nick 'em from you...

And the stick/strength association still makes sense to me, so there! It wasn't la marijuana! :P

Actually, I'm not that much of a people person, I just talk a lot. In real life I'm so much more low-key and laid Bach lol! As for your name, I am not surprised the Qur'an has stories of jinn in them...the idea's been around since Bedouins anyway. Was the line about the man and jinn part of a story?

Y'know what I think when you say exuberant?

I think you're a people person! "Army general People Person." Arabic is a very, very beautiful language when spoken, at least to me. It is a weakness. Most people are enchanted by the The English, Arabs and Spanish. I already speak Spanish as it is, so I wanted to learn something new...

And caesar salads are amazing plus one, how'd you know?

p.s.: I so beasted that test, but my professor really thought that I took the test high..."No, Dr. Obi I swear, the red around my eyes comes from not sleeping...."
At 5:41am on October 15, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Oh and what does Enci mean?
At 5:40am on October 15, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
Pah, it's not creepy...I just looked your name up 30 minutes ago lol! I share that same fetish with you, actually. You are correct, my name's Nigerian: Emekan means "endurance precedes all things" in the language of my ethnic group (we don't say tribe anymore, apparently).

But it's actually really weird what I just realized. My American name means "from the ash tree woods." My second name means "mat made of sticks" and my final name has to do with endurance. Cos you know...wood, sticks, strength...or is that just me? Whoa.

And wow, you're special - it's cool that your name has 3 different meanings! It's also cool that you have subkeys for Arabic...*pats self on back for being able to read/transcribe it*

At 4:53am on October 15, 2009, Emekan A'dem said…
hehehe. :D But to live life arbitrarily would be so interesting!

And haaa, I'm glad I use my final name rather than the name on my birth certificate...what really rhymes or sounds like "Ashley?" Fairly little.

Do you know what your name means?

If you're wondering why I'm still awake...I have a test in 3 hours and can't sleep lol



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