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At 9:50am on February 21, 2009, Richard Healy said…
The cost was approximately £9 from the Uk £8 from the US. The only difference was over time but it was a mater of days. I'm in no rush. It was cheaper to order from the U.S in this instance.

I brought all the Dennets and Pinker's on a day out in London last week. so I've now got a stack of books on my desk to plough through, looking forward to it actually I enjoy a lot of Pinker and Dennet online so am looking forward to reading their books. I also got Jeffry Coyne's new book about evolution (I'd been down to see the Darwin exhibit touring the globe but currently at the Natural History Museum) I also recently purchased a book on evolution and medicine, arguing that diseases illness needs to be understood from an evolutionary point of view. It's called "How we get sick" but really should be called Evolution and medicine. Amazingly, it seems most Doctors aren't trained in why diseases occur. Eg they know how to treat back pain, sciatica etc, but why do we get backpain? (Our spines evolved to run around on all fours, standing upright causes all sorts of problems hence the "S" shape curvature and the small of our back being curved inwards.

TDHW will be the last of my book buying for a while. I've done my bit for the flagging world economy...
I bought some books about cryptic crosswords for my birthday which I've still to read and I've got a couple of novels I've abandoned whch I need to resume (Foucault's Pendulum, Flatland and Cryptonomicon among them)
At 9:05am on February 21, 2009, Richard Healy said…
Did it. bought DHW:science as a candle in the dark from the Atlanta Book Company for £1.28 + £6.83 for international shipping.

It was cheaper than ordering from the UK. Funny that.
At 8:51am on February 21, 2009, Richard Healy said…
Regarding The Demon Haunted World.

Check out this website:

It's an internet network of independent 2nd hand booksellers. I just did a search for demon haunted world and got returns back for as low as £1.82 +£2.73 P+P within the USA. Obviously the website prices my search in sterling, but given the current exchange rate the price in dollars should be far off that.

I'm seriously thinking of making the purchase myself right now!

That'll bring the total of books I've bought that I shall have to read up to nine, so that'll keep me going until the autumn!
At 5:15am on February 21, 2009, Richard Healy said…
Thank you so much for such a detailed post on my wall.

Lets go through it in order.

Musicophillia. I have heard of it. Not read it though.
I studied philosophy at university so encountered Oliver Sacks that way. Another good book you might really appreciate is "Into The Silent Land" by Paul Broks. I was so enthralled I read it in a day!

"The curious incident of the dog in the night time" by Mark Haddon, is one I recommend. It's not so much about neurology but tangentially so. It's a story about Asperger's syndrome which gets into the kind of altered reality of neurological conditions like Asperger's and Autism. The author has the condition so imbues the characters with a level of authenticity that's quite rare. another book I read in almost one sitting on a flight to America.

For popular discussions of neurology there is also this online blog I occasionally visit.

I'm currently reading for amusement, Daniel Dennet's "Consciousness explained" that's a bit more complex and is for the layman but I'd put it towards the complex end of 'for the layman; but very informative. I'm also got his "Breaking the spell" where I hope to learn more about memes.

I want to get some copies of Sagan "demon haunted world" especially. I've got a first edition copy of "Contact" on my bookshelf. :-) but that's it so far.

I've only been carving pumpkins for two years. It's less of an industry in the UK than in America. I've had to import a lot of my tools.

Videos are mostly documentaries but well worth the time. I hope you get out of them as much as I did.

Keep in touch.




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