Chapters 13-14 - An Atheist Reads The Magic Man in the Sky

The series examining Carl Gallups's book, The Magic Man in the Sky, continues with a look at Chapter 13: Proving the Existence of God: The Delivery, and Chapter 14: Is That Your Final Answer?

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Comment by Michael Penn on April 24, 2015 at 8:04pm

I like Steve Shives and he does a good job of examining the book "The Magic Man In The Sky."

One thing standing out here to me was the nation of Israel. My step father told me once that the greatest proof of god and the bible was Israel as a nation and god calling his people back to the holy land from every nation on earth. That's happening today, he said. I reminded him that there are still Jews in almost every nation on earth.

So much for the bible's self made prophecy.



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