Bill O'Reilly Confronts Richard Dawkins

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Comment by Earther on October 8, 2011 at 5:41am
Bill O'Reilly lies about his shouting match history as he continually makes his competition on religion the focus of the conversation rather than the book.  He also mocks R.D. on scientific proof of life compared to religious proof.  B. O. is like the rest of the religious believers, besides being full of B.S., takes his case to the public where millions of viewers, who are propagated to religious views, are fed more competitive religious ideation to win the views of the public mass and money.  Since money comes from people and most of the population believes in religious beliefs, it makes sense to uphold the popular belief to continue making money on a social media occupation.  Even though it makes sense it does not make it correct.  Making sense to lie about life is pocketing the publics views for its own gain.  That is entertainment for believers though.  You have to have your own morals to not fall into that trap as an atheist.  Not exploiting the public's religious views for my own gain is valuable to me even though it does not make "money sense".  Making money in this way is almost like having your own little "Toy War", use your words of popular belief to continually beat down the words of rational thinkers.  The only time people like B.O. likes to talk about civil rights is when it has to do with putting religioun back into the publics face.  This helps to ensure their free speach to dumb down the public for more money.  Remember, the people who hold the most money never understand why it is so horrible to be so rich. 



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