Applying Pressure To People's Religious Beliefs

Applying Pressure To People's Religious Beliefs - Sam Harris @ Big Think (Part 10).

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10) Applying Pressure To People's Religious Beliefs


Sam Harris is an author and commentator on philosophy and religion. He is the author of the bestsellers "The End of Faith", which won the 2005 PEN Award for Nonfiction, and "Letter to A Christian Nation". Harris' writing has been published in over ten languages and has garnered attention from numerous media outlets and journals. Harris also makes regular appearances on television and radio to talk about the danger that religion now poses to modern societies. Harris was educated at Stanford University and is currently completing a doctorate in neuroscience.

This is a digital age, one in which a wealth of accessible information empowers you, but where is the information coming from? How accurate and unprocessed is it? How empowered do you feel debating a television screen or a newspaper? The task is to move the discussion away from talking heads and talking points, and give it back to you. That is Big Think's mission.

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