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At 9:07pm on February 7, 2011, Julie Smith said…
Jezzy stop looking so pretty! everyone wants you!
At 4:13pm on February 7, 2011, Julie Smith said…
lez b good friendz with benefits. ;)
At 9:02pm on February 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
Yayyyy the last comment. Now I've completely taken over your wall.

At 9:02pm on February 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
mwhahaha ken is off your wall now. weeeeeee. this is fun its like im taking them out. comment mafia.
At 9:00pm on February 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
I've just got to get rid of Ken and the guy who looks like he's wearing an indiana jones hat.


>_>"" I wonder what daum looks like in an indiana jones hat. hahahahahahahahaha. i should bring lots of hats to canada and force him to wear them. and take pictures of a bromantic nature with adam.
At 8:58pm on February 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
4 comments to get rid of now.

I've waged war on them. I already got rid of the mexican baby. it's now hidden away in your history. or maybe it was a midget mexican. he was quite hairy.

I think I'm having another snow day tomorrow.

which would be fine if i didnt have to go to stoooooooopid college. they never cancel college. its lame. ):
At 8:56pm on February 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
I'm bored again.


and there are still other users on this wall. so i'll write you a poem.

arteries are red.
veins are blue.
anatomy sucks.
i'd rather learn about you.


damn i'm good.
I should write valentines cards.
At 8:47pm on February 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
i'm reading the cosmopolitan now and they made a list of things women can do that men cant.

1. get pregnant.

2. men can't fake orgasms. women can.

3. ask for directions. hehehehe.

4. look sexy while drinking fruit cocktails.

5. live longer. :P yay genes that let females have longer life spans.

6. have multiple orgasms. LOL.

7. get a new last name.

8. wear skirts. (i wonder if kilts count?)

9. get out of a speeding ticket.

10. become a cougar and not a dirty old man. HAHAHHAAH this reminds me of K.

11. multi-task. O_O we can do this?

12. wing it on the dance floor convincingly. >_> idk if i believe this one.

13. wear high heels.

14. flirt with the bouncer.

15. blame it on pms.

16. grow out your hair. ... idk brett michaels is pulling it off.

17. cover a zit.

18. get aroused without the entire room knowing. HAHAHAHAHHAHA <3

19. wear a thong. pffft. i bet jew wears one all the time.

20. get a manicure. ... i think its funny that manicure starts with man. hahaha
At 8:39pm on February 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
my butt hurts. and i think i pulled by groin area.

guess what i learned!

i always thought the fastest spermie was the one that got you pregnant. but its actually one of the slowest ones.

all the fast ones die off and get killed.and one of the slow ones sneaks in like a ninja and impregnates you.
At 8:36pm on February 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
i'm soooo bored.

i'll continue to write on your wall.

maybe i should leave you soo many comments that it takes away everyone elses.
At 8:12pm on February 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
:P as long as you like jew-leeeeee the best. thats me. get it?
At 10:11pm on January 31, 2011, Julie Smith said…
hey sweet thang. i hear you like jews. hahahahahhahaa. <3
At 4:16pm on January 27, 2011, Chris said…

 Consider visiting your brother and going to a Sunday Brunch at the Salt Lake City Atheist meeting. You'd probably enjoy yourself and might find out about other atheists who live near you.


At 8:07pm on January 25, 2011, Chris said…
Richard Andrews
the founder of the Salt Lake City Atheist group. He's been to my house and we used to correspond occasionally. If you are near Salt Lake City you should look them up.
At 6:57pm on January 18, 2011, feralboy12 said…

I'm doing OK, but I seem to be aging rather quickly.

Your friend Julie is getting a bit possessive.  You should explain how, being raised mormon, you're required to marry an old Ken doll or your god will punish you.

At 3:30am on January 18, 2011, Wes Bonez said…
I know, right?  Hope you didn't take matters into your own hands when you saw him... ;)
At 5:35am on January 17, 2011, Wes Bonez said…
At 10:26pm on January 14, 2011, Julie Smith said…
Don't fall for the Ken doll! He may have a dream house. but I have the dream love <3
At 4:52pm on January 4, 2011, feralboy12 said…

I wanted to leave you a nice comment, but I'd hate to come between you and Julie.

No, wait.  Actually I probably would like that.

Sorry, coudn't resist.  Hope you're well and all.

At 11:29pm on January 2, 2011, Julie Smith said…
dear jezzy.
i love you.
end of story.
happily ever after.
me and you. :)



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