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At 11:04am on March 31, 2012, Darcy Miller said…

Small town North Carolina is far more religious than I thought it would be, lol.   Charlotte is a bit of a drive, but before I lived here I was near Houston and everything there is an hour away.

At 9:39pm on March 29, 2012, Alli said…

That must be frustrating! My entire family is pretty relaxed about religion, but my boyfriend's family is another story. Balancing between being polite and respectful of them, yet still being myself is awfully difficult at times... how do you react when your brother-in-law starts a prayer? I usually go along with it. (Why offend them? No one can hear us anyway!)

At 4:42pm on March 29, 2012, Eva Y. Holly said…

Haha yeah I look pretty white in that photo I think it's the flash. My mom is white and my dad is African. So what's your story? Are you a life-long atheist or did you grow up with a religious background?

At 1:34pm on March 29, 2012, Eva Y. Holly said…

Hey Joseph thanks for the comment. I'm taking a hiatus from college right now so trying to figure out what to do next! There are a lot of religious folk in DC especially among black people. It's difficult but I come from a pretty secular family so I deal. NC's pretty religious as well isn't it? I lived in Asheville for 4 months a couple of years ago but that's a pretty liberal town.

At 12:01pm on March 13, 2012, Annika said…

Thank you. Portland really is a great place to be an atheist! I hope to eventually find an actual community of atheists who have also left religion. It would be nice to sit down for coffee and share war stories. lol

At 12:03pm on March 7, 2012, Amanda Stephenson said…

My parents were atheist but my grandmothers tried to shove religion down my throat. My paternal grandmother is Catholic and my maternal grandmother is "born-again Christian" (whatever that's supposed to mean).

At 2:48pm on March 6, 2012, Adele Werbock said…

Yeah I know. She's so brave, a real inspiration for me, even though she's so young. I have to say it's not as unreasonable as other places are, but you still kinda have to keep your head down.

At 3:28pm on February 27, 2012, Danielle Webb said…

Exactly, I know my mother wouldn't mind the fact of me telling her I don't believe in most of it. The matter is I'm a very strong atheist and I'm sure if she knew how heated I will get on the topic, she wouldn't be very happy. I know that Christians see us as some kind of a threat but, I don't really understand why. 

Considering I'm mixed (my mother is German and my father is African-American) I spent a lot of my life with my mother so I always went to a very laid back church, called All Saint's Episcopal. It was mostly old white couples, surprisingly my sisters and I were the only touch of any color in that church. I have heard stories from my mother about how the churches my grandmother on my father's side would have the ridiculous; people crawling on the floor, eyes rolling back, etc. Personally, I have never been to a church like that nor will I ever. 

My mother's entire family lives in Germany so, she never sees her family except for Skype and such. Being mixed is really hard here because exactly like you said it doesn't matter if you have 3 Caucasian grandparents and 1 African-American, people only see the black and automatically have a disgust with you. Dating is even a problem, I couldn't date many white guys I wanted to because I was "black"...ignorant people. Any who, I'm an honors student, I play Alto Saxophone and Guitar, and have many accomplishments I am proud of and just let the parents know they are very ignorant and arrogant for thinking their race is Superior over someone else's.   

At 3:43am on February 24, 2012, Catherine Groves said…

That's pretty accurate. Nursing isn't my major goal in life.

At 3:16pm on February 23, 2012, Danielle Webb said…

Thank you! I honestly can say Roanoke Rapids isn't a fun place to be but, I have seen worse.

I actually had trouble telling my friends about it at first because I knew I would probably not like the responses but finally, I said "I don't care I'm going to become more outspoken." I ended up telling more people about it in my 8th grade year. That being said, it came with the "Oh! You devil worshiper!" etc. (me sitting back laughing at their ignorance) I just ignored the negative comments. Once I got into high school I had a French teacher who always talked about religion in class (which he's not supposed to) and I would always laugh. More people found out about my atheism and they knew me well enough to not make comments because I'm a very up front person to where some almost find it rude but I tell them if they can't accept the truth then they shouldn't ask me things. The crazy thing is, as I told more people about it I have found out a lot more people are atheist or agnostic. I myself am a very strong atheist but, I am having a hard time telling my family because they are all very Christian, I have slowly led my mom to it but she still does not know exactly how I get on the subject of religion. 

At 12:47pm on February 23, 2012, Catherine Groves said…
Thanks =) I actually work full time as a nurse, and my writing and art are more of a hobby currently. I recently got back into a personal blog again and I'm hoping to do some other kinds of writing soon.
At 1:32pm on February 22, 2012, Victoria Vann said…

It was a joke about the non-belief thing, I'm reading up on Buddhism and it's actually making some sense to me. More over Secular Buddhism seems to have caught my eye, and I'm doing research into it now.

