View in HQ, easier to read that way. This is a response to nigelum's (seems like a nice guy, he's a musician = bonus) request for 10 answers from Atheists. P...

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Comment by Richard ∑wald on February 26, 2012 at 2:09pm

This is a video I made a few years ago...

This is a response to nigelum's (seems like a nice guy, he's a musician = bonus) request for 10 answers from Atheists.

Please note, some of my answers while free of any profanity/expletives, may tend towards a more acerbic facet of my personality and a genuine disgust at the worst of fundamentalist/evangelical hypocrisy. (Yes, I'm aware that I used the word "revulsion" twice in one answer). None of my answers reflect on any view I have in regards to nigelum but are directed at those whom he comments, "the ones that have a lot to work on."

Speaking of text errors...

The only gratuitous content - a coupla' digs at grammar in the questions that I pasted into my video editor (iMovie) or Photoshop.
The use of weather instead of whether actually influenced my answer to # 9, and the phrasing and redundant "the" in # 7, glitched my brain for a minute or two, and also influenced my answer.

~ Richard/beerijuana

nigelum's 10 questions

1.What do you think about the Christian's response when they say that God is present when there is all this suffering ?

2.Do you feel that Christians practice what they preach ?

3.If you believed in something, do you think that Christianity is the only way ?

4.How do you feel when a Christian tells you that you can't earn your way to salvation ?

5.How do you feel about the Prosperity ministers, or the mega-churches ?

6.Do you think that Christianity and Science mix ?

7.How do you feel about the Bible? Is the the inerrant inspired Word of God ?

8.Do you believe that Jesus Christ existed ?

9.Do you feel that geography (where you were born) has any difference in weather a person is a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or any other religion ?

10.How would you feel if all of Christianity, could be proved ?



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