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At 9:10am on December 20, 2008, michelliberty said…
why the hell would any survey dwell so much on your sexual orientation , if there are any gay people in this place what the hell does it matter if there strait ,bi or into rubber dolls , i guess he just looking around for some dirt on atheists i think your full of shit , whats next questions like do atheists eat baby's with sauce or with out sauce.

get lost you religious faker.

At 8:00pm on December 16, 2008, Robin Johnson-Perkins - Babel Fish said…
I had a problem on your survey that was the question on how many people in my country did I think where athiest. What country the one I live in or my home land UK. I chose UK of which I estimate about 25% here in the Philippines I would say 3% and we have two that I know on this community site.

UK treats its religion very different than USA very moderate beliefs its more of what you put down on a form and where you get married or baptise a child thing.

Best Wishes
At 8:34pm on December 15, 2008, Laura Ross said…
You are so welcome! I am really enjoying the site.
At 2:15pm on December 15, 2008, Rikka said…
Yes, I'm on campus until Wednesday morning. Sorry I've been very unreachable. I've been trying to avoid the distraction of the internet while studying. :/
At 6:50pm on December 1, 2008, Snakeophelia said…
I filled out your survey - very interesting! Which journals were you thinking about submitting the results to?
At 1:39pm on November 22, 2008, Rikka said…
I'm leaving for Thanksgiving early Tuesday morning. Monday I'm pretty free.
At 8:42pm on November 20, 2008, Rikka said…
Wow, I took your survey and didn't even realize you teach at Elon. I'm a freshman there. How interestingly coincidental.
At 2:18pm on September 29, 2008, Rosemary Lyndall Wemm said…
P.S. I'd be happy to participate in your research on those who have "come out" of the atheist closet. I am an ex-Christain and ex-Fundie. I liberalised from right wing fundamentalism on my way through and out of the generic delusion. I began studying for the Methodist ministry but did not finish. I became a practising psychologist instead. The social psych aspects of the my training ensured that I could never return to my previous beliefs without sacrificing my intellectual integrity or acquiring brain pathology.
At 5:06pm on September 27, 2008, Jason Frank Cannon said…
Thanks for the hard work. I will be taking the survey and look forward seeing the results. Bye the way, I love Elon. I came very close to attending Elon many moons ago (Eastern N.C. born and raised). I decided marine science was the area I wanted to pursue and stayed on the coast. I wish you well with the research. Take care.



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