What do Kirk Cameron, Jesus Christ, and the Special Olympics have to do with one another?

Clearly Christianity, as with all religions, has been a necessary cog in the machinery of evolution. But it is a crutch that we no longer need. It is time for us to move past this primitive mindset and into a world based on reason and logic.

In order to make this transition, we are going to need interpreters who can translate things into the simplest possible terms so that the masses can properly understand more advanced concepts. Unfortunatly, our society has been fed a diet of fast food and television for so long that any concept we need them to understand is going to have to be broken down into the lowest common denominator.

Which brings me to this video "Faith Is Retarded". It's a crude way to put it, but it is something that everyone, even those who refuse to believe it, can at least grasp. I would much rather have an intellectual debate with theist based on facts, logic, and reason; but it is clear to me that the faithful have no interest at all in this. They take pride in ignorance. They consider it a badge of honor, and they honestly believe that the more they believe in fairy tales, the more they will be rewarded for it.

In an ideal world, we could just leave these people be; but the fact that they use their delusions to force a bronze age mythology on the rest of us makes this impossible. These people have given us things like 8 years of George Bush and Prop 8. They deny the mountain of amount of evidence that says we are killing our host planet, and they are actively and gleefully trying to bring about Armageddon so that their messiah can return. Ignoring them is no longer an option.

So what do you do when 5 out of every 6 people on earth are involved in some sort of cult based on primitive fairytales? What do you do when they stick their heads in the sand and ignore the men who have doubled the life expectancy of every single one of them? It seems to me that there is only one peaceful solution.... mocking.

Because no one wants to be on the same side as the laughing stocks. Especially the youth. So I say we mock and ridicule them mercilessly. We expose them for the laughable dullards they are at every turn. And then we invite their children to the cool kids party. It may take a generation or two, but eventually those that refuse to evolve will become extinct, and the curse of faith will finally be broken.

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Comment by Tim Garrett on May 20, 2009 at 5:29pm
Nicely done!

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