At 1:31pm on February 22, 2012, Victoria Vann said…

I'm into fantasy believe it or not, but in a way I'm lifting the veil of the supernatural and exposing it for what it is. I'm also working on children's and middle grade ideas. My goal is for children to enjoy fairy tales and stories for what they are but also understand that that's all they are. I want them to think critically about the ideas.

At 9:00am on February 19, 2012, Cyndi said…
My parents have been divorced since I was young. I live with my mother, who is really a wonderful and supportive person. She believes my siblings and I are the best ones to judge our own beliefs. My catholic upbringing was a result of a condition my father put into the divorce papers that we were to be raised catholic and attend the catholic church until we turned eighteen. I've looked in the library, which doesn't seem to have any books on nontheism. So I am limited to a few blogs that I read regularly. 
At 4:40am on February 19, 2012, Cyndi said…
I live in a smaller town where the people are either Catholic or aggressively Baptist. I was raised Catholic, and, while I have had my doubts for awhile, I haven''t done too much to explore my own lack of belief. 
At 2:28pm on February 17, 2012, Meagan said…

ha- thanks :)

At 1:48pm on February 14, 2012, Stacia L. Harrison said…

Yeah, Amazon is the way to go, especially where I'm from since there is no real book store in town and I have to drive 30 minutes to a books-a-million. I've watched several of those videos and wow... One of the things that made me start doubting my faith were Christians who acted like the ones calling in and the ones that insisted that the earth was young and dinosaurs and man lived together, etc. I felt that if god were really speaking to them then why are they so ignorant? At the time, I thought god was capable of using evolution as a means to create all the living organisms we see today and I couldn't understand why so many Christians were so certain god was telling them the opposite. I also hear the "what if you're wrong.." question a lot and to me it just seems like a fear-based question, like "well I'm too scared to consider a way of thinking that would send me to hell according to the bible so I'll just believe this way just in case." I don't want go throughout life fearing a god that bases my salvation on ignorance of the world and my blind, unquestioning faith to him. 

As for my husband, I believe his faith is mostly fear-based. He's never been comfortable talking about faith for some reason, but he has said that he can't look me in the eye and say with absolute certainty that god exists. He's never had a really strong faith like I had so I'm hopeful he can at least come to a place where he accepts why I came to my current conclusions about god and is okay with it. I'm taking it slowly with him since I don't want to dump it all on him at once and I want to be able to demonstrate to him that I'm not just being stubborn, I actually have thought a great deal about this. One thing that continues to baffle me and disturb me is his insistence that I go to church with him. I've really grown to dislike it since I can see the flawed way of thinking and the intolerant attitude towards the beliefs that I value. I think that (and I know this sounds awful) he is afraid of what other people, especially his family, will think if I were to stop going to church. He would have to explain my absence and answer all the prying questions and I think that really bothers him. We will definately have to reach a compromise on this soon because it's to the point I almost dread Sunday mornings. The child-rearing issue is certainly a big one. We don't have kids now and won't for a long while but I think this is the biggest issue that could really threaten our future together. However, my atheism is still fairly new and it will take time to work out the new issues that have arisen from my honest search for the truth. Time will tell. So I'm trying not to get ahead of myself and I'm taking it one day at a time. Thanks again for all the resources. Oh by the way, have you heard of a youtube channel called Evid3nc3? This guy made a series of videos describing his deconversion from Christianity and I found it encouraging and insightful since his experience was so similar to mine, here's the link if you're interested: 

This one just gives an overview of what he's about to talk about.

At 7:46am on February 14, 2012, Maire said…

Thanks for the tip, Joseph - I'll check out that Podcast!  Been looking for something good too add to my iPod for my upcoming flight to Japan - sounds like just the thing!! :D

At 12:55am on February 13, 2012, Stacia L. Harrison said…

Oh awesome! I have heard of those authors and the books you mentioned. I looked for Carl Sagan's book today at the book store and they didn't have it so I ended up buying A History of God by Karen Armstrong which greatly interests me. I have a lot of free time right now since I just graduated college and I'm looking for a job so I will definately check out those websites. As for my family, my mom is a fundamentalist Christian and thinks evolution is silly because "if it were true why aren't we still evolving? And why don't you see half-man/half-apes walking around?" sigh... but my dad is more open minded and accepts that the earth is billions of years old. I'm not really ready to talk to them about my views yet. So far, nobody is challenging me because I'm still very much in the closet. My husband knows, but I'm going slow with him and am being careful not to dump it all on him at once. My sister also knows and told me that my parents suspect something's up but that they believe god will "complete his good work in me," so they think it's just a phase. Right now I'm just figuring out what I really believe and getting to know myself as an atheist before I go into the arena. Anyway, I certainly appreciate the information you've given me. Thanks.

At 8:15pm on February 11, 2012, Lilium Baden said…

What about you? Any new novels?


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