David Silverman vs. Bill Donohue on Fox News

December 21, 2010 on Fox News - via http://www.AtheistMedia.com

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Comment by Lori Gilliland on December 22, 2010 at 11:31am

David is right, the workplace is a mine field from Thanksgiving to Xmas! I was cooperative last year and helped a co-worker put up a xmas tree and decorate the office. I understand, I love solstice/xmas trees. But, this year I was not asked to, but a new co-worker was pretty much forced to do it against her will. It was obvious to me right away she was not comfortable with it, but most Christians not even meaning to, bully people into playing along. Why do we still have to put up with this? They think as long as they don't put an angel on top of the tree its ok. I agree, but technically one religious holiday is getting way too much attention.


And by the way, Secret Santa sucks, who really thinks its secret, whatever! I didn't participate and was called out on it. I said I forgot. I was forced to lie to cover my ass. People don't seem to have a clue or don't care how many of us really don't think it ok behavior at work. But alas, what can we do? I will talk to my new co-worker and let her know I know how she feels and I will have someone else set up the tree next year. Maybe I will do it again but next time I think I will take Santa off of the top and make it more like a real solstice tree and see how that goes over.



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