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At 11:06am on November 16, 2008, Larian LeQuella said…
Imagine actually using television shows such as Monty Python to learn the English language. Aye, it can leave you quite "skewed"! :)
At 8:33pm on November 14, 2008, Lori Stephens said…
Hi Eli - thanks for the response. Looking forward to chatting with you again in the future!
At 7:05pm on November 14, 2008, Larian LeQuella said…
Welcome to the DNA fangroup. I'm sure DNA has served as a source for some good quotes to enjoy as well (although that Me fella has some great zingers!).
At 10:44am on November 14, 2008, Lori Stephens said…
Hi there Elia - really enjoyed reading your profile info. I grew up in Portland (lived there for my first 40 years) and am now in Seattle, which is just far enough away from Baptist relatives. Did "Religulous" ever play in Portland? Cheers, Lori
At 7:15pm on October 12, 2008, Daley said…
Love the pictures and the info.
I just starting listening to the podcasts and I'm hooked.
Former Pentacostal Jew Buddhists love your work.
At 12:23pm on October 7, 2008, Merve said…
you're right i removed it
At 10:56am on October 4, 2008, Donald Boos said…
Check out my poem "where is god" in the I Write Because I Have To contest.
It's like your atheist quote
At 10:01pm on September 10, 2008, Jeffrey Mark said…
Cool, I'm reading your blog right now. Good stuff! I like the "Jesus with an erection" comment. That's enough to shock some fundies! (Jesus is coming soon...)
At 1:50pm on September 9, 2008, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Delighted, Eli.

The piece that led up to Chrales Darwin was written from the point of view of archaeology, and how archaeology in the 19th century encountered the problems of antiquity that biblical nonsense had been ignoring.

They were very intelligent men who interpreted the finds of archaeology so brilliantly, and this was done during the same years that Charles Darwin was preparing his treatise on evolution.

The archaeology, geology, palaeontology, biology and botany all came together in a mass explanation about the origins of Earth and of life on Planet Earth.

Compared with all that brilliance, how is it that 150 years later there are godbots nearly everywhere still spouting out their religious follies and trash?
At 12:01pm on September 9, 2008, Jeffrey Mark said…
Thanks for checking out my blog! I'll be adding more entries in the next few days, so be sure to bookmark it.

Also, check out my book on amazon. :-) I also uploaded a PDF excerpts from the book to my site here.
At 5:10pm on September 5, 2008, Rodoso said…
Thanks for the feedback. Your points are very valid & I'll be addressing them soon via blog. Oh, & I finally learned how to speak with god:

At 1:07pm on September 4, 2008, RunCrashBoy said…
From Jonathan: Joe got me the link to CoI and I love what you guys are doing. Just joined the site a couple days ago and really like what I'm reading. Keep up the good work.
At 4:43am on August 31, 2008, X Anonymous said…
"400 Role-playing game books"

Wow. Do you still play? Would you be up for an Atheist Nexus gaming group in Portland if we could put one together?
At 3:29pm on August 27, 2008, Kafir Girl said…
Hi Eli, thank you, sir! High five!
At 1:09pm on July 23, 2008, Sucheta Chatterjee said…
I'm actually from Calcutta, just earning my bread in Bombay.
What do you do? And your biological information column makes me feel like a retard or an uneducated wench. Lol.
At 1:57pm on July 22, 2008, Sucheta Chatterjee said…
Liked your posts in the Left Wing Forum. And you have a really pretty daughter.
At 6:04pm on July 21, 2008, Carlos Espinosa said…
Thanks for the add - I look forward to seeing you around here.
At 5:35pm on July 21, 2008, Carlos Espinosa said…
Hi Eli,
Good to see northwesterners around here. Hope you won't mind adding me to your friend list.
Oh, and I definitely agree - your daughter looks decidedly better without a beard.
At 3:14pm on July 21, 2008, Eli said…

I'll keep that in mind.. I'd let it get way out of control that winter.
At 2:12pm on July 21, 2008, Matt said…
Welcome to the group man! We also have a meetup.com page if you so desire to join that as well.



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