My video disproving one of the biggest lies that Christians spread to cope with the Holocaust. I not only prove Hitler was Religious and CHRISTIAN but, I gave my thoughts on Kirk Cameron's idea of his "Revised Version" of the Origin Of Species too. I want him to give it to me so I can preserve in within an air-tight container - A LASTING/INCRIMINATING ARTIFACT THAT PROVES EXTREMISTS ARE FASCIST AND STUPID! Plus their lies, intolerance to Atheists/Atheism and how thet react when confronted with Logical facts backed up by Science and even HISTORY. If anyone happens to grab an extra one and would be kind enough, message me and I swear I'll give you an address to ship it to so I can read it. Not mine though, a friends address. She won't mind, her dad and brothers are all "gun collectors"... get it? ;)

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