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At 7:40pm on April 16, 2015, Gerald Payne said…

I hope your ok Joan.

At 10:36am on March 24, 2015, Donald R Barbera said…

In response to you request to some of the inane remarks coming from Christians to simple questions like, " How are you." Suddenly, you are maddened that you even asked. I've certainly heard, "God bless you" and II reply "May Odin give you many strong children." I must admit that I've never heard, "Let go and let god." I guess that's like  "let Jesus take the wheel," which I just want to be forewarned when that happens so I can pull to the side and let them pass. Again, it is the same with, "God will lead you," I would certainly ask where? The last time I let some one lead me I ended up in a dark alley with a gun in my ribs (not actual, just making a point) I have my own to add to you list which irks be to regurgitation. Try this one. In response to a simple "How are you doing?" I got this, "I blessed and highly favored." I was in a strip club which I used to frequent. I said nothing, but what I was thinking that for being blessed and highly favored she seemed to be in an occupation that suggested otherwise.


"It's god's plan."

At 8:58am on March 24, 2015, Donald R Barbera said…

Dr. T. Have you tried Prometheus books. They publish their guidelines and are very forthcoming about what they seek.That is one of the first places I'd recommend.

At 8:55am on March 24, 2015, Donald R Barbera said…

Joan--There is a boring course college called Music Theory. Sounds daunting if you've never done a thing other than listen to music. However, once the first page is turned you discover it is nothing but bullshit. However, there is a course called the physics behind the music. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not about chords, repetitive flow, modulation or the various scales that exist and in what society. It actually explores sound generation and why an A doesn't sound like a C. You get into tension theory (a lowbrow brother quantum mechanics), wave forms etc. It is a very different animal and usually doesn't fall into a music major's path. Nevertheless, some fall into it's path just because it has the word music attached to it. That is why the best instructors know how to make what is virtually an inaccessible subject into one that is accessible and interesting, the difference between being an instructor and an educator.

At 10:14pm on March 23, 2015, Gerald Payne said…

Hi Joan, it's good to meet a friend.

At 12:27pm on March 15, 2015, Idaho Spud said…

I never realized it either.

At 4:41pm on March 4, 2015, Steph S. said…

How are you doing Joan? I hope everything is going well for you.

At 8:47am on March 1, 2015, Daniel Kroeger said…

Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome.  I usually go by Dan.  This looks like a great community and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Thanks!

At 7:44am on February 23, 2015, Wayne S said…

Thank you for the warm welcome!

At 1:15am on February 17, 2015, Melanie Puckett Stephens said…
Thanks for the wonderful welcome Joan. I'm looking forward to meeting like minded folks.
At 2:12pm on February 9, 2015, Paul Schofield said…

Hi Joan, Thanks for the info and welcoming me to the site, I changed from faith to science too, although it took me a very long time and I found it to be a very painful process to lose my faith too! I envy those who don't have to go through that process. I didn't have the internet in the Army, but I was able to go to the local book shop and read the books on western philosophy, which set me on my path to becoming a Humanist. Anyway sorry for the life story! ;)

At 12:09am on February 8, 2015, Hazem Mahmoud said…
Thanks for your welocome to me as a new member, I will check out the subjects & threads here in the site, soon. Have a good day
At 10:39am on February 4, 2015, Idaho Spud said…

Can you see this image Joan?

At 5:26am on February 2, 2015, Mike Newdow said…


There have now been three Supreme Court cases dealing with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) as it pertains to federal laws. A review of the opinions show that RFRA was strongly supported by 8 of 8 justices in Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita (2005), by 9 of 9 justices in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (2014) and by 9 of 9 justices in Holt v Hobbs (2015). Thus, the time is ripe for Atheists to challenge being essentially forced to bear the message, "In God We Trust" – in violation of their religious beliefs - as the price to pay for simply choosing to carry the nation's currency in their pockets.


In fact, in the seven federal circuits where "In God We Trust" has yet to be litigated, challenges are now being organized to do just that. Accordingly, I am searching for individuals and organizations who wish to serve as plaintiffs and who are from those seven circuits (i.e., who are from Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia or Wisconsin). If you or anyone you know would like to participate, please email contact information – including city and state of residence - to as soon as possible.


Because the Supreme Court has indicated that it is more concerned about constitutional guarantees when children are involved, those who wish to protect their children from the government’s religious transgressions are especially encouraged to write. Please be assured that we will move for a court orders to keep the names of families with children under seal. (To date, those motions have always been granted, and – as far as I know – the families’ names have always remained undisclosed.)


Thank you.


- Mike 


PS - Please pass this on to any others who you think might have an interest. Thanks, again.


At 6:52pm on January 20, 2015, Loren Miller said…

Hey, Joan!  I got a real goodie for you, courtesy of Seth Andrews!  Please have a look ... and a LAUGH!

At 2:18pm on December 17, 2014, Dr. Terence Meaden said…

Joan, I'm so looking forward to finding a publisher for THE LOST WORLD. It is written in diary format, chapter by chapter reporting the discoveries of the day and giving away my thinking and consequent excitements. The other books are being prepared more like standard textbooks--as they need to be. All the best to you, Terry. 

At 10:42am on December 17, 2014, Dr. Terence Meaden said…

Dear Joan, Thank you. In your message you suggest that Atheist Nexus could be a suitable place to mention the discoveries that I have been reporting on Facebook? Let's see. Here's some background information: I am an archaeologist and simultaneously a strong atheist.  Because of this I have been able to observe, dissect, and analyse the archaeological record deeply and dispassionately which no Christian archeologist has ever been able to do, most of them being religiously biassed. That explains why I have discovered so much about the lost religion of our Neolithic ancestors---my eyes wide open, brain alert, all senses active as I move about the places where the first farmers lived and worshipped. The people were illiterate but they made use of symbols and images---and I have been exploring their world, unlocking secrets . . . and writing papers and books and lecturing. My problem is that I have discovered so much, and started several books---- about 6 on archaeology and 4 on atheism (the latter 4 are finished), and what with the prostate cancer my days seem to be numbered to probably 5 years left. This is why I do little on Atheist Nexus . . . there's so much to do. It will be a tragedy if I don't get all my knowledge published first. So I work and work, maybe 60 hours a week as I always have done . . . and I love it. Ever optimistic though. So as I reflect while I write this, I conclude that I don't want to open up something else, another outlet, that will take time away from the main job. I know you understand that. Affectionately, Terry

At 7:43am on November 24, 2014, David Behrens said…

Learning, for me, is  constant throughout life.  I welcome the opportunity to be taught.

At 11:17pm on November 14, 2014, Lemual Poot said…

You're in good historic company as a radical.  I was following the Talpoit Tomb, boy did the Jews shit at the thought of pissing off the witch burners!  It blows their whole fairy tale out of the water.  I can't understand how people can look around the fact, "Jesus...the organization that bears his name is history's greatest contradiction to his doctrines


At 1:22pm on November 14, 2014, Loren Miller said…

Hey, Joan!

Here's a little something in re: the last election which I suspect you should see.



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