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World of Batsh!t - #5: Space Denial (CoolHardLogic)

Started this discussion. Last reply by tom sarbeck Nov 4. 3 Replies

So ... maybe you thought the space-happy idiot-children had gone on vacation?  Not a chance!  YouTube producer CoolHardLogic has done his homework and once again has found another exemplar of the…Continue

Tags: space, fake, Earth, Dunning-Kruger, Photoshop

World of Batsh!t - #4: Fake Planets (CoolHardLogic)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Loren Miller Jul 21. 4 Replies

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Solar System ... planetary mechanics expert [coughBULLSHITcough] Stars Are Souls proclaims that Pluto doesn't really exist, Saturn is really the…Continue

Tags: CoolHardLogic, shadow, Dunning-Kruger, Photoshop, Mars

What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 17 (May 2015)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Loren Miller Jun 2. 5 Replies

Child abuse is revealed in the Duggar family, a pastor is found with child porn on his computer, a Texas college bans its gay athletes from dating or supporting same-sex marriage, yet another…Continue

Tags: discrimination, church, LGBT, sexual assault, Islamic State

What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 16 (April 2015)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Idaho Spud May 4. 21 Replies

Children abused to death, rapist-pastor asserting that he only need answer to god, a government representative wanting to legislate mandatory church attendance, a pizza place that won't serve the…Continue

Tags: discrimination, church, LGBT, sexual assault, Islamic State


Faith is NO Reason ... Truer words were never spoken.

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About Me:
I'm a semi-retired / involuntarily unemployed electrical engineer who has a rather eclectic background, never mind a few miles on the odometer. I suppose I was an "apatheist" for quite a while - largely indifferent to the whole issue of gods - but after 9/11 and the more blatant appearance of evangelicals and Dominionists on the scene, my atheism has finally come to the fore.

Other interests include high-end stereo and home theater (and with that, CD and DVD collecting), BMWs and general car enthusiasm, single-malt whisky and biking.

I flatter myself that I know my way around Atheist Nexus at least reasonably well (I've been here since November of 2009), so if you need a hand with something, please don't hesitate to give a shout.

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Randall Smith replied to Loren Miller's discussion Mental health in the age of violence: Dr. Elliott Ingersol in the group Hang With Friends
"Worthwhile tape, Loren. I agree wholeheartedly with Ingersol. Thanks for sharing. BTW, in watching a PBS special last night, I learned that Robert Ingersol was influential in Lew Wallace's take in writing Ben Hur. (Wallace was a Hoosier.)…"
36 minutes ago
Loren Miller replied to Atheist in FundyLand's discussion If the god of the bible actually existed, it would be our moral responsibility to rebel.
"The first sentence of Chapter Two in Richard Dawkins' book, The God Delusion says it all: To not fight against such a being is to be a slave."
44 minutes ago
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2 hours ago
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4 hours ago
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5 hours ago
Gerald Payne commented on Loren Miller's photo

Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

"Religion is the original wolf in sheep's clothing, or the archetype for the phrase ''you'd swear butter wouldn't melt in his mouth''. Although publically condemning the violence around the world, perpetrated in the…"
6 hours ago
Michael Penn commented on Loren Miller's photo

Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

"The secret of religions success is the fact that they start feeding horseshit to young children and tell them the entire time that it is ice cream."
8 hours ago
Loren Miller commented on Loren Miller's photo

Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

"Craig, I think you're being entirely too negative!  [VERY wry chuckle]  Damn, but how I hate the Roman Catholic Church."
9 hours ago
Craigart14 commented on Loren Miller's photo

Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

"Is the Holocaust one of those quibbles?"
11 hours ago
Loren Miller replied to Daniel W's discussion 9 Inconvenient Bible Verses
"Matthew 5:17-20 has always been a fave of mine, and I heard about the business about "you fool," but the rest of those were some real goodies!Ah, the consistency of the bible [WHAT consistency?!?]."
14 hours ago
tom sarbeck replied to Loren Miller's discussion Legalize Democracy – Move to Amend Documentary in the group Politics, Economics, and Religion
"Thanks, thanks, a thousand times thanks, Loren. In 1976 I saw "up close and personal" an effect of money in campaigns: the murder by car bomb of Don Bolles, who was reporting on land fraud in Arizona. My fellow Toastmasters will hear this…"
16 hours ago
Loren Miller commented on Loren Miller's photo

Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

"I hear you, Daniel.  Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens beat that one to death back in 2009, and that was just the RCC!"
18 hours ago
Daniel W commented on Loren Miller's photo

Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

"By the time we go through any reasonably comprehensive list of the bad things religions do, we have used up our internet data allowance. "
18 hours ago
Gerald Payne commented on Loren Miller's photo

Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

"Yes,it has to be a disconnection from reality that causes the problem. The religious mind is not a natural mind."
19 hours ago
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20 hours ago
Loren Miller commented on Loren Miller's photo

Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

"As far as I'm concerned, to the degree to which any given religion depends on falsehood, fabrication, or unsupported supposition, it is harmful because it does not deal in reality.  This is a corollary to my assertion that once one…"
20 hours ago
Grinning Cat commented on Loren Miller's photo

Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

"There's a difference between the emphatically false "Religions are harmless" and the debatable "All [theistic] religions are equally harmful." (And that's not going into whether or not godless practices/communities like…"
20 hours ago
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20 hours ago
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Bill Maher Religious Quibbles

Anyone who wants to allege that religion doesn't harm anything has a poor apprehension for what is going on in the world ... at BEST.
21 hours ago
Loren Miller replied to Stephen Gunn's discussion FILM 'SPOTLIGHT'
"Mostly, the "gods," such as they are (or AREN'T!), think that it's their ball, their bat, and their game.  It is past time they were disabused of that notion."
22 hours ago

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At 5:11pm on October 8, 2015, James Smith said…

Thanks for the video link. He plays a lot better than I do, but I could say that about almost anyone.

At 3:23pm on October 6, 2015, Bertold Brautigan said…

OK, you've been given another chance. Don't be asleep at the wheel again this time, guy! This could be the last end of the world you ever get to witness.

Christian group says the world will be permanently ‘annihilated’ on Wednesday

At 12:10pm on July 9, 2015, Jackson Roykirk said…

Ah, good, one of the rare few to get the reference in my name.  :)

At 11:43am on June 12, 2015, Damien Marie AtHope said…

Thanks for the welcome and comment on my pic.

At 9:39pm on February 18, 2015, Daniel W said…

A winter poem for you Loren:

Winter is the king of showmen,
Turning tree stumps into snowmen
And houses into birthday cakes
And spreading sugar over lakes.
Smooth and clean and frosty white,
The world looks good enough to bite.
That’s the season to be young,
Catching snowflakes on your tongue.
Snow is snowy when it’s snowing,
I’m sorry it’s slushy when it’s going.
~Ogden Nash

At 4:23am on February 13, 2015, Carolyn said…
Thanks, that's Ella. That photo is my laptop wallpaper. Btw, I bought VIP tickets to the PA atheist conference in September. VIP tics entitle one to extra hang-out time with the speakers. This year that includes Seth, Matt Dilahunty,and Aron Ra. I am very excited!
At 10:44am on January 31, 2015, Daniel W said…

I can't believe that either.  We have both been on the site since the Mastodons bellowed their deep, sad, songs, across the American savannahs.

At 3:32pm on December 25, 2014, Christina Fiscus said…

Nice to meet a fellow Browncoat on here!  I aim to misbehave!

At 10:34am on November 19, 2014, Anita K said…

I'm glad you enjoyed your time here! Next time you should try the chili crab with hot buns; it's one of my favourite special-occasion dishes. (: Thank you for the welcome!

At 1:57pm on November 14, 2014, Joan Denoo said…

Thanks Loren, for the lead to The Midterm Elections Will Drastically Affect Humanists. I tried to get a link to the author and have a little chat. Then I decided I would do my thinking in public so others can smash my reasoning and tell me where I am all goofed up. But I don't have time to think it through right now. 

Basically, it is that Democrats have a tough time organizing ... the old herding cats syndrome ... and I see it as an organizational problem to be worked out through strategy. He hits the nail on the head. Now what?

Loren Miller's Blog

Dear Mr. President – Regarding Paris...

Posted on November 17, 2015 at 10:26am 35 Comments

Well, yours truly has been at it again, throwing hand grenades in the form of bits and bytes or pieces of paper with words arranged in particular sequence on them.  This time, in the light of the recent events in Paris, France and the US response to that, my intended recipient is this country's chief executive:

President Barack Hussein Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC  20500-0001

Dear Mr. President:

Not quite a year…


Sam Harris – An Atheist Manifesto

Posted on November 9, 2015 at 9:00am 8 Comments

I am, as many of you already know, a habitual quote-monger, as evinced by multiple posts and comments here on Atheist Nexus. Over the six or so years of my avowed atheism, I have amassed a fair collection of brief statements and longer works by significant freethinkers who share in the cause of secularism and opposition to irrational belief. One of the more recent of these is a piece by Sam Harris, entitled simply, An Atheist Manifesto.

This treatise, a touch over 4,600…


Spotlight – A Cinematic Indictment of the Catholic Church

Posted on November 8, 2015 at 10:00am 11 Comments

Once again, I have to thank Sunday morning television for informing me of an important and noteworthy event. In this case, the information came in the form of a 30-second commercial, not just about a film but yet another salvo against the catholic church and the pedophile priest scandal: Spotlight. This docudrama purports to tell the story of how the Boston Globe newspaper staff researched and revealed the massive child abuse…


The Red Herring of Spirituality

Posted on October 20, 2015 at 9:00am 52 Comments

How many times have we heard it? “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.” To this day, while the intent if not the meaning of that phrase is at least vaguely understood, there should be another way to express it. I suspect that a goodly number of the people on this planet have experiences which class under that heading, and such experiences are as natural as breathing. The problem in essence is the heading itself.

The problem is compounded by a vocabulary which treats such…


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