Deep In The Bible Belt --
One Atheist Professor's Experience
By Prof. William W. Zellner

William Zellner, Ph.D, a subscriber to Freethought Today, is a noted sociologist and professor at East Central University, Oklahoma. His recent book on cults in America, "Countercultures"--examining such deviant subcultures as Skinheads, KKK, Scientology, Survivalists and Moonies--is published by St. Martin's Press and was selected for the elite list of books the publisher offers to popular bookstores.

"Countercultures" provides an in-depth look at the commonly held beliefs of cultists. Zellner personally investigated his subjects. He is also author of the fifth edition of "Extraordinary Groups: An Examination of Unconventional Life-styles," used in as many as 600 universities and colleges.

He holds a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and a master's degree in sociology from Western Illinois University. He earned a doctorate in sociology from South Dakota State University. He joined the ECU faculty in 1985. Zellner was recently elected to a second term as president of the Association for the Scientific Study of Religion, and is past president of the Oklahoma Sociological Association.

Discrimination Against Atheists
The Facts
by Margaret Downey


Atheists! Who Are These People?
Alan Caruba

Atheist intolerance

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a video response to:
A national registry of Christ-Killers!
Pastor Stahl wants to create a registry of Atheists.

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