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At 1:04pm on February 27, 2017, Pharmer said…

Hi Joan!  Thanx for the note and warm welcome. This being my first post to any blog , am treading new unfamiliar waters. Consider me more a gardener rather than a Farmer. I incorporated the PH into my handle to delineate more precisely my leaning to medical MJ.<wink>,,,Though I was hoping to connect with folks in my area of Humboldt Co. Calif.  for reasons of making specifically friends/contacts within visiting distance, Too, even though I suspect there are many atheists here we, as most atheists, don't advertise ourselves around here and it does get a bit tedious at times socializing with believers all the time.

  Your hunch is correct though in that we are indeed in earthquake country!  Several dozen a day is not an exaggeration small ones mostly but quite often a 2-4 pointer is quite common..Wanna be pen pals? I always enjoy meeting new people :)   Allow me then to compliment you on your garden photos, more precisely the garden itself !  Beautiful! Thanx for sharing..  :) 

As mentioned , this being my first blog experience, am gonna have to remember to check in with this blog for I am rather surprised at how soon I received a msg.  Which I would add brought a welcome smile to me face. Oh dear what a blabber i am!!  Wel, gotta run now...again so very nice to make your acquaintance Joan !...   All my best to you and the great Nor'west !! tah!

At 9:23am on February 27, 2017, Paul Davidson said…
Joan, really like these tiny critters :). All shots on Coraxyn are own.
At 7:38pm on February 26, 2017, Paul Davidson said…
Yes, took these photos. Most are from Ontario
At 10:13am on November 5, 2016, Mike S. said…

Hi Joan, thanks for welcoming me to A/N. I hope to meet some like minded people in my area, but they're pretty few and far between in this part of the country. I travel quite a bit for business and find the West Coast, NW, and NE of the country much more accepting of non-theistic ideals.-Mike S.

At 10:51pm on October 23, 2016, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…

I'm so sorry, Joan. Feel free to send me messages if you want to talk.

Hugs, Ruth.

At 3:30pm on September 24, 2016, Stephanie said…
Thank you, Joan. As a student of life and a seeker of all things logical I often ran into a site with this "Irreverend Mike"-15 years ago I dove into the battle of ones faith. What faith I had prior to 15 years ago was not suitable an answer. Thus I dove ALL in and opened my mind towards all views. When I dove-I ran back into this "Irreverend Mike", engaged contact and I am forever grateful. Looking to give a "shout out" and say "Thank you", whether he remembers me or not, I found this site. I am excited!! Thank you again for your welcoming!
At 8:09pm on August 2, 2016, Loren Miller said…

Thanks, Joan, I was wondering when someone would notice!  I figured it was about time to update things (the old pic is at least six to seven years old), so I pressed my webcam into service and ... VOILA!

At 3:57am on July 18, 2016, Thais Gomes said…
Hi Joan thanks for your message. I've been a critical thinker since childhood but never actually considered myself an atheist. I've actually decided that's what I consider myself not so long ago! I do watch a lot of stuff about evolution but I feel like a bit of a noob among a group of self-proclaimed atheists! So hard to find that in real life!
At 10:31am on July 9, 2016, Jeff Caliendo said…

I'm still getting the lay of the land, so to speak. 

At 7:32pm on July 8, 2016, Jeff Caliendo said…

Thanks for the welcome, Joan.

At 10:38am on July 4, 2016, Loren Miller said…

Hey, Joan!

I just re-watched Seth Andrews' interview with David Silverman about the book, Fighting God, and I see what you mean.  I think it's less that Seth was irritated than that 1) he was being something of a devil's advocate to draw out more points and detail on David's positions and 2) that Seth himself is NOT a firebrand or not as comfortable with that kind of persona, though I HAVE heard him go on some SERIOUS rants on TTA and more than once.

My $0.02 worth.

At 8:21am on July 3, 2016, Mark Coveny said…

Thank you.

At 6:58pm on June 28, 2016, Loren Miller said…

You DID see the bit about the billboard, right?

At 12:44pm on June 9, 2016, James Miller said…

Thank you for the nice greeting.

I'll certainly do as you have suggested.

(This format is new to me, thus the delay of my response.)

Take care.

At 7:36am on June 1, 2016, Robert Lanktree said…

I am honored to be welcomed so warmly. I have a deep fondness for cats, they get under my skin and I love them a great deal. I won't get into my stance on, ahem, dogs. They say if  you don't have anything good to say, say naught. :-)  Again Joan, I found your request to be quite a pleasant surprise. 

At 11:41pm on May 12, 2016, Tomas Bensoni said…

I pronounce my name "Toe Mahs", because I had an Italian student pronounce Thomas that way when she addressed me. I liked the sound and use it on line. 

At 9:34pm on May 12, 2016, Hunter said…

Greetings, Joan,

Thank you for the warm welcome.  It is good to see that people are willing to be open and inviting.  And to answer your questions...

All that spiritualism seems noxious to me.

Then it is probably not the thing you need.  For me, it was the thing that pulled me out of the demoralized state being raised in a contentious Fundamentalist community put me into.

What is your understanding at this time of that tradition?

It has been great!  Being part of a religious community that puts practice and meaning at its center instead of belief has made it accepting of me as an atheist and part of the community.  That their rituals are written around The Provider Cycle puts much of the focus on celebrating the cycle of the seasons and the year.

What do you want to get from atheism?
This is a bit harder in that I had not been thinking of atheism as a sponge to be squeezed for water, but more of a state of being.  I am an atheist in that I do not believe in an objective God or Deity.  I am, however, a Pagan, in that I believe the Universe is sacred, without anything external or supernatural needed to justify that sacredness.

What I want from Atheist Nexus is easier, in that it has a forum for Atheist Pagans, and being able to communicate with others is desirable. We are a rare breed.
What do you plan to contribute?
Not certain yet, but something.  My point of view is fairly unusual, so hopefully I can inspire some pondering.
At 10:15pm on May 3, 2016, Ian Gray said…

Hey, thanks for the welcome. I am a newbie to this sort of online forum and hope to be able to get up to speed without getting in the way. As to the music part, my wife is Claire Lynch. She's the musician in the family. I am just an old hack rock and roller who plays benefit gigs for good causes, mostly 'cause it's good to play. Just running my eye down the page beneath where this comment is flowing I see some really interesting conversations. This is encouraging! I am a Canadian (perhaps you already gathered that) and therefor am a different species from the US folks I imagine are involved in this conference. We have a writer up here named Margaret Atwood who said that Americans look at Canada as if looking at a two way mirror. They see themselves in us, while we, on the other side of the glass, see you as completely different from us in most every important way. That said, I harbour no grudges, am the husband of a New Yorker turned Alabamian and all is good. Nice to meet you.

At 4:18pm on April 21, 2016, Colin Bowen said…

Hello Joan , Yes i could not agree more , the fascists and capitalists of this world are trying to treat other people like they are just slaves to keep them rich instead of distributing the wealth equally .The greed of these people causes suffering and death to others and has to be stamped out ,the only problem is that they have gained power through politics and there cult religions and its hard to reverse what they have done to the world  . Colin 

At 1:04pm on April 2, 2016, Jodi Nautilus said…

Thank you for the welcome, I really appreciate it!!



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