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At 10:24am on October 26, 2012, Steph S. said…

How's it going?

At 2:00pm on October 7, 2012, Steph S. said…

Thank you so much Cane!

Talk to you soon!



At 11:04am on October 6, 2012, Steph S. said…

Hi! Thanks so very much!

Well we can chat whenever you'd like. I'll have to catch you online.

I am going to reply to your last email (I did read it). I got behind here. So going to catch up.



At 1:34pm on September 22, 2012, Steph S. said…

Hey I like the new profile picture - nice!

Hope you are doing well.

Talk to you later!

At 1:43pm on June 17, 2012, Steph S. said…

Thanks for stopping by my webpage and commenting on my photos!

I hope you have a great day!

At 7:40am on June 17, 2012, Major G said…

At 2:35am on June 17, 2012, Chris said…

Thanks for the friend request.

At 12:00am on May 12, 2012, Ted E Bear said…
At 5:36pm on April 20, 2012, Steph S. said…

Hey there! I hope you have a good weekend!

At 6:52pm on April 19, 2012, Steph S. said…
Thanks so much for the lovely cat picture Cane. It made me smile! I appreciate it. I hope you are having a good day. Thanks for your posts to my group too!
At 11:44pm on April 15, 2012, Steph S. said…
Thank you Cane that was cute! Love the cat pic!
At 4:53pm on April 14, 2012, Steph S. said…

You have a nice sense of humor. I'm glad you are on the site!

We need some humor here.

At 7:06pm on April 10, 2012, Steph S. said…

Oh hey! You changed your name. Funny!

I noticed that you quoted Three Days Grace and the song "Pain" in chat. Cool .. I saw them in concert with Breaking Benjamin and Seether.

Music is a hobby of mine so I know a lot of different genres .. other than my favorite genre.

So .. how are you doing? Getting more sleep? Were you able to try out Steam? I think you would like it.

At 5:51pm on April 9, 2012, Dubravko Jakovljevic said…

Very good! :) 'Da' actually means yes in Croatian too in most cases, but it is also used like 'that' (I think THAT we can...).

At 4:16pm on April 9, 2012, Dubravko Jakovljevic said…

Oh, unfortunately not! I can understand it very well, and you would probably understand me, because both our languages are Slavic, but I don't know Macedonian. Mislim da se možemo dobro razumijeti? (I think we can understand each other?)

At 3:12pm on April 9, 2012, Dubravko Jakovljevic said…

Thanks for the welcome! :) Macedonia is beautiful, I've been there once, and I'm looking forward to visiting it again this summer, if I get the chance.

At 4:51pm on March 30, 2012, Steph S. said…

Were you able to get more sleep? Are you working long hours? I wanted to check in with you and see if you are OK.

At 8:25pm on March 29, 2012, Steph S. said…
Hey there Cane! How are you doing? Well I hope you have a nice weekend.
At 6:17pm on February 22, 2012, World Walker said…

That documentary There's No Tomorrow was pretty interesting.  I'm not sure if I think there's really much to do about the problem though that wouldn't already be a good idea.  Basically, while we rely on our current energy supply don't we always have to be prepared for how we would bounce back from a sudden loss of supply?  

It's just hard to be prepared to succeed in that environment and to succeed optimally in this one.  I'd rather just keep an eye on energy prices and adjust along the way. 

At 3:13pm on February 22, 2012, Maja Petrovska said…
Great - this looks very interesting! Will definitely particpate, as I've been part of many translation initiatives... And thanks for sharing the info on the TROM documentary - awesome doc! :))



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