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'Each Easter the town of Pampanga stages a re-enactment of Christ's crucifixion. Approximately 10 people take part each year and are flogged as they make their way through the streets before being nailed to a cross. A mixture of Roman Catholic and more primitive beliefs, the event is a bloody and rather gruesome spectacle that none-the-less always attracts huge crowds of locals and curious tourists. Although not encouraged by the church itself, this and other crucifixion events take place each Easter in various towns and cities around this predominantly Roman Catholic country. it was cruel to take this shots, the sun was burning as hell and a lot of blood every you see.... Penitencia" is commonly practiced in Manila and almost every provinces of the country with respective local variations. But the most popular which draws thousands of audience not only local but also foreign tourists can be watched in the barrio of San Pedro Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga. Here the ritual of literally acting out ?The passion of Christ? which generally involves self-flagellation is a prelude to the major event which is the nailing of penitents to the cross. The crucifixion and its accompanying activities in the 3 villages of Cutud has now become part of the map of tourism events in the world. "Penitencia" starts as early as Holy Wednesday. Men stripped themselves naked from the waist up while women dressed in all white garbs, walking barefooted under a midday sun and flagging themselves bloody with ropes and broken pieces of glass attached with strings to bamboo sticks. The pinnacle of this is hanging several men on crosses as a reenactment of Jesus? crucifixion. They do this as a means of atonement of their sins. It is a sort of retribution of their offenses and human weaknesses for past favor such as after going through some crisis or danger in their lives.'

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