30 leaps of faith are needed for Christianity

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"The Atheist Experience" TV show

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30 leaps of faith that you need to believe Christianity:

1. There exists a god.
2. There exists only one god. (Monotheism/Polytheism)
3. God is intelligent.
4. God is all-powerful/omnipotent.
5. God is self-creating. (What created God?)
6. God decided to create the universe.
7. God did create the universe.
8. God cares about his creation.
9. Humans are special in the creation.
10. Humans have a soul that survives after death.
11. God wants humans to be moral. (God cares about your sex life.)
12. God is omniscient. (He knows if you are good or bad.)
13. God will reward or punish the soul in the afterlife.
14. God is benevolent/omnibenevolent. (But there's The Problem of Evil.)
15. God made humans in his own image.
16. God interacts with humans.
17. God wants people to believe in him. (The belief causes people to sabotage education and science.)
18. God wants to hide because he values faith.
19. God performs miracles presumable to bolster faith. (He used to perform miracles, but not anymore.)
20. God had a hand in writing the Bible.
21. The Old Testament is true.
22. Adam and Eve, and original sin is true.
23. God made a rule that he had to sacrifice Jesus to fix that sin. (Instead of making a loophole, why not just change the rule?)
24. God created a half-breed child.
25. The purpose of the half-breed child was to be tortured and killed in order to fix the sin.
26. Jesus could perform miracles.
27. After Jesus' death, he rose again and appeared to his followers. (Lots of conflicting accounts about that.)
28. Belief in Jesus is the new and only path to Heaven. And everyone else is going to Hell.
29. God and Jesus are one and the same. (Trinity idea)
30. Jesus will appear at the end of the world and end the world. (Rapture)

And there may be more leaps of faith.

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