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At 10:46am on May 1, 2010, kazim said…
my name is Mohammad ,from Iraq ,muslim,but I hate Islam,prophet Mohammad and Quran.
I want to leave my religion forever and be without any religion.
All religions are the stories and legends created by people to achieve their personal interests and control the minds of human .
I do not believe that "god is exist.
I do not want any one or religion control on me.
I want to be free in my life.
I am looking for freedom and paces in this universe
my dear friend? I'm suffering a lot in my community.
You know if any one wanted to change his religion or be without any religion, they will kill him.
So I hope to help me.
At 5:06pm on March 13, 2010, Dana R. Spencer said…
Please excuse the grammar errors and misspellings--mind doesn't follow the fingers.
At 5:05pm on March 13, 2010, Dana R. Spencer said…
Hi Jack: Just came across your name in searching and i thought I might obtain you work in both the NT and OT. You responded to my comments on trying to get through the Bible on books on tape. I finally did it but it was difficult and boring in many spots especially the design of tent and all the genealogy. The question I have are your works on tape--easier traveling around the countryside listening than finding the time to read.
At 2:55am on February 23, 2010, KerriLea73 said…
Hi Jack! My parents live in the Villages! We visit there a couple of times a year. They too are non believers though I don't think they call themselves Atheists.
At 8:33pm on February 11, 2010, Reilly Brogan said…
If you want to have a place to download it, for others, try . It should let you upload your file and then when you want someone to download it you can just give them the link.
At 7:59pm on February 11, 2010, Reilly Brogan said…
Thank you for the welcome. I am interested in the manuscript you mentioned in comments, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. A link would be appreciated.
At 6:20pm on February 11, 2010, Mo Moore said…
Thanks so much for the welcome! Glad to be here with you all.
At 7:02am on February 11, 2010, Rima deFord said…

Thanks or the welcome. I would be pleased to see your manuscript. Do send it along!


At 6:02am on February 11, 2010, Garfield Sakala said…
Hi John!I am pleased to be welcomed and added as a rational friend .I would love to read your article,so send me a link.I would give my own story then.I actually have a very interesting background,christian since birth,muslim since 1993 until early this year,that is a fair 16 years of further indoctrination.Well,for now,thanks and ciao.
At 12:18am on February 11, 2010, Keith Poplasky said…
Thanks for the welcome. I would like to read your document. Send me a link to it.
It sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to reading it and discussing it with you.
At 3:36pm on February 10, 2010, J.P.M. said…
Well I am kind of backed up on a lot of stuff, but if it reads well I will tear into it this weekend and give you a candid opinion. (I meant I was a compulsive editor - I find it hard to read anything without trying to improve the wording - and no, there's no charge.)
You can send it here:
And no, I am not one of these wind energy charletons - that's another story...
At 2:02pm on February 10, 2010, J.P.M. said…
Hi Jack,
Thanks for the add.
I can read your MS if you'd like.
I write and edit MSs for a living, though, so be forwarned :)
At 11:08am on February 10, 2010, Davi Frossard said…
haha, my old pictures always gives me some good laughs :P
looking forward to read the manuscript you mentioned,
best regards.
At 6:24pm on April 23, 2009, Lynn M. said…
Hi Jack- to add Rosemary, just click on her picture. Underneath her picture, about four lines down, you'll see a phrase that says add as friend- click on that.

No worries- sometimes I am befuddled by technology and I consider myself a fairly intelligent person!!!
At 5:17pm on April 16, 2009, Aspen Troll said…
Jack, Since I have lived in Calgary AB for most of my life, I would offer the Calgary Flames as a worthy opponent for the Red Wings. They (Calgary) seem to have some injuries right now so that may be their excuse for not getting to the Cup finals.

I can be contacted more easily at My name is Gerry Twa and my wife's name is Pat. I use the Gmail address mostly for sites like this.

Let me know when you plan to come here and I'll provide detailed
directions (and our phone number) to our rural home west of Red Deer Alberta. Or we could meet in Calgary, Red Deer or wherever.
Are you flying in or driving? When we left the Villages we drove back
here. It took 6 days but we were in no hurry and we saw a lot of nice country.

We leave for the Villages on or near October 1st. Our rented home
is on Santa Clara Circle a short way from where we stayed previously. We like it there as it is about a mile + to Spanish Springs.
We will have a cart at this house and my wife and I love tearing around
the area on the cart.

Regards, Gerry T. (Aspentroll)
At 10:15am on April 16, 2009, Aspen Troll said…
Because I'm a Canadian and live in the western part of Canada I have to be a conservative. Our liberals have screwed the west for years and now we finally have representation in our governmnt with Harper who is a westerner. Our Canadian Liberals are (were) corrupt and have lost everything here. Our Liberals and conservatives are very different to the American versions.
I have been following Barok Obama's (sp?) journey to the Presidency and believe he is a breath of fresh air for American politics. If he pulls off a second term and lives through all the problems he has to solve he will be a "saviour" (as much as I hate that term).
At 12:42am on April 14, 2009, Aspen Troll said…
Hello Jack: They don't give much room to say very much in "add a friend" area. We stayed in The villages for the 1st 3 months of this year and intend to return in October for 6 months.

I was in awe of all the religious messages on the bill boards in the area and I guessed we really must be in the "Bible Belt" of the South.
I got a huge laugh about the one that said, "The only bail-out we need was Jesus". Maybe the Vatican would open it's vaults and help out. I have been an Atheist/humanist all of my life and can actually see quite a bit of progress being made in the US along these lines of thinking.

We live in Alberta Canada and really enjoy the weather in Central Florida.

Anyway I would like to meet like minded people while there this fall
and would be pleased if we could meet.
At 11:26am on February 7, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Well done for seeing through it all and arriving at rationality.

Welcome to Atheist Nexus and its friendly people. No dogma here, no doctrines, just rational commonsense.

Terry Meaden--- of the busy Atheist Nexus discussion group
"ORIGINS: Universe, Life, Humankind, Religion, Darwin..." where there are lots of good discussion topics and over 100 video films including ten recent lectures from Stanford University on evolution and Darwin.



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