Ben Randford - Scientific Paranormal Investigation | For Good Reason

Ben Radford, one of the world's only full-time paranormal investigators, contrasts his approach with that of TV paranormal investigators, such as the Ghost Hunters. He explains why his methods are scientific, and why their methods are motivated by exaggerating the mystery of paranormal experiences, and are therefore less scientific. He argues that paranormal belief is not trivial, and that it impacts our daily lives, and even public policy. He describes how he is open-minded as a scientific paranormal investigator, and why he examines what are believed to be the best paranormal cases. He talks about the psychology of paranormal belief, and how our pattern-seeking minds play a part in undue credulity. He explores how responsible the media is in fostering uncritical acceptance of paranormal claims. And he recounts seeming paranormal experiences he has experienced himself.

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