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At 4:32pm on November 8, 2017, Tom B said…

Hi Stephen, if there is an occasion, it would be great to meet you in person. I am reading the "Into the Out" sample now. I started out doing some research on Artificial Intelligence thinking I would write a short story, it became , just a fun hobby.

At 2:26pm on April 19, 2012, Russell Pangborn said…

Strange story.  I did a Google search on my name to see if the general public see's my connection to Atheist Nexus and what level of detail is shown to a non member.

A link came up on the second page to a letter I had written on animalsincanada... I recognized it as a letter sent to the Toronto Star a couple of years ago that wasn't published.  A further Google search showed it actually was.

On re reading the letter I got all enraged again.  Since I've been posting stuff lately on atheist nexus I remembered your dog and cat discussion.  I love both my dog and cat - but have a little problem with all of our hypocrisy with treatment of other animals.  So I was going to post something to stir up a bunch of dog and cat lovers.  I've calmed down now.

These were the two links.  The Star one takes longer to load.

Here is the Star letter:


Here is the animals in Canada entry:

At 6:38am on February 20, 2012, Cane Kostovski said…

So...I did all that work for nothing. You still haven't used it. Why?

At 12:19am on December 16, 2011, Cane Kostovski said…
At 12:36pm on December 15, 2011, Cane Kostovski said…

Hey Stephen!!!!!

Check it out now:

At 3:47am on December 14, 2011, Cane Kostovski said…

This one is a good one too:

"Dedication to the Truth sometimes obscures the facts."

At 3:41am on December 14, 2011, Cane Kostovski said…

I was checking out your blog and this "golden rule" spoke to me:

"Children demand their rights; adults accept their responsibilities."

I must be an everlasting child. I have started 6 books in the past two months and haven't finished any of them. I would rather play on the computer.

At 3:30am on December 14, 2011, Cane Kostovski said…

Hey Stephen. I am unemployed and I have lots of time on my hands. I think I could do a slightly better job on your website Check me out at Anyway, I would like to do it for free. I just would like your permission to use the current pictures and text on your website right now.

Some details: I could publish it to my website and let you see it so that you could decide if you are even interested in using it, and if you are, we could work together to get it just the way you want it.

I get the benefit of keeping my skills fresh. You might get a website with more impact.

What do you say?

At 12:23pm on January 10, 2011, Jedi Wanderer said…
Thanks for the welcome. As cool as it would be to be able to swallow the moon and cause tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes, I'm afraid the name Wanderer actually comes from the title of another book, Taran Wanderer, the 4th out of 5 books by Lloyd Alexander in the Prydain Chronicles, a fantasy series I enjoyed reading as a boy and which I greatly identified with. It would be cool to be a living, breathing planet though, like Gaia (except a dude?).
At 6:54pm on January 9, 2011, 1311 said…
Thank you for the warm welcome Stephen.  I look forward to reading all the posts here!  :)
At 12:59am on November 22, 2010, Donegal said…
Thanks for the descriptions. I think I've already added all of them to my to-read, and now it's just a matter of acquiring them once I get the money. Of course, if you have more suggestions, I'm interested.
At 7:50pm on November 21, 2010, Donegal said…
Of course, I always love book suggestions! I wouldn't know enough of the nuances of literature to give a good description of my type of book, so any suggestions would be welcome and I can at least take a look at them.
At 7:48pm on November 21, 2010, Donegal said…
Indeed I will. I also have a Bart Ehrman book I intend to read as soon as I'm finished with the Bible. I'm thinking I'll also keep track of my favorite (read: the worst) bits for future reference. I found you on GoodReads (and I see you accepted my friend invite, thank you) and looked through your books. Quite a few of them sound especially good, so I'll try to get my hands on them when I have the money.
At 6:23pm on November 21, 2010, Donegal said…
Hello and thanks for adding me. I'm going to check out your work; I'm a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan!
At 7:18am on October 31, 2010, Ljubomir Medakovic said…
Many thanks, Stephen!
At 3:51pm on September 22, 2010, Sarah Walton said…
Thanks Stephen, I look forward to the SFF group. I think I'll post there now. :)
At 6:55am on September 16, 2010, Tyler Bush said…
Thank you for your greeting, I'm sure I will enjoy a community of like-minded individuals.
At 10:00am on September 7, 2010, Little Name Atheist said…
"If you want to write, keep cats." - Aldous Huxley
At 12:12pm on August 9, 2010, Amanda Lee Stitzer said…
Thanks, Stephen! :)
At 4:31pm on July 29, 2010, Torwaechter said…
Thank you for the welcome!



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