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At 9:52am on April 19, 2010, Little Name Atheist said…
Happy belated birthday!
At 9:23am on April 17, 2010, John Jubinsky said…
It's the waterfront area of downtown Baltimore. The trangular building is a national aquarium. Additionally, there is a sizable science center. There is more to see than that. There are two relatively new stadia about a half mile away, one for baseball and one for football. There is also a cruise ship terminal about two miles away. Just outside the area shown but still on the waterfront are several very charming national historic district neighborhoods. The pictures were taken in winter. I am going to add some springtime pictures but only for the areas already shown.
At 2:24pm on April 16, 2010, John Jubinsky said…
Hi Rusty! Have a very happy birthday.
At 12:34pm on February 15, 2010, Ariel said…
Ha ha. "My Boy" is my fiance, not my son.
At 11:20pm on February 14, 2010, Rusty Gunn. said…
Felch, I don't really give a fly'n rat's ass if the guy has any class or not!! Shit, I work with a bunch of folks amongst whom are many very devoid of class but I work with them and socialize with them because they're there whether I like it or not. If he's all the bad things you say he is then he sure as hell does not add up to the anti-Christ or Lucifer himself! Like I told Sacha, there seems to be a lot more heat here than this thing warrants.
At 11:12pm on February 14, 2010, Rusty Gunn. said…
So the problem is?
At 11:11pm on February 14, 2010, sacha said…
I have no problem with the "business" aspect of it. I agree with you there.
At 11:02pm on February 14, 2010, Rusty Gunn. said…
Correct me if I'm wrong here Sacha. This guy is turning a buck scamm'n the gullible fundies (a sucker is born every minute and all that), and if he can line his pocket pull'n the wool over the eyes of that bunch of fools then more power to him! I'm a great believer in capitalism and the free enterprise system (in sharp contrast to most AN members) and if the profit comes from complete fools all the better, a fool and his money are soon parted anyway and if this guy is not doing it then somebody else will! Is there more to the story than that? Has this guy pissed off some AN folk and there's a personal angle to this thing? I'm try'n to make sense of it, there seems to be a lot more heat here than the situation can justify.
At 10:54pm on February 14, 2010, sacha said…
No, I do not. Although I don't understand why you won't delete that discussion, since you know it has been posted numerous times before, and you know that the person who the article is about is a point of contention within the AN community, felch tells me that since you have linked to AOL and AOL most likely puts code in their links which will not make websites rise in ratings on Google, that it is okay that it remains up.
At 10:28pm on February 14, 2010, Rusty Gunn. said…
Sacha, do you have some official capacity with AN?
At 10:27pm on February 14, 2010, sacha said…
When a site is linked to from another site, it climbs up in it's rating on Google. You are giving him free advertising. People who find him on Google will not see the comments made on AN.
At 11:29am on December 7, 2009, Vanessa said…
Hello from another Gunn! One of my uncles almost got named Rusty...
Do you happen to be part of the Clan Gunn Society?
At 3:23pm on October 24, 2009, Taylor James said…
Hey Walter, thanks for your support. It is a long hard road, but with good people in your life it makes all the difference.
At 9:11pm on October 18, 2009, Beachbum said…
Aloha Walter,
I left a rebuttal to your comment on my blog, when you get a chance to read it.
At 4:43am on October 15, 2009, John Secular Smith said…
And perhaps those not easily inflamed will read and understand. Those easily inflamed (like yourself?) will ignore the arguments and hang on to the title. If you aren't willing to lay into idiots for being idiots then so be it. I, for one, will not remain silent any longer.
At 4:14pm on October 14, 2009, John Secular Smith said…
Yes, when it comes to hateful religionists taking other people's rights away when whining about their rights not being respected, I find it is proper to call them names. There is a time and a place for mocking and disrespect.
At 10:28am on September 23, 2009, Dre Smith said…
I get your message I try not to be cold. But in the last few months those days are over. Long time ago I was completely cold, I mean if she wasted my time or didn't put out...I could care less. Then something in me changes and I adopted a more softer tone, trying to be more "understanding". But now I realize for the most part women have no clue as to what the hell they want and are completely full of shit when it comes to love and sex. I got no problem with a chick who knows what she want and what she does not...but it seems the market so to speak is flooded with these morons who don't know which way is up.
At 11:56pm on September 7, 2009, Little Name Atheist said…
Your limerick discussions got moved... one to the Comedy category, and one to Water Cooler.
At 12:34pm on September 1, 2009, Rusty Gunn. said…
Handsome, witty, charming, brave, clean, reverent, modest, humble and swayve & deboner!



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