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Secular-ish holiday songs?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jerry Wesner Nov 23, 2014. 10 Replies

I'm going to be singing at a Christmas party - a work party, basically.  My boss thinks I have a good voice so I got roped into performing for the clients. (The clients being kindergarteners and…Continue

Prayer is a rapist-repellent!

Started this discussion. Last reply by tom sarbeck Sep 17, 2013. 16 Replies

I came across this infinitely stupid cut&paste spiel on someone's profile on another site, so of course I had to post it here.  It was too ridiculous - I couldn't resist!Love vs. SexA teenage…Continue

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Crazy Buddhists 2: Electric Boogaloo

Posted on November 21, 2018 at 11:52pm 6 Comments

It's been a long time since I've visited this site.  Many things have changed.  Life has been a bit of a whirlwind in recent years, so I haven't had as much time to sit down and ponder the universe.

I live in Japan now - that's exciting!  After two years in China, I went back home for a bit, worked part-time at a call center for a bit (a terrible yet enlightening experience), and then after the notoriously long interview process finally landed a job in Japan teaching…


Who would believe in blood type astrology?

Posted on November 21, 2014 at 9:21pm 6 Comments

I was reminded last night why I don’t go out to socialize much: because people are stupid. This is something I realized early on in childhood when I found I couldn’t relate to my peers because they were dumbasses who believed in Santa and other magic sky-people, and who would tell me that my family and I were going to imaginary-fire-prison-in-the-ground if we didn’t go with them to a stupidly expensive building some other idiots built to talk to imaginary sky-people and ask for their…


Religion is somehow different… (a meandering ramble about linguistics, atheism, and weird cognitive biases)

Posted on November 19, 2014 at 9:10am 4 Comments

A little bit of context to start— I’m currently living in China, teaching English at a kindergarten. The school I work for arranged an apartment for me, which I share with another teacher. It’s a nice place in a nice neighborhood, and my Chinese is good enough that I can get around and even help translate for other expats – don’t worry for me!

My roommate and I get along for the most part. Our habits match up pretty well, so it’s not like there are constant arguments about one…


Buddhism as an "Atheistic Religion": a Western Fantasy

Posted on September 4, 2012 at 12:00am 29 Comments

Too often, I find that atheists are reluctant to criticize Buddhism.  Atheists who would otherwise have no problems ripping apart Christianity, Islam, shamanism, cargo cults and the like... somehow falter when it comes time to deliver that final blow to ALL belief systems based on faith and superstition.  They somehow cannot find anything bad to say about Buddhism.

In the West, Buddhism has been built up as an idealistic belief system.  It's perfect and nonviolent and -- and…


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At 7:48pm on December 13, 2011, Jedi Wanderer said…

You are right on the mark, prompting me again to say that I think you really do have a knack for philosophical arguments. Since you have not taken a class, I suggest you do. In my opinion, a single class in philosophy can be one of the truly great things you do in your life, and even if it doesn't count to your major it is worth the tuition money. And someone posted a good article on Ayn Rand to the discussion, to which I wrote a brief response. If you come across it, its really worth reading. Crazy stuff in there about Ayn Rand even i didn't know about.


Astronomy is awesome! I just learned about a kind of a star called a "magnetar", so super-cool. It's a neutron star with the most powerful magnetic field in the universe. Did you know that there might be giant diamonds in space the size of stars? The universe is filled with awesome stuff.


Hah, I actually got into philosophy from reading Ayn Rand! Well, more or less. I was raised Jewish but never bought it at all. I was always a philosopher at heart, I just never knew what philosophy WAS until I was well into my 20's and had started reading Rand. As an atheist, she was pretty cool. I bought up all her books, and it didn't take me too long to realize that there was a lot there I wasn't buying either. Then I started taking classes in college and quickly left Rand far behind me. There are so many much better philosophers out there. I keep coming back to her though because she was so influential to libertarian philosophy, which is, in my opinion, as simple, unsophisticated, and dogmatic as most religions. Which perhaps explains its popularity! People are far too quick to latch on to easy answers, and then frustratingly far too slow to leave them behind despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I fear for humanity.


That's so weird, a large Somalian presence in Minnesota. Do you have one of those funny midwestern accents? I'm imagining a chinese girl talking in midwestern drawl to Somalians - quite a picture!


