Coffin Party, Simeon Soul Charger

Scathing! Great video, provoking lyrics...

Coffin Party- by Simeon Soul Charger


I've been to Hollywood
So many beautiful people
So busy looking so good
They're all in love with themselves
Excess, Material wealth
They'd kill for cash if they could

They say am I gonna benefit
What can I get out of this
Am I gonna benefit
What can I get out of this

If ever a man washed the blood from his hands
In an effort to rescue his soul
Would he find his relief
In himself or belief of a god that to him is unknown

Come to the Coffin Party
Your invitations in stone
Come to the Coffin Party
Everyone's dyin' to go
We'll hide and separate you
And you will do what you're told
Prescribe and medicate you
And make you sick when you're old

Good is all so relative

If it brings you relief I was told to believe like you've done
Was the tailors who wrote when the history books spoke of who won
Now you're cold and afraid with your naked remains in the ground
And the choices you made wrote the laws you obeyed with the crowd

You say Am I gonna benefit
What can I get out of this
Am I gonna benefit
What Can I get out of this

And do you know who you follow
Or who's perceptions you borrow

Do you follow?

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