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At 6:39am on April 23, 2010, Donna Darko said…
Greetings back at ya!
At 6:29am on April 23, 2010, John Jubinsky said…
Thanks for the welcome.
At 9:43pm on March 31, 2010, Little Name Atheist said…
At 9:43pm on March 29, 2010, Kirk Kennedy said…
HM - thanx; I am, but I need to devote more time to it and virtually meet more peeps. I would like to begin an athiest club, a meditation group, and a Buddhist sangha in this small, Christian infested town. Where would the time come from? I can't seem to even make it to my yoga class once a week.
At 8:33pm on March 3, 2010, Roy The Infidel said…
Perfect. :)
At 8:30pm on February 26, 2010, Roy The Infidel said…
Tell me your name. :P
At 12:13am on February 24, 2010, Caroline Doree said…
Thank you for the request
At 8:43pm on February 23, 2010, GT said…
Thank you for the link!
At 8:43pm on February 23, 2010, Colleen said…
Thanks for the request. Great page!
At 2:11am on February 18, 2010, Roy The Infidel said…
My pleasure. Love the profile pic, beautiful. :)
At 12:36am on February 18, 2010, Roy The Infidel said…
At 11:59am on January 7, 2010, Rick said…
Hummmm are you sure you're too old to be a Punk?
At 6:53am on January 6, 2010, Rick said…
At 11:07pm on January 5, 2010, AcesLucky said…
HotMess... 2 out of 2. So far so good.
At 9:43am on December 4, 2009, Mihai said…
Thanks for the invitation, nice to meet you too; what's to say about me? I turned 42 in October, I live in Romania, I am an Economist, married to a 41-year-old math teacher, no kids. This is one point where I am not experienced. Not that we didn't want kids, it just did not happen. Truth is, after 40, life is sad without kids.
I have been a theist for over 10 years (although my wife is agnostic), then I realized that, no matter how much I wanted to believe, the evidence just isn't there. I can say I am still recovering after religion, but things are getting better. I was so full of anger, that I started wondering "am I angry at God?". "That is really absurd, there is no God"; What was I angry at then? I realized I was mainly angry at myself for all those years, and angry at religion too, coming to see it as a force of real evil.
I support President Obama too (for what's worth, because I am not American), I have liberal views and I like to dream of a world where people actually care of each other. Religion failed at this, it may never be done, but it's worth trying.
So much for now, we'll keep in touch; we'll come to find out much more about each other. Bye,
At 6:37am on November 29, 2009, AtheistsAreUs said…
Thanks Cowpunk62!! Its nice to have a place to "gather" with friends. :)
At 4:24am on November 3, 2009, Ricky L Burnett said…
Cowpunk Wish I had been more active in this earlier in the year. I spent three months in Dec '08 - Feb '09 caring for my father while he was dying from cancer. He lived in Florin not to far from the corner of Florin Rd and Elk Grove-Florin Rd I could have had used the company at times when I was going nuts. He gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the church and not one of them basterds even showed up while he was dying.
At 11:53pm on October 14, 2009, Rick said…
You comment on the "Tea Baggers" on Sept 12 is oh so true. I just listened to two of them on Hardball.
Talk about a bunch of people who are really out in left field.
The host pointed out to these clowns that under Bush the national debt more the doubled. They danced around it but the sad fact is it's true.
I kind of equal them this explanation I've come up with to explain how our national debt doubled.
Think of Bush standing outside an all you can eat buffet. He has the door open and is just inviting passersby to come in an eat. He tell them that it's great, you gotta try it and it really doesn't cost that much.
The people come in get their plates and just pile them high.
At his urging they keep going back for seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths.
Bush keeps inviting people in.
Now the owner of the buffet comes in and ask Bush whose going to pay for all this?
Bush looks at the owner, smiles and points to the people and says, "They are..." and walks out the door.
Now the people realize it isn't a free lunch and are now upset they have to pay.
Moral of the story:
and having been in business myself...I know that "Free" is a four letter word.....
At 2:17pm on October 10, 2009, Deirdre Billes said…
Hello Alexander's mom!

Thank you for connecting with me - I had no idea there was a group for folks with dependents who have special needs! Sounds like you have gone through and are currently dealing with way more than I have. I hope things get smoother and more in control for you soon.

At 10:34pm on October 9, 2009, Trance Gemini said…
Thanks for the Friend Add CP :-)


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