I know a smattering of Spanish, Hebrew, and Turkish. Not much really, mostly just commonly used words and phrases. I'm just fine with only knowing English! But it would have been cool if I knew other languages.

At 8:57am on December 12, 2011, Jedi Wanderer said…

That guy's a loon. They all must be, because they ascribe to a lunatic philosophy. I just couldn't believe it while watching Ron Paul in the GOP debates how, e.g., he couldn't give a straight answer to whether someone without health insurance should be left to die. Meanwhile the audience who supports him were literally screaming "yes, let her die!" So callous, heartless, and short-sighted. This is why I don't even debate those guys anymore, it's like arguing with a stone wall and expecting somehow to be enlightened.


Yeah the sciences are hard, way too much math for me as well. I studied astronomy in college and while I learned alot about the universe, how to calculate orbits and distances and such were not among them. I also had a pretty tough time with languages too though. Do you know many languages? How did you communicate with a Somalian? That's pretty cool that you did btw. Did you travel to Africa? I've never been there.


You also seem to have a real knack for arguments (that's a compliment coming from a philosopher). Did you ever take any philosophy classes? Not that I'm advocating taking up philosophy as a career choice. It is probably the single worst field as far as being able to turn an education into a profitable career.

At 10:22pm on December 11, 2011, Brent Feeney said…

Welcome aboard! =)  Hope this finds you doing well today...

At 7:56pm on December 11, 2011, Jedi Wanderer said…

Yes it is pretty yucky, most of his answers do come out that way eventually, where someone is SOL. Too bad for them, not my problem, etc. Actually I was looking for an explanation for why we wouldn't be doing the "rational" thing by using such weapons, since we would need to be in a war for the issue to be relevant and in a war, wouldn't you want to kill and/or brutally maim as many enemies as possible? I just got through watching a bit about how some ancient Greeks poisoned a city's drinking water and felt so bad about it that afterwards they signed some law banning such tactics from being used again. We also have the same laws today, and I was wondering how someone like him could justify such behavior since we should apparently be so cold and calculating and not let our emotions interfere with our merciless destruction of our enemies and so forth. It seems he would be forced to say that we should use such weapons, and this would be still more evidence of how he is less than human.


Linguistics eh? My closest friend studies linguistics, or at least its part of what he does, he studies the classics and can read/interpret latin and greek. Why did you go into that field? I'm thinking money is not high on your list of priorities (MCL would not approve, lol!).

At 6:18pm on December 11, 2011, Jedi Wanderer said…

Well you were tactful, so that's good. Yeah maybe I shouldn't be sending you off to talk to people too weird for me to talk to! I want to know what a good counterargument would be, but he wouldn't give me a good counterargument. Well I'm big into philosophy so that's my thing, arguments. And what are you going to school for, may I ask? I'm guessing something in the humanities.

At 4:42pm on December 11, 2011, Jedi Wanderer said…

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders regardless. And you are right, you don't need a whole lot of background for Objectivism to make your hair stand on end. A little bit of intuition and common sense is all you need to know that neither the government nor an individual shouldn't make cold, emotionless decisions like "let them die" if they can't do it on their own. Absurd. I'd like to know how MCT would explain why we should or shouldn't use chemical/biological weapons on our enemies, but we don't respond to each other anymore. You can ask him if you'd like!

At 5:19pm on December 10, 2011, Jedi Wanderer said…

I'd personally join the discussion 'Libertarianism and Socialism' if 1. I had more time, and 2. MCT wasn't doing the arguing. I've had my run with him, and he just goes into the exact same points ad nauseum. But you have fun! Your arguments are terrific AND I agree with you. Looking fwd to seeing you in a conversation I actually participate in!

At 6:24pm on December 9, 2011, Dr. Terence Meaden said…

Hi Kacie and welcome to this wonderful world of atheist truth and peace.

We invite you to make good friends by joining the busy group "ORIGINS: Universe, Astronomy, Life, Earth, Humans, Religion, Gods, Atheism, Evolution, Darwin..." with 580 discussion topics and nearly 3200 members.

At 4:00pm on December 9, 2011, Joseph P said…

Ohhhhhhhh, those things.  Gotcha.  Yeah, great pets.  Easy to raise, and interesting to check out ... and if things head south, you can just make a quick run down to the hall toilet, without feeling too horrible about it.  :-D

At 2:11pm on December 9, 2011, Joseph P said…

What the heck are instant pets?



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