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Comment by Jude Johnson on August 27, 2008 at 7:58pm
Hello Brother Richard:

Thanks for sharing this video -- it was very interesting.

I'm curious if you ever had similar views as Rev. Dowd -- possibly toward the end of your "deconversion".

While I think it seems misleading to call our as-yet-unresolved mysteries "god", I do understand the awe he refers to. I think he has a valid point that many people need a "half-way" point to get over their delusions, and it seems to me that more people like him may be conducive to this.

From my viewpoint, it would be impossible to be as liberal as Rev. Dowd. Even if I believed that attitude would be best for my hope for a god-delusion-free future for humankind, I just couldn't do it.

I'm curious what you think about a softer atheist approach. It seems to me, for example, that Dennett and Harris are possibly likely to reach more people than maybe Dawkins and Hitchens (& esp. Dowd) -- not because their beliefs are so different, but mainly their approaches.

As for me, I simply try to be a good example of an intelligent, compassionate, moral atheist who loves life and science. I don't engage in debates with theists because I would come off as "strident" as Dawkins is often accused. I'm curious as to what you think of this issue.



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