BionicDance Reads the Bible: Genesis

Genesis, King James version.
It's, um...boring as hell and utter nonesense. How anybody has made this book the focus of their life is beyond me...ESPECIALLY the biblical literalists. Wow. Just wow.

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Comment by Gina H on February 22, 2011 at 9:21am
A couple of years ago, I tried 'one last time' to see if I could get anything out of going to church. Decided maybe I should give reading the bible a try. I miraculously (see miracles DO happen) made it through the first three books. All I could think is "Why haven't they banned this book? Why do people leave it around where young children could get their hands on it?" It was just so full of polygamy, incest, murder, etc. And how much more chauvinistic can a book get? I love reading trashy romance novels, but they have more morals in them than the bible does.

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