10 Questions Every Theist Pulls Out of Their Ass

Answering this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN93ruChnJM

1. If there is no God, why is there anything at all?
2. Where is the evidence that life could have begun without intelligent interference?
3. How can evolution explain features of irreducible complexity apart from intelligent intervention?
4. How can the evolutionary model be true since the fossil record clearly shows most major groups emerging at the same time?
5. If there is no objective standard of right or wrong, how can anything be wrong?
6. So which is the logically defensible position?—that matter eternally existed (or came into existence by itself for no reason), and then by itself arranged itself into extraordinarily complex living systems including not only mechanisms but huge amounts of information needed for life to function against everything observed in real science? Or that an eternal self existing being with infinite intelligence, created life and the information systems necessary for life to exist, agreeing with real science?
7.How can natural selection produce something that is a prerequisite for natural selection to operate?
8. If scientists almost totally accept that a signal from outer space containing information that could be interpreted as a string of prime numbers would be proof of extraterrestrial intelligence, why would they not accept that the information coding in the nucleus of the simplest cells dna which is equivalent to the information in a full set of encyclopedia Britannica was the result of intelligence?
9. What if God is real as described in the bible and you have to stand before him and give an account for your life? Do you have a list of reasons for why you never accepted Him? Under close scrutiny, will those reasons betray the fact that you don't want to believe and will stick with anything that sounds good rather than look into it too seriously.
10. If I answered all your objections to your satisfaction, would you submit your life to Jesus or recognize God as your creator?

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