Atrocities commited to day, March 8, 2010, in Nigeria

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Comment by Mac Rex on April 2, 2010 at 11:55am
I posted news articles about both the bombings in the Moscow subway, and the right-wing Christian mass murder wanabes on my Facebook page. I want to do a video about the similarities, and differences between the two, but haven't had the energy yet (dam spring flu).
With Nigeria, there are two religions, with the same god, fighting for control and corruption of people, who, for the most part, have very little education, and a religious based education is nothing more than brainwashing.
Comment by Rich Goss on April 1, 2010 at 10:34pm
Dynamite video. It's not only Nigeria. How about those assholes right here in Michigan? They think Obama is the anti-Christ!

You're absolutely right. There has to be something wrong with the education system.
Comment by Mac Rex on March 8, 2010 at 3:56pm
"Those who make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities" - Voltair



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